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And there came pregnancy...

Usually by the time of when the woman is visited for the first time by thought that, perhaps, she is pregnant, already pass about two weeks from the moment of conception.

the easiest and available way of diagnostics of pregnancy in house conditions - the test for pregnancy. You used the test and received long-awaited two strips - pregnancy came and there will be a desired child. From this point usually time of sharp differences of mood begins. Causeless pleasure, then suddenly despondency, irritability, tears - all this is typical for the first three months of pregnancy. Constantly there are new questions: to be mother - and whether I want it actually, and whether I will be able? What place will be taken by the child in family life? How it will be born? Whether there will be it healthy? Whether the apartment is rather spacious? In the first weeks and months pregnancy is not evident. It is pleasant to many women. They do not want that someone disturbed them, it is necessary to be adjusted independently on changes in life. They enjoy a condition of pregnancy. Some are just held apart by pride, they cannot wait when the stomach becomes noticeable.

At the first pregnancy often the lowered mood arises. The husband almost does not speak about future child, really he is not glad? Suffer a little, your husband needs time too to understand the feelings. In the first three months pregnancy is felt psychologically rather, than you feel its physiological manifestations.

the Nature took care of that the female organism could be adjusted optimum on pregnancy. But, despite it, many women in the first months of pregnancy feel tired and sleep badly at night. Hypersensibility smells and nausea also treat the very first and widespread complaints. The amount of liquid in an organism therefore pregnant women “run“ in a toilet more often increases and they should get up in the middle of the night. Mucous membranes are more actively supplied with blood and bulk up therefore can bung up a nose and ears.

pregnancy Toxicosis

In this case will be a question of early toxicosis which is suffered by two of three pregnant women. Early toxicosis can begin practically from the first days of pregnancy and, as a rule, stops by 12 - 13 weeks. Doctors consider as the reason of early toxicosis violation of adaptation of an organism to new conditions, sharp hormonal reorganization, more precisely, sharp increase in blood of hormone of progesterone which supports and keeps pregnancy. Doctors allocate group of women of the most often subject to early toxicosis:

Besides, doctors and psychologists are inclined to consider that the big role in emergence or absence of toxicosis is played also by an emotional condition of the woman, her relation to pregnancy, the relation to pregnancy of her husband and a family.

In order that to the child it was comfortable and he received necessary amount of nutrients and oxygen, it is necessary to lead the correct life. It is necessary to sleep 8 - 10 hours at night, you lay down a bit earlier and have a rest in the afternoon. To happen more in the fresh air, it is good if there is an opportunity to walk before going to bed with the husband. If in the mornings there is nausea that is connected with the low level of sugar in blood at this time, try before getting up, eating cookies or apple. At the beginning of pregnancy (when there is a wish for nothing or “pulls on salty“) do not limit yourself in the choice of food: you can eat everything that will want, only not really much. Try that more dairy products, meat, juice, fruit and vegetables entered your diet. The desire to eat “specific“ products - such as ashes, clay, a lime, starch, means that the organism lacks vitamins and minerals, for example, iron and calcium. The main thing, pay to it attention of the doctor!

Actually, what occurs in soul of the pregnant woman, much more difficult. Women consider a duty to look happy and happy, despite morning nausea, concern on future child and future problems. Often women are afraid that if they tell something negative about the feelings, they can think that they are bad mothers or their child unwanted. Though it is obvious that any person cannot experience only positive emotions within nine months in a row moreover during such period when all life has to change.

Just the most responsible women are inclined

to intensity and alarms

This absolutely normal phenomenon: fears and concerns help to be prepared for future difficult duties, to decide not and to experience everything, so far there is time.

the same strong feelings which cause failures, whims and tears form the fantastic, spiritualized party of preparation for motherhood. Pregnancy hides a cover of vanity and brings you into contact with what is really important.

to Accept pregnancy as reality is the first psychological barrier which to have to overcome to the woman. On the one hand, this just biological miracle - practically from nothing appears new life, the new person.

on the other hand, doubts in themselves will appear soon: whether we are ready to be parents? May we afford the child? How to cope with such changes in life?