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You Remember education of the father

, at Mikhalkov:... Mothers different are, mothers different are necessary!...? A good rhyme, everything in it is fine. One confuses me, there is no father in him. Mothers and the plane drive, and cook compote, and about fathers words. Why?

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, I am not going to peddle old stuff, proving that education of children lies generally on mothers. Just for fathers offensively. Once I thought what a situation when the husband does not know from what side to approach the pink shouting miracle, does not treat us. During pregnancy, the husband ironed my stomach all the time, talked to the child, selected a name to the baby. Pink glasses from me flew, after an extract from maternity hospital.

For a start, he declared that the daughter has something not as it should be with the head because on a neck it does not keep. Houses he refused to take the baby on hands, having solemnly promised what surely it will make as soon as she though slightly - slightly grows up. And for the morning finally finished me the promise to buy plugs in ears, he you see did not know that they shout also at night.

silently carried out by

Ya it for work, and itself sat down to think how to me now to be.

Started actions directly in the evening. For a start got into a bathroom, having charged to it to calm the child (that is left it almost in private with the child). Then, having declared that it has obviously spiritual bond with the daughter (at me on hands she so quietly does not sit), asked to lull her after feeding. Further phrases it seems followed:“ Well it is necessary as she quickly at you fell asleep and nevertheless the truth that contact with the father is very important for girls“.

In several days came it is time to cut nails. I truthfully admitted that I awfully am afraid to do it. And if he as the man, does not undertake this duty, then I especially will not have courage. The husband, naturally, took scissors in hand.

Ya dug out a lot of articles which sense was reduced to importance of participation of the father in education of children and tirelessly palmed off them on the blessed.

my Main rule began to interfere never if the husband is engaged in the child. Well and that that directly to a stomach pasted pampers flypapers? I learned to swaddle the same not at once.

I when once Saturday afternoon, darling, having told that it needs to go on affairs to the friend, added: To Ilank, with myself I will take, I was not surprised at all. If the woman, becoming mother, can trust in instincts, then the man, becoming the father, faces something unfamiliar and therefore frightening. So it is necessary to help the beloved husbands with comprehension of a new role. Fathers the same different are necessary because with planes and compotes they it is often better than us, mothers, cope.