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The birth of my long-awaited daughter

So, on November 12, 2007, in time to pregnancy is 39 weeks and 1 day, I laid down in maternity hospital to wait for childbirth: decided that you should not risk and wait for childbirth of the house, thought that in maternity hospital it will be not so terrible. Made ultrasonography on November 13, put the term of childbirth for November 18, looked on a chair and told that everything goes well, we will wait and that I can give rise at any time, but if I do not give rise to that on November 19, will stimulate.

was Sent by days, I waited for appearance of the daughter, went along corridors, ran on ladders to and fro, but the daughter did not hurry to appear. Here also long-awaited day came on November 18, but I did not give rise. Again survey on November 19, is also decided not to be stimulated again, say that everything is good, I will give rise soon. The following survey is appointed to Thursday November 22, spoken, but if before I do not give rise, then will stimulate nevertheless.

I days last again, the doctor on round laughs, asks how I feel, I say to it what the stomach sips, but without regularity that the stopper already departed as it seemed to me (transparent slime).

Here also Thursday came November 22, and I all go. Again look, say that today - tomorrow you will give rise, but I do not trust in it any more, watch what color of water, say that everything is good, light. Told that we will wait till Monday, but if I do not give rise, will stimulate with gel. After survey at me the prenatal stopper - slime of red color departs, but I do not wait for childbirth any more, I in general do not believe any more that I will give rise.

the doctor Comes in the same day, asks how I feel, I say that the stomach takes, but without frequency. She says that everything is good. When I went, took a tummy and when went to bed, everything calmed down. And so time already 15. 00, a quiet time, I decided to have a sleep and fell asleep, in 15. 30 mother called, woke, I as always told her that I will give rise not soon that she did not worry and did not pull me constant calls. But more I could not fall asleep, fights again, but already it seems more periodical - each 30 min. I started walking that they did not stop, but nevertheless I did not believe that it is the real fights. Frequency was different: 30 min., 20, 15 minutes. I decided that it is harbingers. With the girl from chamber ran about on steps, fights continued, but again frequency different, decided again that harbingers. To 17. 00 there arrived the mother-in-law, brought to me fat, just the doctor told us if you want to give rise quicker, it is necessary to eat more fats therefore I also asked fat. In 19. 00 spoke by phone with the husband, this day I broke and porydat in a tube to the husband, told that I have no more than forces to lie in maternity hospital, I want home that the daughter harmful and does not want to get out etc. He as always calmed me, told that I would suffer that remained absolutely slightly - slightly. I agreed. In 22. 00 I understand that it is the real fights, frequency all the same different, but most often every 15 min., lasting about a minute. I waited 2 hours, but fights did not stop, went to call the doctor, the doctor rose, looked, told that opening 2 fingers that I give birth, and me can be lowered in patrimonial, but I asked to remain in pathology so far.

at Night in 01. The 00th time between fights was sharply reduced, fight each 5 - 3 min. and lasting 1 minute now, I began to go crazy, left in a corridor, and there 2 more girls go, at one 3 childbirth, and at another, as well as at me, the first.

Called the husband, told that today our daughter will be born. Two hours still resembled in a corridor, nurses slept. As it does not sound ridiculously, there was no wish to awake them, but I woke, the doctor came, looked, told that opening of 4 cm

we Go down in patrimonial. I agreed. To me made an enema, I descended in a shower and packed the things. At 4 o`clock in the morning I was lowered in patrimonial. Placed in the separate box, there was a maternity chair, a bed, a pelenalny little table. I was told that I filled bed and laid down on a bed, I told what is good, I will make, but itself sent all the wood and began to go. It was so easier for me. And I did not understand how it was possible to lie.

every hour were stronger than fight

A, and all the time was played and lasted. Nobody approached me, I was angry on all white world and very much wanted that made epiduralny anesthesia. Someone looked on me, I asked that to me made an epiduralka, but nobody listened to me. The manager of delivery room came into 6 o`clock in the morning. I already choked in tears, more, probably, with offense that all threw me, nobody can approach me. He looked at disclosure and told that 6 cm, the bubble pierced. I asked an epiduralka, but it gave the order to stick some prick. Also left.

Again I am one, to suffer there are no more than forces, begin to shout, but I remember our Vicki`s words (from a forum): “Only do not shout, is not enough for the child of oxygen!“ These words at me turned constantly when I began to shout from pain, I got it together and began “to breathe an engine“, it became a little easier. It appears, I got to a shift change therefore nobody approached me. At 8 o`clock the midwife who as I understood, will deliver came, asked how she my name is, and left, even without having looked at me. And fights are stronger and stronger, I do not note time for a long time, to take rest between fights it turns out at most a minute. At 9 o`clock I began to shout:“ I want to make an effort, call my midwife“. My midwife came, looked at disclosure. About disclosure she answered my question that good that I will give rise soon. From these words it became a little easier for me. Dragged the terrible device KTG, told to lay down on a couch, and then the most intolerable began: connected the device, it became even heavier. At fights you cannot go - it is awful, but still when you want to make an effort, and it is impossible, it is necessary to prodyshat fights. Told that in 30 minutes we will try to be extinguished, 30 minutes passed, she looked, told that a head still highly that we wait even minutes 15.

there Passed 15 min. We try to make an effort. The first time it seems it turned out, the head went down below, and here suddenly at me fights calm down and forces come to an end. Decide to put oxytocin. Fights amplify and become intolerable, and they should be prodyshat again. Put on “duck“, it becomes easier. Again I lay down, speak to make an effort, but there are no forces any more not what does not leave. Then the midwife jumps on my stomach and thus helps me to be extinguished, I feel that the head went down below, I ask it whether there a head, she says that she is not present, but it is very low. I ask it to allow to pass to a chair as read that usually on a couch give birth a head, and then climb on a chair and give birth all the rest. She, strangely enough, agrees as it too any more with me forces has no.

I do not remember

as, but I climbed on a chair and understood that everything, at last it will end soon. Again says that it is necessary to make an effort, and it is impossible to me, she jumps on me again, and the head seemed here and again was gone. The midwife shouts. The doctor came. The doctor secures the child that if that, then to catch, and the midwife at fight helps me the jump again. Well, for the end - that! The head left. Here I remember that this the most difficult, the midwife is going to catch my daughter, removes obvity umbilical cords from a head, I make an effort again. Thus, with 2 - x attempts my daughter is born, still some doctor runs in, looks at the watch and reports time 12:35.


Ya I am glad that everything ended! My daughter was born! As it is necessary, cried “Meow“! I could not believe that all... Reported weight - 3180 gr., 51 cm, 8 / 9 points across Apgar. Ask to be extinguished again, I make an effort, and there is a placenta.

the Daughter was wrapped, allowed to look at it and carried away. I was told that I tore a little and began to sew up me. I want to tell that it was unpleasant, but I, of course, suffered. Then left me to lie in the rodzal for 2 hours, gave the mobile phone, I began to call all and to report about the daughter`s birth.

In 2 hours me was transferred to chamber, allowed to have a rest after the delivery, and in 19. Brought 00 me my Mashenka. More we did not leave!