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Problem skin of teenagers of

Difficult growing...

Come into any class where teenagers of 11 - 16 years study. What all of them are different! Different ratio of growth and weight, color of eyes and hair... Besides, they differ from each other in progress, memory size, reaction speed, the general mobility. But problems with skin at them at all identical: eels, white gnoynichka and spots. It is no secret that these teenage “troubles“ - result of hormonal reorganization of an organism which proceeds at all children. Why the growing occurs quite so? Whether it is possible to predict emergence of acne, pustulous and pryshchevy rash? Whether there are effective methods of “fight“ against them, except local treatment? Answers to all these difficult questions are given by system approach to health of the teenager.

What happens to the teenager`s skin?

during puberty grease and sweat glands work with

very intensively. When sweating skin pores open, and skin fat freely comes to light. It neutralizes acidic environment of skin and creates favorable conditions for activity of various microorganisms. They are the reason of appearance of eels, gnoynichok and spots.

How “to resist“ to emergence of problems with skin?

we Wash...


of Times the teenager`s skin more is also more often subject to pollution, than the adult`s skin, it needs to be cleared properly. Young skin is very sensitive therefore “delicate“ means best of all are suitable for it: gel or skin. The hydroxyacids and vegetable oils which are contained in them delete surplus of skin fat and pollution. And phytocomplexes on the basis of a train, calendulas, a lemon, a linden, a sage etc. normalize work of sebaceous glands, narrow pores, clean a greasy luster.

Water for washing. water which the teenager washes has Huge value. The most right choice - cool filtered, thawed or mineral. Such water improves blood circulation, raises a skin tone, strengthens immunity and even nervous system.

skin Toning: alcohol is necessary or not? After washing the remains of pollution and grease allocations delete tonics: soft and refreshing. Compositions of essential oils have the disinfecting and regenerating effect. And phytosom on the basis of a glycyrrhiza, an aloe, a ginseng, a magnolia vine, a Sophora Japanese etc. narrow pores, calm and soften skin. Tonics for teenagers are chosen on the main principle: the less alcohol, the better. Alcohol too dries skin. The result of its continuous use - work of sebaceous glands is broken. Skin tries to compensate the arisen dryness and therefore strengthens activity of sebaceous glands. That is the result turns out opposite. Therefore about “father`s cologne“ it is better to forget!

I still... At youthful problems with skin it is necessary to watch purity not only persons and bodies, but also everything that adjoins to them: towels (naturally, they have to be individual), bed and underwear (especially pillowcases which should be changed as often as possible). And, of course, try to touch less the person with hands during the day. They not always at you sterile...

we Apply to

cream... After careful clarification for the night for teenage skin remarkably is suitable cream - balance. Essential oils of a bergamot, a lavender, patchoulis and extracts of a phytocomplex in a dream especially effectively regulate work of sebaceous glands, narrow pores, give to skin dullness. In the fall and in the winter before a campaign after washing and tonic it is the best of all to apply the normalizing gel or cream on study - comfort. Glycerin which creates on skin a protective plenochka which rescues from wind, cold and harmful effects of environment is their part. And active vegetable components and essential oils relieve from surplus of skin fat, narrow pores, remove irritations and protect from infections. Besides, gel and cream - comfort contain a rich complex of vitamins: And, In, With, P, - which level tone of skin and give a healthy flush.

we Listen to councils of “skilled“ teenagers...

Those who were already teenagers on “own skin“ felt that in prevention of eels, gnoynichok and spots the integrated approach is important. What is reflected in a face at young men and girls from 11 to 16 years - a consequence of global changes of heart. Therefore cosmetic leaving should be supported with the correct day regimen and food.

Night. the Best all to fall down to the teenager of 7 - 8 hours. In a bedroom there has to be a fresh air.

Morning. Very good effect gives a contrast shower in the mornings. The best friend of problem skin - a hardening: cool air bathtubs, damp rubdowns, douches and cold bathings.


. in the Afternoon whenever possible is fried and excessively fat less. To give preference to the cooled food and drinks without gases.

Evening. As well as in the morning to take a contrast shower. And once a week to plan a campaign in a bath. For teenage skin in a bath massage and self-massage of a neck and shoulders with essential oil of a bergamot (1 - 3 drop on 10 ml of oil of sweet almonds) or a lemon is especially effective (4 - 7 drops on 10 ml of oil of sweet almonds). Massage intensifies blood supply of head skin and person, and at this time essential oils disclose the cosmetic properties “in all beauty“:

“Gold school days... Never-ending holiday of life and full freedom!“ - adults with aspiration say. As a rule, they forget that actually the teenager not to be simple at all. And here still these “hated“ eels and spots! Become for the child the kind adviser. As in the childhood you accustomed him to wash hands before food, and now explain to him: what cosmetics to choose and as it is correct to it to use what to prefer from food and as independently - on - to the adult - to construct a day regimen. Perhaps, in the beginning you will be softly hinted that you intruded on others territory, but if you are delicate and patient, then already very soon your adult child will tell you: “Thanks“.