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Myths about a child-bearing of

are frightened of Horrors about the forthcoming families of the little girl from the moment of understanding of by women. Having listened to several paragraphs from the most fascinating book like “Mother and the child“, my young husband grabbed heart and turned pale (it was approximately a month before a visit of maternity hospital). And itself, by the way, decided to be present at childbirth from the moment of manifestation on the test of fatal two strips.“ Where you, - I think, - darling, gathered if only one force of the printing word took over you such terrifying effect“.

Actually everything looked a little differently, than write in books and girlfriends tell. Fascinating action of a year from the moment of conception before today`s visit of children`s policlinic for three-months inoculations went on the way of exposure of the traditional myths nesting in our consciousness. Some of them are offered your attention.

Myth the first: mayachkovy

U me the girlfriend to whom every month it seems that she is pregnant is: and the breast - that hurts it, and all smells seem, and it can eat nothing, and what all - eats, strives to return to the nature at once.

Actually rumors about what already in half an hour after conception has to pull you uncontrollably in a toilet or on salty are rather doubtful

. Most likely, the first month you depart, without suspecting about anything. The delay is not an indisputable indicator of the future changes in life too. As it is banal, but your doubts will be dispelled only by the doctor who should be visited, previously having got acquainted with test results on pregnancy - that is with notorious two strips.

Myth of the second: flavoring

Rumours about what will unexpectedly pull you on sweet, on salty are strongly exaggerated by

. Stories about certain girlfriends who hunted for school chalk are handed down by dirty tights or exhaust gases owing to the exclusiveness. So you should not frighten the partner by stories about three oranges or a jar with fennel, they can not be necessary - if you, without waiting for medical recommendations, will begin to eat and drink normally vitamins C of the moment of detection of interesting situation. Thus, the organism will receive all necessary elements in the necessary volume and will not begin to disturb you and surrounding with unexpected surges in flavoring activity.

Myth the third: not eligible to travel abroad

the Myth that from now on you should carry yourself as a crystal vase, and is the best of all to be locked houses and to lie before the childbirth on a sofa, is, perhaps, the most mifisty of myths. Personally for me this time was remembered as activity peak in my short life. I worked and studied, wrote articles and took candidate examinations. Even conducted sociological survey in the Southern port among hundreds of terrible men in dank February weather on the sixth month of pregnancy. Women with the similar diagnosis act in at film and win at the Olympic Games unless they do not fly to space... Bye.

It does not mean at all that you need to repeat others feats. Equally well in this magic time you are able to afford to do nothing, and nobody will be able to reproach you with it. Because you already are engaged in the most important business in life - bear the new person. However it is worth to remember that any your socially useful activity grants the right to consider itself as the original heroine and to convince of it all surrounding.

Myth the fourth: figuristy

the Pessimists claiming that with pregnancy you will forever lose the fine figure are right

only partly. If you lie down on a sofa and as a major activity for long months will choose food, then really will achieve resistant result soon: you farewell to old clothes, purchase new, difficult delivery and for many years wait for trainings, diets and disappointments from various tablets for weight loss.

A if you replace a large number of food with its high quality, will move much, will exhaust on yourself kilograms of cream (optional the most expensive), then as a bonus will receive great mood: doctors will praise you, acquaintances to envy, you will easily give rise and will be restored soon.

Myth the fifth: man`s it is naive to h2 to believe

that pregnancy will deprive of you such habitual man`s attention at all. It is just that case when the quantity turns into quality. It is in the family way silly to approach the woman with obscene offers, but offers of a hand and heart can pleasantly surprise you. It appears, it in the Russian tradition, so, in genes at our compatriots - to choose to itself in the wife of the women who are already checked in such unpredictable business as a reproduction. The pregnant woman is some kind of indicator for surrounding men and if they consider themselves as those, believe me, will behave with you it is polite and precautionary.

the Last myth

the Myth that this time which is thrown out from life is not true in any way. Earlier I also thought that pregnancy is the worst that can happen to the woman, and learned by own experience in full insolvency of similar fears. Enjoy this gold time when everything is possible for you, you in everything are right, all are interested in you, all care for you (in my first trip on public transport after the delivery I was unpleasantly surprised that I am not given way any more). And temporary nonparticipation in noisy parties with the unlimited use of alcoholic drinks and discos with vigorous dances can develop into rise in business and creative activity as it was with me. Perhaps, it will bring you much more benefit, than what it is necessary to refuse for a while.

Two main myths about childbirth

For some reason can frighten unfortunate and already very scared future mothers (half a year ago I was such) by improbable pain with which process of birth of the new person is connected. Certainly, it is necessary to consider the pain threshold, the general state of health, a Rhesus factor - a factor, age - that is what can objectively worsen process of a child-bearing. In these cases, perhaps, it is worth thinking of anesthesia, Cesarean section or alternative childbirth in advance. If in your asset health and youth, then except the end result can be pleasant to you also process.

the Next line only for pregnant women. During fights frequent breath really alleviates pain, in an interval between them it is necessary to relax as much as possible; the attempt has to be longer, and consciousness clear in time to obey doctors. I still do not understand why at cinema of the woman shout at the time of delivery - actually you will be so busy with this hard production on light of posterity which demands powerful physical expenses and tension of all organism that for shout just there will not be enough forces.

to Men here could not be done to

I I counted up to childbirth and I continue to consider a vozlaganiye of all responsibility for the child`s birth on the woman as a remnant of the Russian, post-war, exclusively careful attitude to men. If we try to protect our already spoiled stronger sex from these horrors, then it is necessary to withdraw advertizing of female tampons from air and not to be shown to it in the morning without hairdress and a make-up.

We do not hesitate suit

to darling of a hysterics, to get drunk to unconsciousness, to flirt with his friends, to quarrel with his mother - and to slightly open a veil of secrecy over the birth of his own baby whom he expected, perhaps it is even more of ours, we are afraid. For a number of reasons - suddenly the potentiality will be gone, suddenly will see something not that and will stop loving. Though only one female rage and roughness can kill feelings worse than any childbirth. I will honestly tell: if the husband was not near, I would nurse a grievance fierce on all subjects in trousers. And so, on the contrary, forgave it all those trifles about which became angry before.

We, without reflecting, we take men in shop, on thesis defense, interview or visit to the stomatologist - and voluntarily we remain with the employer alone in the most important situation in life. I regret that, having carried out with it all fights, I did not take the husband in patrimonial chamber where in ten minutes the daughter was born, and did not share with it inexplicable feeling of delight and simplification by which arrival of motherhood is followed. It is sure: next time I will not make such mistake.

Several valuable advice to future mothers