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Diseases of an umbilical wound

After falling away of the umbilical rest the child has umbilical wound. Usually it drags on in 7 days, but at the premature and weakened children process of healing takes place more slowly.

of Omfalit

the Simple form of an omfalit is a becoming wet navel. The umbilical wound begins to become wet, sometimes happen serous or serozno - purulent allocations. At the bottom of a wound sometimes it is possible to observe small hillocks. Skin about a wound becomes red and edematous. The general condition of the child does not suffer. At such form recommend regular processing of a navel of 3% hydrogen peroxide solution, and then 2% solution of diamond green. It is also desirable vitamin therapy and ultra-violet radiation of a navel.

More severe forms of an omfalit arise when process passes to area about a navel. Skin becomes strongly reddened and edematous. The umbilical area bulks up over a stomach surface. From an umbilical wound appear serozno - purulent or purulent allocations. The wound can bleed, and at its bottom the yazvochka with a whitish raid can appear. Above and below a navel consolidations are probed. At the child body temperature increases, the child becomes sluggish, badly sucks, often belches and loses body weight. This form of an omfalit is dangerous by complications. Children are surely hospitalized.

the Necrotic form of an omfalit occurs very seldom and usually only at children with low immunity. Such omfalit is followed by purulent complications. Children are treated in hospital, in hard cases surgery is possible.

Prevention of an omfalit

the Wound needs to be processed daily to its epitelization. At emergence of any changes (other allocations from a wound) it is urgent to bleeding to tell the doctor. At first I process a wound a sterile stick of the hydrogen peroxide moistened in 3% solution, then the wound is dried by other sterile stick and 95% are processed by alcohol or brilliant green.

Fungus of a navel

Fungus of a navel is a growth of granulations from - for what the small fungoid tumor is formed. The state at the child is broken a little. Treatment (consultation with the doctor is necessary!) usually consists in cauterization of granulations by a lyapisny pencil, only in hard cases surgery is shown.