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What for a misfortune - cold?

the fall Came, and children went to kindergarten, to school. Thanks to a huge number of information on difficulties of adaptation process, parents are usually prepared for the fact that the child will be capricious, require more attention, to be tired, to be ill. But whether they are ready to such situation when the child, having hardly managed to be written out, gets sick again? And already there passed month, two, three... Mother`s heart does not maintain, and the child is taken away from a garden. With school it is more difficult. However, frequent diseases can overtake also the child who is surrounded with love and caress of mother who is not hurrying to send the child to educational institution.

the Child often has catarrhal diseases, is passive, not really sociable. What to do? Who will help? The therapist treats a SARS, registers immunostimulators, and in intervals between diseases recommends the different tempering procedures. At the address to the neurologist it can turn out that the child has problems with a tone (raised or lowered), and certain preparations, a course of massage and physiotherapy exercises are recommended to it. Other option: parents address the psychologist. In this case it is quite probable that diseases of the child (the same SARS) will be regarded as a certain manipulation, fight for attention of parents. Both the underestimated self-assessment, and a leaving syndrome from activity can be found. The psychologist will make recommendations about change detsko - parental style of interaction, on introduction of changes on house Wednesday and probably correctional occupations with the child are offered. And the child, meanwhile, continues to be ill... whether

an exit from similar situations Is? Whether it is possible to find in the modern world of the doctor or clinic where in a complex approach diseases of the child? Where can give answers to the questions formulated in “mother`s“ language? Where will not treat all separately?

to Analyse a situation, to see it more widely, than it in forces of the certain expert, certainly, not in forces and not in competence of parents. Even the most loving. The integrated approach to a health issue is sometimes necessary, even so far as concerns banal on the first a look to cold. Similar approach practices in “Service of children`s health“ of the family center “Oho - the City“ where the famous doctor - the neuropsychiatrist Boris Alekseevich Arkhipov became the chief physician.

B. A. Arkhipov is the author of unique complex diagnostics and system of maintenance of development of the child, the pediatrician and the children`s neuropathologist, more than 30 years working with children and practicing now in “Service of children`s health“ at the family center “Oho - the City“. Its technique is sent to search and detection of both the strong functions of the child, and weak, unstable, which are not used or are not shown during individual development of the qualities preventing implementation of its genetic program.

I strong, and weak characteristics collect with age and can significantly change character and the course of mental development of the child. This assessment of strong and weak functions is possible thanks to the analysis of habitual ways of realization of actions - schemes which the child uses in the course of achievement of result. These actions - schemes are presented in feelings, in manifestations of motive, touch, emotional, mental, and also reflex and vegetative compliance to an objective or various ways of braking, an advancing or exhaustion at stages of its performance.

But we will return to a case with often ill child. In the majority of addresses at such child the illness became a norm of reaction to any novelty, changes, violations of the habitual course of life, a stress of any force. The child is ill and in the course of an illness adapts to something new, appeared in his life. Not incidentally, one of word meanings “to have“ - to endure something heavy, to calm down and return to a former state. For the child owing to features of his development such reaction became natural, but wrong!

to answer a question of parents of the reason of such deviation, to specialists of “Service of children`s health“ it is not enough to see the child - it is important to have a talk also with his parents. Roots of this problem can lie, for example, in features of course of pregnancy of mother, in ways of treatment of diseases on the first year of life (for example, unnecessary knocking down of temperature), in aspiration of parents at any cost to protect the child from a negative, to fill his life only with smiles and the granted desires, in long use of a maternal breast as the only source of a consolation, in prevalence of the importance for parents of intellectual development and so forth. And at the child therefore other ways of “response“ to external influence, except an indisposition are not created. And it is possible to cry, begin to cry, splash out aggression, displeasure, to run about, be uttered, etc., etc. the Child does not own it! In its experience only one mechanism - an illness.

One of options of a solution according to specialists of “Service of children`s health“. there can be an expansion of repertoire of reaction of the child, the activization which are not used, not shown mechanisms. But it is important to p to understand

that the variety of situations and features of development of children makes almost impossible to give some universal standard way of a solution and to describe it in article. Each family demands of an individual approach , search of the set of means, methods, work forms. In one case to a family there will be enough work of the specialist in touch integration, in another - it will be a combination of work of the psychologist, homeopathy and psychomotor correction, in the third business will be limited to oral recommendations to parents about necessary actions from their party. Essentially the fact that it will always be the comprehensive program of the help to a family giving the chance to the child fully to include own kompensatorno - adaptive resources of development.

to Register in reception and it is possible to examine work of all specialists of “Service of children`s health“ on the website: www. ogozdorovie. ru or by phone: +7(495) 789 - 69 - 54.