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Gift for Father Frost of

You, perhaps, will be surprised, having received my letter. Me 39 years, and I write you for the first time.

When I was small, I very much wanted to meet you on New Year`s Eve. It is necessary to tell you that in our family New year is the most magic and favourite holiday. We with the father always decorated a Christmas tree in 3 days prior to a holiday, with love considering each Christmas tree decoration. Played and remembered from where it at us undertook and what history is connected with it. Such family tradition at us - we store Christmas tree decorations from that Soviet post-war period when my father was small. The oldest there the Snow Maiden and Father Frost on clothespegs, they any more not such brilliant, and noses at them were rubbed, but all the same they are very beautiful!

You do not think, dear Father Frost that so old all our toys. Earlier with parents, and now with my children every year we arrange ritual of purchase of new Christmas decorations and we add them to our collection.

I my children, as well as I once, wait for a holiday and in the middle of December speak: “Mothers, still early to put a fir-tree, just let`s look at toys!“ And we get the wonderful box and we dream of the fairy tale which will come to our house soon.

Well, and so, listen to my history. Every year I received many gifts. Some brought uncles and aunts, others gave in kindergarten, and then at school. But were also such which wonderfully appeared under a fir-tree. And every year the father and mother claimed that you, the Grandfather, came when I already slept.

Every year I decided that I will not sleep, I will wait for you and I will present you the gift. Parents strove in kitchen, welcomed guests, joked, laughed. And I sat down at this time in the room where there was a fir-tree so that to see both a fir-tree, and a window, and all doors entering the room, and they were 3... And to watch all this, believe, dear Grandfather, it was very hard. Adults often came into the room: mother with new salad, the father on some important issue. But I always was on the alert and watched: whether they it put gifts under a fir-tree? No, not they! So there was a wish to sleep, and I with firmness kept. But all - eyelashes stuck together... You know, the Grandfather, all for a minute. And in this minute you came. And again everything repeated. And gifts already were under a fir-tree, and the father and mother laughed. And guests laughed too. All of them saw you, and spoke with you, and I again - am not present.


Ya into the 5th class, in our class already nobody believed in Father Frost. But my parents told that everything is correct, Father Frost also does not come to these children, he comes only to those who believe in him. And I solved: I am already big, this year I will surely wait for you, the Grandfather! Also I will present the gift.

By old tradition we decorated with

a fir-tree (and a fir-tree always has to be real, fragrant, with pitch droplets, it should be chosen correctly too, but it is other history). There came New Year`s Eve evening...

Ya even did not begin to have supper, suddenly you decided to glance to us today a bit earlier? As always, held the post, time was played long. I managed to watch all favourite movies: and “About the Little Red Riding Hood“, and “Hope you enjoyed your bath!“, and “A blue spark“.

Time went, there came night. Parents began to set the table. Mother asked to help, and she had cunning eyes - cunning. I understood at once, something not so! You will not spend me! Also did not move a little. I have an important issue - I wait for Father Frost! Parents were respectful to my words. Still: the person waits for guests! Let`s not begin to disturb!

the Father and mother in turn entered the room and asked: “Well that did not come yet?“ - “Is not present, was not.“ - “Clear...“

A should watch also after hours in time to shout to parents: “Time!“ And that with the efforts still will be passed New year!

Suddenly at 23 o`clock the father once again came to learn

whether you came. While we talked, the father heard rustle at a window. We went to check. No, anybody... And under a fir-tree of anything... Let`s wait! Called a door, the father went to open. After a while cheerful returned, asks: “Well as to you Father Frost? Presented a gift?“ I to it: “Did not come!“ “And how “no“ if I opened a door for him? Again fell asleep, look - under a fir-tree!“

the Grandfather, well as you could? Under a fir-tree the most wonderful gifts lay again: the book about Winnie - Down, a heap of candies, a doll - the Indian (children`s dream). How you, the Grandfather, all this were in time? I precisely know, it were you. Mother could not enter (she was in kitchen), the father was empty-handed. And even if could put something, then not so much there is a lot of! The grandfather - the grandfather, you so hurried that even leaving on a door hung up toys, on a sideboard put shoes. What are you the gift - that was not taken away?

Now I already grew up, and I have two children. My son Nikita is 15 years old, he loves New year though he says that he does not believe in Father Frost any more. And I not really - that trust it because still the middle of November, and we already got a box with Christmas Christmas-tree decorations... And to the daughter Sashenka - 1 year, she still does not even know who you are such. This year come surely, be not concealed, do not hide. I will acquaint you with children. We know that at you there are a lot of affairs and long we will not detain you. Let`s give your gift (I still store it in a box with toys).

you Ask

that there? Secret! Come, you learn!