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Influence of the Moon on growth and development of plants

A few years ago, having read the book “In total at the Right Time“, I began to pay attention to age of the Moon and its situation in the Zodiac. Almost everyone who dealt with flowers or other plants though he endured once events which on closer examination seem inexplicable: at different times, under absolutely identical conditions plants were put, watered, fertilized, and absolutely various results turned out.


Ya a block calendar where phases of the Moon and situation in the Zodiac are specified. This calendar is very convenient that it in is mute the Moon effective date in this zodiac sign is specified.

Working as

with flowers, I wrote down as when I do. I noticed that plants which put earlier in “adverse days“, much more lag behind in growth those that are put in “good days“.

Influence of provision of the Moon in the Zodiac on the nature
Zodiac sign Part of a plant the Element Quality of days the Moon my supervision
the Aries the Fruit Fire Days of heat ascending is good

the Taurus the Root Earth Days of cold ascending is excellent
Twins the Flower Air Days of light descending neudovl.
Cancer the Leaf Water Days of water descending it is good
the Lion the Fruit Fire Days of heat descending is good
the Maiden the Root Earth Days of cold descending is excellent
Scales the Flower Air Days of light descending neudovl.
the Scorpion the Leaf Water Days of water descending it is excellent
the Sagittarius the Fruit Fire Days of heat ascending is good
the Capricorn the Root Earth Days of cold ascending is excellent
Aquarius the Flower Air Days of light ascending is negative
of Fish the Leaf Water Days of water ascending perfectly

the Provided table generalizes the most important defining properties of zodiac signs for all works with plants and in the nature - impact on various parts of plants, quality of days. And also defines the ascending or descending Moon which accompanies this or that sign. Each zodiac sign affects different parts of plants: roots, leaves, fruits, flowers. By means of the table and a calendar you can correctly understand recommendations and date the works with flowers for natural rhythms. Considering the necessary moment for the corresponding works, you will be able to avoid many negative impacts, and good luck will be you a source of pleasure. These councils treat healthy plants, but if the flower is sick - it needs to be rescued in any day.

Having watered

. Room and balcony plants should be watered regularly, however it is not so frequent as it is usually done. It is good to water houseplants mainly in “days of a leaf“ (Cancer, the Scorpion, Fishes) and in days of a root (the Taurus, the Maiden, the Capricorn); best of all - the soft settled water. Accustom the plants to a new rhythm. Exceptions make some hygrophilous plants which need frequent watering. Refuse watering, at least, in “days of a flower“. On the plants watered these days (Twins, Scales, Aquarius) wreckers are often brought.

Change. Change of plants has to happen under the growing Moon, is alternative - under the descending Moon. The plants replaced at this time quickly form new roots and perfectly grow. For shanks time of the growing Moon - the most favorable. They quickly grow and in a short space of time give backs. Days of the Maiden for this purpose - the most favorable. Of course, the Moon to be every month only two - three days in the Maiden`s sign, but the fact that you will manage to make these days (of works on landing) will justify all your efforts. However in the fall work with shanks yields the best results under the decreasing Moon. In water it is good to implant shanks, choosing “days of a leaf“ - these days all force of a plant passes into leaves.

All measures for fight against diseases of plants are taken by

under the decreasing Moon.

is recommended to introduce Fertilizers in a full moon or under the decreasing Moon. Fertilizers of flowers, as well as watering, it is necessary to carry out in “days of a leaf“. For flowers with the weak growth of roots you can choose “day of a root“ (the Taurus, the Maiden, the Capricorn).

in the Adverse days are the first 2 - 3 days of a new moon (the black Moon) and 2 - 3 days of a full moon. And also Aquarius, in the people speak:“ The Aquarius - is not present roots“.

If you bought

shanks in adverse days, then it is possible to improve situation having updated a cut and having changed water in the next favorable days which come in 2 - 3 days.

only removal is good to do to

In the first day of a new moon (prishchipyvany) tops of plants if it was extended and does not give lateral escapes. And also if you want to make multiple copies violets division of a bush is chimeras and fantasy violets which badly transfer coloring by shanks.

my councils concern only scheduling with flowers, applying a lunar calendar, and all rules of care of them standard. As when to do to solve to you, I only shared the supervision.