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The letter from Dashenki of

Hi, Father Frost! My name is Dasha Glazunova. I am 7 years old. I study in the first grade. I went to the first class this year and already learned to write letters correctly. And now I can write you the letter, however, with the small help of mummy.

Every year I write with

to you the letter, and you send me under a fir-tree everything that I wanted to receive as a gift from you with the Snow Maiden. Only it is very interesting to me and when you take away the letter? I do not even hear, and the letter - that at me under a pillow. However, many children in our class say that you are absent also you not real that gifts to us under a fir-tree are put by parents. But I - that know that you real because you even to me on a visit came and got magic toys which I dreamed only from the bag.

Mother with the father say that you and bring them gifts, I under a fir-tree saw them.

U me very big and close-knit family. I have mother with the father and the senior little sister Vika.

Father Frost, this year I very much will ask, please, you me bring magic shoes for my cat to Musi, and that at it pads freeze, and its sizes are not in shop, you can find everything and to make everything. Please, bring also to mine mother, the father and the little sister Vick everything that they want, they told that the letter too from them was taken away by Father Frost.

Father Frost, I very strongly love you and, of course, I invite you and the Snow Maiden to myself on a visit to a holiday. This year we will decorate as always the real live fir-tree, it at us always the most beautiful and elegant. Only, Father Frost, put new windows at our place, and I very much worry that you will not be able to open them. I think, you will not take offense if I help you also itself I will open for you a window on New Year`s Eve that to you it was not so heavy, you will have a big bag with gifts for children and their parents.

still me bought

A a small shchenochk of a Shar-Pei, it is only five months old, in the winter to it will be very cold, bring it as a gift a kombinezonchik lukewarm. And still I very much will ask for you with the Snow Maiden that you brought to all as a gift much - a lot of health, the world and happiness. Thanks to you, Father Frost.