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The premature child of

is considered the Premature child the child of the pregnancy which was born before 37 - 38 weeks with body weight less than 2,5 kg. If the child was born on term exactly in 38 weeks and with the body weight of equal 2,5 kg. the child is considered full-term.

Usually body weight at the child very much depends on pregnancy term. The premature child on appearance considerably differs from full-term. For premature kids, except the small weight and growth disproportion of a constitution is characteristic, integuments at it are more hyperemic (red), bones soft, there can be a nezarashcheniye of cranial seams. At girls big vulvar lips (they do not cover small vulvar lips) are underdeveloped, and at boys testicles are not lowered in a scrotum.

If the child was born

with body weight less than 1,5 kg, then it is considered deeply premature, and with body weight less than 1 kg the child is considered a fruit. To define severity of prematurity, except weight and the term of pregnancy also other signs are considered, such as existence of pathological states, compliance of degree of a maturity, presence of diseases at mother, etc. definition of degree of a maturity is very important sign.

the Modern medicine improves the specialized help to such children and even in the most hard cases there is every chance to leave even very premature child.
maturity Degree is determined by

by reaction of the child, existence of reflexes, a condition of a muscular tone, physical activity, ability to hold warmly etc. Even premature children with body weight about 2 kg if they are healthy, can be quite active, have a good tone, reflexes, to be able to suck etc. Children about 1,5 kg which were born with body weight can suck from a horn already to the first weeks of life.

the situation at children Is much heavier than

if the period of pregnancy of the woman proceeded with complications and the child could suffer, for example, from a pre-natal hypoxia. Such children are born, as a rule, in more serious condition. The children who were born with body weight 900 and less than are considered as the most difficult kids. Despite all seeming weight of a state of health of these children, doctors have experience of nursing of children even with such body weight. From - for immaturity of many internals and risk of development of pathological states to the premature child hold a complex of events at once to create the most optimum conditions. After the birth to the child suck away slime from the top airways at once, suction of slime from a stomach can be also carried out. If the child does not breathe or badly breathes independently, to him artificial ventilation of lungs is carried out. Also to the kid necessary medicines for maintenance of its health are injected.

the Child depending on the state is in specially intended couveuse (incubator). The design of the couveuse allows to understand in it the microclimate suitable the premature kid. Temperature is exposed depending on degree of prematurity of the child, also surely regulate also humidity of air. The couveuse allows to watch a condition of the child and to carry out many manipulations, without taking out it from it. The term of finding of the kid also depends on the body weight of the child, further the child is transferred to the open couveuse, and then transferred to specialized office.

Councils to parents

  • your child so far a little bit not such as everything, but with time and with your help, it will be able to catch up with the peers in the development.
  • Fight for breastfeeding, it is very important for such kids
  • Special attention to food, such children eat more slowly and usually smaller portions, but a little more often than the full-term children. The interval between feedings should not exceed 4 hours.
  • Premature children easily are exposed to infections therefore it is necessary to watch well purity of the room and to limit at first number of persons interested to visit the kid.
  • At first doctors do not recommend to put such weakened kids to bed on a tummy, it is better to stack the child on a back.
  • during bathing water temperature has to be not less than 37 ° With
  • indoors where there is a premature child, temperature has to be around 23 - 25 ° Page - Sterilization of small bottles and pacifiers for such children is obligatory, try to follow this rule, especially in the first months of life of the kid.
  • to Premature children special massage which the skilled expert can carry out is very useful to
  • . Parents can independently carry out simple methods of massage after consultation.
  • Feedings up and inoculations are appointed strictly according to the recommendation of the doctor, after an assessment of a condition of the kid.
  • Without fail implement all recommendations of the doctor, if necessary at once call the doctor on the house or the ambulance.

the Approximate body weight of the child on various terms of pregnancy:

pregnancy Term in weeks the Average body weight of the child, in gr.
850 - 1300
29 1150 - 1500
30 1250 - 1700
31 1300 - 1750
32 1400 - 1950
33 1550 - 2300
34 1800 - 2500
35 - 36 1950 - 2500

Depending on body weight to the child appropriate to 27 - 28 a certain degree of prematurity:

Degree Body weight of the child pregnancy Term
1 degree of 2,5 - 2 kg of 37 - 35 weeks
2 degree of 2 - 1,5 kg of 35 - 33 weeks
3 degree of 1,5 - 1 kg of 33 - 31 weeks
4 degree less than 1 kg of 31 - 29 weeks