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I trust - I do not believe. Pregnancy and superstitions of

Are many people who trust in any “national signs“, and it does not do them special harm. But during pregnancy the woman should reconsider the relation to superstitions - and for the sake of own tranquility, and for the sake of health of future kid.

the Secret of origin and birth of new life attracted

and concerned mankind since ancient times and was always shrouded in a veil of various superstitions, prejudices, beliefs and signs. Especially there are a lot of myths and signs it is connected with pregnancy. However many of them, absolutely ridiculous at first sight, find quite rational explanation from a position of modern medicine. Though will accept, not having under themselves any rational reasons, too there is a lot of. Let`s try to understand this boundless sea of superstitions, prejudices and myths, without allowing to steep to the abyss of mysticism, but also without neglecting useful information which can be behind some of modern and ancient beliefs.

Boy or girl?

Due to the emergence now of powerful ultrasonic devices with high resolution, sometimes with function of creation of the three-dimensional image, prenatal sex determination of the expected kid becomes ordinary. However the absurd desire of some future parents to have the child of some defined sex forces them to trust in the signs defining a sex of the successor infinitely.

So, according to a set of the existing signs, you wait for the boy if pulls you on salty, spicy food, there is an invincible wish meat if your stomach “sticks out“ forward and has oblong shape if your appearance practically did not change, and on a stomach there were hairs which were absent there before.

that in your family the daughter will appear, puffiness and deterioration in appearance (“the girl takes away beauty of mother“) say to

, a stomach of rounded shape, wide, given in the parties, desire to absorb various sweets in large numbers.

As a rule, all listed signs have no scientific justification. Scientists revealed no interrelation between a sex of future child and a shape of a stomach, dietary addictions and appearance of future mother. The shape of a pregnant tummy depends only on a condition of muscles of an abdominal tension and integuments of the woman, number of the previous pregnancy and childbirth as the muscles supporting a uterus, and press muscles, as a rule, weaken with each subsequent pregnancy. To a lesser extent (usually on late terms of pregnancy) the shape of a stomach of the pregnant woman is influenced by a fruit arrangement; so, at the cross provision of a fruit the shape of a stomach becomes cross - oval. Puffiness of legs, emergence of hairs on a stomach, heavy feeling on the right or at the left meet identical frequency both at pregnancy by the girl, and at expectation of the boy. The only interrelation confirmed scientifically was found by the American scientists: pregnancy by the boy is followed by consumption of bigger number of calories (for 10%), than pregnancy by the girl that is probably defined by action of bigger number of the male sex hormones which are formed at incubation of the boy and increasing appetite. However at the first pregnancy this sign is difficult applicable as future mother has nothing to compare. Also the bigger gain of body weight of the pregnant woman at expectation of the boy is not revealed. The expected deterioration in appearance has to result from effect of these hormones at pregnancy by the boy, but not girl that contradicts a sign.


Most likely, in difference of a hormonal background at pregnancies by the boy and girl also cover roots of one more sign: if the second pregnancy proceeds differently, than the first - will be the child of other floor. As practice shows, each pregnancy is individual, has special, inherent only to it a current and symptoms. Therefore to define a sex of the child only on feelings of future mother or on external signs it is very unreliable.

Continuous bans

the Period of expectation of the child as any another in the woman`s life, is connected with numerous signs and superstitions, the majority of which represents various bans and cautions. Many of them are connected with ancient beliefs, national signs, natural supervision etc.

of the Pregnant woman cannot cut and dye hair, otherwise life of the child will be short. the Source of this sign is the ancient belief on which the vital strength of the person consisted in hair. The hairstyle on the eve of childbirth which is allegedly taking away vital energy from the baby is considered especially adverse sign. However in modern life it is more reasonable to take care of own appearance before childbirth as then on it there will be no time, especially in the first months of life of the kid at all. By experience of many already taken place mothers the hairstyle did not influence the course of childbirth and health of the baby in any way, and to her owner added so necessary positive emotions. According to physicians, it is possible to paint hair during pregnancy only natural dyes, for example henna or the modern sparing means. The chemical hairdressing is not recommended: in - the first, this procedure can cause allergic reaction, in - the second, the structure of hair during pregnancy is exposed to changes, and it is impossible to predict what will become an ox - sy under the influence of chemical reagents, in - the third, in the first trimester of pregnancy these procedures are considered potentially dangerous to a fruit. Contact with a cat during pregnancy it is desirable for p to limit


of the Pregnant woman cannot eat red berries - the child will be born ruddy. Caution it is rational to strong not to use a large number of fruits of red color. Fruit and berries of red and orange color contain specific substances - so-called natural salycylates which are useful only in small doses. Besides, red berries and fruit most often are the reason of allergic reactions, and not only at the pregnant woman, but in the future - and at the kid (so-called cumulative - collecting - effect). Especially it is not recommended to abuse allergenic products in the second half of pregnancy.

If the pregnant woman has a heartburn, then the child will be born hairy. the Number of hair on the head of the baby as well as their color, are put genetically. Existence of pushkovy hair on a body (shoulders, a back, hips) - one of signs of immaturity of the child at premature pregnancy. Heartburn has small relation to all these reasons. Considerably the uterus which increased in sizes by the end of pregnancy puts pressure upon a stomach, besides, the general relaxation of muscles - sphincters (ring muscles in hollow, tubular bodies, for example in a gullet, a stomach, intestines, a bladder, etc.) can lead to emergence of heartburn which is caused by throwing of sour contents of a stomach in a gullet. For prevention of heartburn the rational diet with the number of meals increased to 6 - 8 times will help. It is better to eat food in the small portions, but is more often, carefully without hurrying to chew, eat.

of the Pregnant woman cannot be crossed through thresholds, logs: there will be difficult childbirth. the Threshold was considered as border between a house world and the outside world which can threaten future mother and her kid with various dangers. Bans to cross through various root crops (beet, carrots, turnip) that could threaten with danger to own fruit of future mother and provoke an abortion are added to this sign. Denseness of these prejudices has also quite reasonable explanation: in the past of the grandma is midwives at the time of delivery specially forced the woman in labor to go, cross through high thresholds, logs. These actions strengthened reductions of muscles of a uterus and accelerated patrimonial process. At pregnancy such consequences can be dangerous to its safe continuation and end therefore the pregnant woman should refrain from sharp wide steps etc. Other justification of this sign is the ban once again to go “for a threshold“ very actual during epidemics - it is desirable for future mother to avoid populous places, visit of child care facilities in order to avoid infection as any infectious disease is adverse, and sometimes and dangerously to a fruit.

of the Pregnant woman cannot be crossed the legs. It is very good advice not only for future mothers. Such situation complicates blood circulation, promotes progressing of a varicosity of legs, emergence of hypostases. The pregnant woman needs to watch the bearing, a pose. The pose has to be free, not intense. Periodically it is necessary to change position of a body as static load of muscles quickly leads to exhaustion, significantly complicates a normal blood-groove.

of the Pregnant woman cannot see uglinesses, death, a funeral: the child will be born with a birthmark or the dead. On other similar signs, future mothers could not swear - the child will grow up angry and selfish, to look at the fire - at the kid the birthmark will appear, at a fright - not to grab hands a face, hands, otherwise in these parts the baby will have birthmarks and birthmarks etc.

All listed superstitions unites one circumstance: these situations cause a severe stress, promote emission of a large amount of hormones of a stress under the influence of which arterial pressure increases, pulse becomes frequent, the placentary blood-groove can worsen and suffer a fruit which receives less oxygen and nutrients, besides, the stress is risk factor of threat of interruption of pregnancy. The kid, of course, will have no birthmarks, but it is desirable for future mother to avoid, whenever possible, stressful situations. During this period the psychoemotional condition of the woman quite often changes: it becomes very impressionable, hypochondriac, subject to differences of mood. In cases when it is impossible to avoid a stressful situation, try to apply various methods of relaxation and calm: autogenic trainings, self-massage.

of the Pregnant woman it is desirable for p to experience more positive emotions: to listen to pleasant music, to attend performances, concerts, exhibitions, to make walks etc. It is confirmed that at the women experiencing mainly positive emotions during pregnancy, children were born quieter, than at future mothers subject to stresses.

Short-term raising of hands will not damage
to future mother and the kid.

of the Pregnant woman cannot be played with cats and to take them on hands: the child will have many enemies. Of course, fluffy representatives of the cat family do not influence the number of friends and child`s enemies in any way, however this caution is very reasonable. Cats are sources toksoplazm - the microorganisms, very dangerous at pregnancy, causing toxoplasmosis and leading to heavy malformations of a fruit. Therefore contact with a cat, especially in case at you was not at home a cat earlier, during pregnancy it is desirable to limit, carefully to wash hands, and to charge cleaning of a cat`s toilet to someone from family members or to carry out in gloves (in external environment of toxoplasma are allocated with cat`s excrements).

of the Pregnant woman cannot hang out linen. according to gynecologists, short-term raising of hands, for example, during hanging out linen or performance of physical exercises will not damage to future mother and the kid.

of the Pregnant woman cannot sleep on a back: the child can choke. quite real physiological reasons are the cornerstone of this sign: in situation on a back the pregnant uterus (especially at pregnancy terms more than 30 weeks) presses the large venous vessel bearing blood from the lower half of a body to heart - the lower hollow vein. In such cases the syndrome of the lower hollow vein which is characterized by lowering of arterial pressure, sometimes the sharp, followed faint develops; feeling of shortage of air, breath increase, dizziness, darkening in eyes, noise in ears, the pobledneniye of integuments strengthened by sweating, sometimes nausea and vomiting. The syndrome of the lower hollow vein develops at 10% of pregnant women, however at expressed to a perezhatiya of the lower hollow vein kidney function at mother can significantly worsen, arise a fruit hypoxia, an otsloyka of a placenta and other serious complications.

That childbirth took place

safely, pregnancy should be hidden as long as possible. Nobody should report estimated date of childbirth. according to many obstetricians - gynecologists and psychologists, these councils can be useful to psychological wellbeing of future mother. The matter is that the majority of interruptions of pregnancy, abortions are the share of the first trimester of pregnancy when surrounding pregnancy it is not noticeable yet. At cancelled pregnancy inquiries can injure the woman, aggravate the experiences connected with loss of the child. Therefore it is better to report about pregnancy in the second trimester, after dangerous first 12 weeks. For the same reason, in order to avoid annoying questions of that, future mother gave rise or did not give rise yet, you should not report also the calculated date of childbirth especially as it often does not coincide with real date of birth of the child. The final decision in this question is made by the pregnant woman voluntarily. Of course, if future mother cannot wait to tell about pregnancy, then it is possible to share this happy secret with the closest, dear people.

Bloody allocations in the first trimester of pregnancy are normal

:“ the child is washed by blood“. This dangerous delusion! It is necessary to remember that any bloody allocations at pregnancy testify to a possibility of its interruption, threat of an abortion and therefore demand the immediate request for medical care.

the set of the beliefs and signs promising simplification of childbirth and health to the child reached Up to now. However achievements of modern medicine left relevance and validity of these signs far in the past.

to Trust or not to trust

in signs - of course, a personal record of each woman. If performance of any rituals and signs gives to you relief, calms, it is possible to follow this advice, however without overstepping the bound of reasonable, without turning observance of various signs into obsession. It is the most reasonable to treat the majority of the listed myths and prejudices with a big share of humour, without forgetting, however, about necessary precautions to which we are taught by popular wisdom. And let only good signs will come true!

That signs exerted

not too strong impact on you, it is necessary to know different ways of weakening of internal tension. Their number includes skills of a relaxation, positive auto-training, art methods (for example, drawing), gymnastic activity according to special programs, saturation of life positive emotions through communication with pleasant people, walks in beautiful places, visit of exhibitions, theaters. If you manage to add a positive to the life, the requirement to follow signs will disappear.

From the point of view of psychology

Yuli Vasilkin`s

, the psychologist, Moscow

Scientists - psychologists treat belief in signs rather loyally while it does not overstep the reasonable limits. By scientific researches it is proved: signs force people to be more careful, to carefully consider the actions and more quietly to treat possible failure. Superstitiousness allows us to weaken internal tension, applying “magic“ rituals of protection. Often superstitions do not make under themselves rational sense, but at the same time tablets - the baby`s dummy helping only because the person believes that it is capable to help have “effect of placebo“, i.e. Trusting in signs, the person receives illusion of control over vital events which to influence almost not in forces. In ancient times, when the level of medical care was low, pregnancy was shrouded in signs as women wanted to make though something that would predetermine easy childbirth and the birth of the healthy child. Andthe llyuziya of control allowed future mother to remain quiet. Now, at the time of the developed diagnostics and medical care, many superstitions would have to disappear, but it not always so. During pregnancy uneasiness increases. And, as a result, the requirement to weaken internal tension and to find control over a situation increases. Therefore signs about which the woman learns from relatives and acquaintances lay down on favorable circumstances.

Every time, learning about a new sign, try to understand how your own outlook responds to it. You counted something as utter nonsense? Means, you should not adhere to what you do not trust in even if mother or the mother-in-law insists on it. You saw rational grain? In this case - believe a sign, so for you it important. You should not consider as a problem if the woman trusts in any signs and seeks to follow them. If the woman is inclined to follow all signs without exception, does not reject any, her known, then it speaks about excessive alarm and, perhaps, a depression. Such situation is a reason for consultation at the psychologist and, perhaps, the psychiatrist. In this case it is necessary to fight not against signs, and against the level of internal alarm.