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I ask you, Father!

Hi, Father Frost! Today, as well as every year, I write you! I trust in miracles, and you install every year in me this belief! Only now I write you not one. You remember my letter in 2005? I asked not a gift, not happiness and even not love. I went on only about one in the letter: “Let`s me take out forces my angel!“ I wrote you not on a leaf, and mentally before going to bed every evening! Why to you? Probably, because you are the only wizard from the childhood of each of us and as most often happens, we in the childhood notice all wonderful and we bear it through all the life.

you remember

A 2006? My baby needed belief! The belief that everything at us will be good it will cease to hurt. And in the future will be as all children to run, play and eat sweet gifts that you bring under each elegant fir-tree.

I how not to remember year 2007! In this letter we with a crumb asked about a fir-tree! My baby was glad to the real, beautiful, tremendous fir-tree! Such beauty appeared at us in the house in New Year`s morning, and the daughter sacredly believes that you presented it! As we dressed up it!

Cannot and avoid

2008. This year my husband had to work on New Year`s Eve, and we with Arisha wished to spend this holiday together.“ Mother, the father and I“, - she so spoke. Then I told it about letters you! Also told: “If you are not able to write on paper, ask Father before going to bed. He reads such letters too“.

I remember

Ya how every night the small crumb rose on the tiny kolenochka on a bed and asked! She whispered is hardly heard: “Father, make so that the daddy was at home! To us with mother so boringly without it! We family only three together!“

2009! And we again, again address you! Now all three! The daughter asks the brother, and we with the husband - the son! She again, as well as then, falls asleep with the address to you! It is also hardly heard it goes on: “Father Frost, I ask you! Present to me the brother!“ And already filling up, she whispers: “Though I will be glad even to the little sister...“

I always, all these years, you, Father, with us was kind! You granted all our desires. Someone will ask why?

I can answer with

Ya this question only one:“ Once long ago spouses prayed! They asked to present to them the baby! They wanted a happy family with ringing children`s laughter, diapers and pranks...

were Asked by them from the Lord, asked also from you! And you gave them life because at night on December 31 under peal of bells the woman gave birth to the daughter! I was this daughter! Then, that night, together with my birth you gave me belief! And transferred faith in you which I bear in myself to this day to the baby!“

Ya always, all the life I will remember that you are!