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“On my volition...“

are known to All that the sex of future kid is “chosen“ by the nature. But there are always people who want to make this choice. At their order - a set of the “checked“ ways which are allegedly allowing to conceive the boy or the girl. What these ways are based on and whether they guarantee success?

A little physiology

In each cell of a body of the person is available 23 couples of chromosomes - 22 couples of autosomes (not sexual) and 1 couple of sexual chromosomes. Each couple of autosomes at the man and the woman is identical. Only sexual chromosomes differ: at the woman is these are two X - chromosomes, at the man - one X - a chromosome and one Y - a chromosome.

At the woman all ova support one X - a chromosome (other sexual chromosomes in a female organism do not exist). Spermatozoa of men happen two types: with X - a chromosome and with Y - a chromosome. If an ovum impregnates X - a spermatozoon - the girl will be born if Y - the boy. Thus, the sex of future kid depends only on the man! The woman can “bring the contribution“ only in the form of X - a chromosome, and responsibility for the second necessary part lies on the father.

I Trust

- whether I do not trust

to Trust signs - a personal record of each couple. Certainly, the majority of the signs concerning a sex of future kid are based on superstitions and prejudices. And some in general are not based on anything. You judge.

On the Chinese sign in order that the boy was born, to the woman during sexual intercourse needs to lay down the head on the North, and for conception of the girl - on the South. The German people have a sign that if “to do in time“ conception under a rain, the girl will be born and if under a sunny weather - the boy.

the sign of ancient Slavs Is interesting to

(it easily can bring dissonance in the relations of spouses): if the woman loves the man more, than he her, - will be born the girl and if on the contrary - that the boy.

also such sign Is: if conception happens in the fall, then boys are born more often and if in the spring - girls. This method is based on “vitaminization“ of an organism of mother - say, in the fall of vitamins B an organism there is a lot of, and boys “are tied“ in more comfortable conditions. And girls agree to be born also in the conditions of a spring gipovitaminoz. Nevertheless, according to science, the saturation of a female organism vitamins does not influence probability of fertilization of X at all - or Y - a spermatozoon. Of course, vitamins are necessary for normal functioning of an organism, especially when planning pregnancy. But so far any vitamin did not manage to undertake a role of “determinant“ of a sex of future child.

the Temperature technique

This technique of gender planning is very widespread as it is quite simple to apply it. Its essence is that Y - spermatozoa under the influence of high temperature quickly perish whereas carriers X - chromosomes are steadier against influence of heat and cold. It is impossible to overheat to the fathers wishing to have the successor! They should forget about the fitting jeans, close linen, a sauna, a bath, long stay driving. To work in domain shops - no, to a cold shower - yes!

the Grain of truth in it is available, however these precautionary measures concern more an opportunity to have children in principle, but not specifically the boy or the girl. The matter is that under the influence of high temperature there is a denaturation of protein of sperm and all spermatozoa lose activity. Y - carriers perish slightly earlier, X - carriers - a bit later and to calculate that piece when most of these or those survives, it is impossible.

to eat

it is given!

the Method of baby gender planning by means of a special food allowance - a subject special. What only diets are not offered future parents - both electrolytic, and French, and Slavic, and Japanese...

the Purpose of all these diets one - to saturate mother`s organism with certain electrolytes (these are the important biological substances participating practically in all spheres of activity of an organism). All of them are equally necessary for an organism, however spermatozoa have “preferences“ in a saturation concrete elements. Carriers X - chromosomes survive in the environment saturated with calcium and magnesium, a Y better - sodium and potassium. And these substances contain in certain products.

Here is how “the grocery set“ of the girl looks: eggs, fresh fish, eggplants, beet, carrots, cucumbers, peas, pepper siliculose, onions, green salad, unsalted nuts, dairy products, greens, honey, jam. From drinks - coffee, cocoa, hot chocolate.


to Boys “got“ meat, bread, rice, potato, mushrooms, lentil, sweet cherry, bananas, apricots, oranges, peaches, dates, dried fruits and traditionally man`s drinks - beer, wine, fruit juice.

This quite widespread method of gender planning deservedly causes especially alerted relation in doctors as, unlike other ways (calculations of term of an ovulation, frequency of sexual contacts, the choice of certain poses etc.) the diet directly influences a condition of an organism of mother. Unbalanced food (and any diet, in fact, is that) threatens with an exacerbation of chronic diseases, decrease in immunity, a condition of a gipovitaminoz and at the same time does not promote the birth of the child of a desirable floor at all.

“Blood call“

One of the most popular methods defining a sex of future child is calculation on blood “updating“. According to this technique, the condition of blood changes in a certain cyclic mode: at the beginning of a cycle blood “is fresher and is stronger“. It also defines a sex of future child - whose blood “younger“, that parent also predetermines a sex of future child.

the Simple in essence method in application is based on the numerologichesky theory. The technique of numerical regularities reached us since the most ancient times; according to this theory it is considered that all live organisms develop cyclically. Through certain periods there is a programmed reorganization of an organism including blood “updating“. At women this interval is equal to three years, at men - to four.

the Condition for calculation is exact definition of date of an ovulation.
Calculation is simple

: the age of future parents is divided, respectively, into three for women and into four - for men. Whose rest is more - that floor will also turn out. And amendment: if mother is the carrier negative a Rhesus factor - a factor, then the result will be opposite.

It is unconditional, there are no laboratory analyses allowing to catch and estimate “freshness“ of blood. There is also no scientifically confirmed regularity of the birth of children of the defined sex by this technique. However it should be noted the objective value of this method - it is absolutely harmless to an organism!

“Sprinters“ and “marathoners“

However the series of observations, confirmed statistically exist. Calculation of time of sexual intercourse concerning an ovulation is among those. The ovulation is an exit of a mature ovum from an ovary as a result of a rupture of a follicle - a bubble in which there was an ovum. Further the ovum gets to a gleam of a uterine tube where there is a fertilization process - its merge to a spermatozoon.

Spermatozoa differ in

on the properties. The spermatozoa bearing man`s Y - a chromosome, are more mobile, than those that have X - a chromosome and therefore they are capable to reach an ovum the first. So Y - spermatozoa, apparently, have an advantage. But, getting to acidic environment of a vagina, Y - spermatozoa become unstable and quickly perish, opening a way sluggish for X - fellows. It appears, spermatozoa with X - a chromosome are more viable from - for features of a structure of a cover and can “sit“ in a uterine tube waiting for an ovulation till 3 days. Spermatozoa with Y - a chromosome are not capable of expectation in general.

However than closer - is higher than spermatozoa. On the basis of it there were theories claiming that at the sexual contacts happening for 1 - 3 day to an ovulation, less durable Y - spermatozoa perish and an ovum with a bigger share of probability will be impregnated by X - a spermatozoon, that is the girl will be born.

A if sexual contact directly precedes an ovulation or happens right after it, then, most likely, the boy as more mobile and fast Y - spermatozoa “will quicker reach“ the left ovum will be born.

the Condition for this calculation is exact definition of date of an ovulation. For this purpose there are several ways: simple tests for definition of an ovulation, research of cervical slime, measurement of bazalny temperature and the most reliable - a follikulometriya.

Even the latest reproductive technologies do not yield an absolute guarantee result.

the Method of measurement of bazalny temperature is the most available, simple and rather reliable. The principle of its action consists in creation of a temperature curve. For this purpose it is necessary every morning, without getting up, to take rectal temperature and to note it, drawing a peculiar schedule. It is necessary to begin from the first day of a cycle which corresponds to the first day of periods. Approximately in the middle of a cycle the flat temperature line suddenly sharply falls - it is and there is a day of an ovulation. Next day the line so sharply goes up - it corresponds to the beginning of the second (lyuteinovy) phase of a menstrual cycle.

the Method of research of cervical slime is based that in day of an ovulation slime is as much as possible saturated with estrogen and becomes plentiful, extensible, viscous. When drying on glass slime crystallizes, and under a microscope it is possible to consider fancy patterns - “a fern symptom“. Similar changes happen also to saliva. In a drugstore it is possible to buy the small device for definition of approximate date of an ovulation on which it is possible to apply saliva and to watch emergence of “fern“. It must be kept in mind that the effect of a fern appears not only in day of an ovulation, but also in the days, next to this date, too.

However in modern life in the most frequent way of definition of day of an ovulation is the follikulometriya - monitoring of maturing of a follicle by means of ultrasonography. At the same time process of maturing of a follicle is monitored on days, and reliability of an ovulation is confirmed by existence of a yellow body - education which appears on the place of the burst follicle.

the Result is guaranteed to


So really is present

no reliable ways to give birth to the girl or the boy? Is. The science does not stand still, and in medicine periodically there is an introduction of high technologies in the general clinical practice. One of such breakthrough opening is predymplantatsionny genetic diagnostics of a fruit (PGD). This technique began to be used in 1990. Now it is carried out within the EKO program - extracorporal fertilization. It is a method of auxiliary reproductive technologies at which conception happens out of mother`s organism. The ovum is impregnated by a spermatozoon “in a test tube“, i.e. in vitro, and further is transferred to a uterus.

of PGD allows to define a sex and to hold genetic testing of an embryo even before transfer it in a cavity of a uterus and, respectively, even before pregnancy.“ Couples having high risk of transfer of a hereditary disease become candidates“ on this research.

But in spite of the fact that this technique is widely used, today it does not meet the requirements of couples ordering the defined sex of the child as it is applied only to prevention of the birth of children with the diseases linked to a floor. Extremely difficult and expensive procedure is intended for genetic control of a fruit, and sex determination - only “side effect“ of this manipulation. Even the latest high reproductive technologies do not yield an absolute guarantee result, and this procedure can sometimes become the reason of development of complications. Therefore predymplantatsionny diagnostics of a germ is carried out only in case of need and is not intended for satisfaction of idle curiosity or whims.


, a sex of future child - one of the most widespread subjects discussed during pregnancy. Since antique times and up to now couple actively look for a way to make “the order to a stork“. The desire to have the child of the defined sex quite naturally if only it does not gain persuasive lines and does not develop into negative attitude to the child of an “unwanted“ floor. There is no reliable evidence-based way of conception of a fruit of the defined sex today. And whether it is necessary? Consequences can be catastrophic for all mankind. A question of a sex of future kid very difficult - and at the same time simple. Both has to - and will be. The child`s birth, arrival to the world of the new person - a true miracle, and we have to be respectful to it and awe. It is only necessary to direct the efforts to planning of pregnancy for the purpose of the birth of the healthy and happy child. The boy or the girl - is it important?