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Love fruit - the princess Anastasia of

In my destiny, strangely enough, plays great value figure 16. On August 16 I got acquainted with the future husband, on August 16 exactly in a year we celebrated a wedding, and our daughter Anastasia was born on May 16.

business everything began

A so... After a wedding we with my husband went to a honeymoon trip, there I made the test, and it showed exactly 2 strips. The pleasure was not a limit. Delight!

We with the husband at heart people active also love active recreation, and we decided that from the first days of origin of a small fruit of love it is necessary to accustom to active lifestyle. Everything began with a banal aquapark - there we with the baby in a tummy felt all most not forgotten feelings on the most extreme hills. Further rafting on the mountain rivers of Adygea on rafta where Nastyushka in a tummy heard everything followed and from small days got used to overcome difficulties. Then we made a night trip on caves, enjoyed dirt in Tamani, made with Extreme Walks club a trip in years. Went by jeeps where there took place shootings “Storm wars“. Everything ended with climbing in the morning mountains in Adygea where on the top we gave up a ribbon the husband for luck, having thought that Anastasia appeared on May 16.

Arrived to the city, the doctor delivered me term on May 25, but the heart prompted that figure 16 will surely prevail. In general, all pregnancy proceeded rather difficult, I constantly lay on preservation, doctors said what supposedly in Japan is considered that if there is a threat, then the child should not be kept. But I also did not want to hear about it. On initial term for preservation of pregnancy drank even on 30 tab. in day only to keep Nastenka. But at the same time I did not despair.

As soon as left hospital, surely with the husband visited museums of local lore, the Nizhny Novgorod Kremlin, constantly went to theaters that to accustom the daughter since the early moments to art. So there took place my pregnancy

A about childbirth now. Before the most May holidays when all prepare for shish kebabs and the cheerful companies, me put in maternity hospital from where even it is impossible to go out for a walk. On the street - plus 30, we on the 6th floor, there is no TV. Well, breakdown. After holidays the doctor came, looked at me and told that the term about 21 numbers, but I did not despair. At the same time she told that there is term biological, and there is that which mother herself programs in the head, and at me everything agreed on figure 16.

Suddenly in the evening on May 14 I had severe pristupoobrazny pains in a waist, I went to a post, the doctor looked at me and speaks: “Now I will make a Dimedrol and calming, and go sleep, still early.“

But pain did not depart to 5,00 mornings, then I fell asleep. In the morning the manager of office looked and says that it is necessary to wait for at least 5 more days. By the evening on May 15 at me again fights in a waist. Every 7 min. as in previous day. The doctor looked and speaks: “Go, sleep, now will give an injection“. Pain all amplified, reached that I could not be unbent, girls from chamber called nurses again, they gave the calming tincture and told that it is necessary to sleep. In an hour I just could not go any more, there was a feeling of helplessness.

All this time the husband stood under windows of maternity hospital and did not know, than to help. But nurses once again told that it is necessary to sleep, and we with the husband were all 7 hours on phone every minute. When the husband did not have enough patience... And he says that supposedly let me bring you to other maternity hospital. Then nurses called the doctor from patrimonial, she looked and speaks: “What you with the little girl do? At the child already the head climbs.“

Me was led in patrimonial, there fights amplified. Speak to me, it is necessary to make an effort, and at me the Dimedrol prick works, I fall asleep and I cannot make an effort... And so doctors over me mocked.... As a result I all - got it together and told Nastenke in a tummy: “We with you climbed mountains, rode rafta, in caves were... And here we will sustain everything! Fasten!“ And exactly in 2 hours at 2:00 on May 16, as well as prompted maternal heart, Nastyushenka was born (weight 3200 gr. and height is 51 cm). Here such strange and amusing story of childbirth...