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Well, hi, Paw!

- Well, hi, the Paw!

the Daughter in reply confusedly smiled to

, and then already as it is necessary, cried... In the head one: “And all - we won!“

- You decided already how you will call the daughter?

- Yes, Nika... Veronika...

All this

was already later, on March 3, 2008... And our first meeting (still correspondence) took place on September 26, 2007. The day before I returned from Prielbrusye and paid attention that the stomach at me for some reason does not want to be pulled in... For a long time also did not dream of pregnancy, the doctor had no years seven, monthly last were even in the spring that was at all and not surprisingly (them and for 8 - 9 months at my sklerokistoz and dysfunction did not happen), but at random took the test. Two strips!?. However, one some muffled... Next day took one more - the same song. “Probably, it is worth - reaching everything the doctor... I will come today, I will register...“

Came. It appeared, there is no record already any, and just Irina Yurevna conducted reception.

- it seems to me, I am pregnant.

- We are very glad for you. Let`s look... It seems? Give me a hand... Feel... You see where you have a uterus?.

- No, I do not see... And what it means?

- It means that you are pregnant! it is difficult to p to find

words to describe “square“ eyes of the doctor and nurse (probably, the patient who almost passed half-pregnancies for the first time got to them, about it without suspecting anything).

- You what, felt nothing? Also did not pull on anything?. Also did not feel sick?.

- Well, in July felt sick couple of days, but I in mountains was at this time, and there this commonplace - acclimatization, “gornyashka“...

Of course, I right there made ultrasonography especially as differently was not to determine term (if to trust monthly, then weeks 28). 17 weeks and 3 days... Weight is 173 grams... The thought flashed that term is determined by weight... And there is a lot more - many different thoughts flashed, but among them main: I will become a mother!

Doctors considered that the chance to conceive was one on one thousand, to take out and give rise to

- one on one million. Probably, did not do without share of art fiction in this phrase, but, I think, and from truth it nearby left.

All pregnancy I jumped and flew. At first, of course, was afraid of an abortion, complications... Then already, having read different literature, learned that the most dangerous - the first three months. And having reasonably assumed that if my Paw so very quietly endured rollers, infinite fishings, tents, 20 - 30 kilogram backpacks, crawling on rocks, oxygen starvation on Elbrus, the granny dying on my hands, nearly round-the-clock work in August and one more alpsbor in September, then now to us with it nothing is terrible!

was not afraid of

of Childbirth at all. It was sure that I will give rise. Probable I considered four dates of birth: On February 28 or 29, on March 2 or 3. Planned to choose maternity hospital from three: Red, Tractor and Central. But after a meeting with Petrenko V. P. any more any more chose nothing, decided to give birth in the fifth. Under impression from Sirzov represented how at my place fights will begin, I will gather slowly, and then already, having convinced that I patrimonial activity in the heat, will go to maternity hospital. Therefore the sheer shock was when on the next survey on February 21 Irina Yurevna told me what next day to go to be given! I argued, persistently resisted, said that earlier 28 it all the same will not be born, early still on what it heard: “Do not make a fool! And if your hormones do not work how it is necessary?. Fights will begin, the baby will move ahead, and the neck will not reveal?.“

I then I gave up. Completely natural childbirth - it, of course, is good. But if the neck and the truth does not reveal, everything can end “Caesarian“ what I very strongly did not want. Let better in advance will begin to prepare a neck. Generally, on February 22 we a peshochok went to maternity hospital, secretly hoping that for holidays I will not be taken, and this event will be postponed until Monday. In vain hoped: despite a pressure with places, me all - put. Probably, from - for the burdened anamnesis decided to make secure.

Well, and further, as at all - surveys, weighings, analyses, ultrasonography, KTG, droppers with but - shpy, festive days off practically without doctors. Unplanned and unnecessary enema 26. And 27 on survey the manager. prenatal office Irina (I do not remember a middle name) told that a neck already good, me put a tablet, and tomorrow I infect. And here I made huge nonsense: I reported to several companions that tomorrow has to give rise. Also began: “Well?“ - “Anything“. And so twenty times.

As I already have to give birth, I was moved from native and favourite boxing to small fishes closer. We descended with little girls in a shower, I shaved, all was prepared. And anything. The only thing, came something similar to a stopper. I to Tamara Vasilyevna: “It it, begins?“ - “Not absolutely. When begins, itself you will understand“. Generally, I to sleep peacefully laid down, quietly woke up. But then did not worry yet.

for the weekend we everything discussed

Before T. V. leaving with it, it in desire to give birth most supported me that pleased. Were defined so: if for days off I do not give rise, on Monday March 3 to survey with an enema, and we will think then what to do farther. Unexpectedly on February 29 my name is on survey. The same Irina (without middle name which) speaks: “And what already gave rise to all this to whom the 27th tablet was delivered, and you all go? What, 29 you do not want?“ - “Well, just the opposite, I want!“ And directly during survey put to me one more tablet.

I that day to horror wanted

A cake! I was just going to shop. Here to me any campaigns - walks forbade, told that here - here everything will begin, walk in maternity hospital. Began to pull a stomach, but thoughts of cake dominated... I asked Sashka to me in the evening with food to bring. At the same time calls already began to get. Then thoughts began to flash: “And suddenly there something not so? And suddenly with the child something?. Why all to whom delivered a tablet already gave rise, and I still am not present?“

Oh this Irina, as it there! And who made her talk? There is a wish for some cake more and more. Six hours. Transfers do not accept any more. Sashka is late. At last, transmit me a package through an accident ward, I even do not pay attention to the muttering aunt. Where it?. No! “Sash, and cake?.“ - “Pancake, Ir, forgot, excuse. Tomorrow I will bring“. What tomorrow if I now to give birth I will go? I now how many still I will not see some cakes! Here afterwards still the sister called with next “Well?“. It was already a pity for itself... Tears by itself a hail began to flow. This hysterics at me proceeded hours till 11 next mornings. I quietly sobbed and stupidly played phone, trying to drive away from myself thoughts: “With me something not so. Even I am not necessary to own daughter, she does not want to see me... whether“

Should be spoken to

, as hints on fights all this time were not. Pandiculations of a stomach are not counted. Next day after a lunch I solved behind cake to descend. I get out of a bed and I feel: something not that. I in a toilet. Blood! To the person on duty nurse: “It is a stopper?“ Called Shchadin, he looked, told that everything can begin at any time, forbade to leave.

However, this day Sashka cake to me brought, abused for foolish thoughts and reasonably noticed that in my case only the daughter knows when it has to be been born, and doctors just incorrectly put term. But the daughter, having sated with cake, became silent also desires to look how she it there, outside, did not show. I slept quietly.

When on March 2 T. V. came to watch, she also was not surprised: “Well, everything as we with you also spoke. We wait, and tomorrow survey.“ - “And in a shower it is possible?“ - “Well and why is not present?.“ .

the Duty nurse I asked on an enema me the first to wake that with others there not to crowd. Once again shaved. Hours something similar from 8 in the evening began on fights. I write down as learned. Frequency any. To 11 it seems something began to appear. The nurse tried to count - unclear. Went to sleep. It is impossible. I consider. I cannot fall asleep. Went to awake the nurse, that called T. V., looked on a chair: “Yes, disclosure already quite good, go, pack things“.

I Get up - something flows. “And.... You to me a bubble punctured it?“ - “And you did not see that at you waters leaked?“ Did not see, of course!. I had a laying there. Packed things, said goodbye to little girls, called mother and Irinke from boxing, went to an enema... The nurse laughs: “Well, as you also asked - the first!.“

Time - three o`clock in the morning. About a shower and shaving nothing is told, send in rodzat № 1.“ And I anti-varicose should put on stockings“. - “Put on!“ Pancake and how to put on them?. About tights I know everything, and stockings mysterious some. Which - as put on. Put a dropper with but - shpy. There is no wish to lie. So more painfully. And it is cold, though by a blanket it is covered. At last came to an end! I put on socks, I start walking, to breathe and mass a back and a stomach. Periodically I run through all corridor in a toilet (time 15). At the same time the midwife Olya exhausts me back: “Go, go in the rodzal!“ I go. Vomiting. I am frightened, I come to an accident ward again. “It is normal, the neck so opens. Go in rodzat“.

I Remember Tanya from courses: “Mother is the Ministry of Emergency Situations for the kid“. I talk to the Paw, I say to it that everything is good, mummy nearby, we will meet soon. To shout and there is no wish. Slightly I postanyvat. Remembered, somewhere read that to groan - it for the kid is good.

Blood began to flow, I again in an accident ward.“ It is normal. Go, take a diaper there“. Looked for - looked for - did not find. Olya came, gave me similarity of a diaper, abused for the fact that I stroke a stomach: “Just worse!“ And for what nakrovit on a floor. “Perhaps you will give a ball to me?“ “Well, if you want, now I will bring“. Left. From the ends. Fights go almost continuously. I go, I go and I talk. Periodically I look out in a corridor: where it there with a ball?. All died out. Oh, appeared!. Time 6:30. “And long still?“ “Well, hour three“ Three? No, I will not sustain so much, probably!. Was elementary tired. It is already ready to ask some anesthetic (though wanted without any intervention). Hurrah, T. V. came! “Tamara Vasilyevna, I cannot any more!“ - “Yes well?. Let`s look. Oh, it is good. Try to be extinguished. Once again. Still. Everything, we pass to a chair“. Explains that the condition of the kid will be traced with KTG to have an opportunity to interfere. I make an effort. Everything is normal, I am praised. Still. The head does not appear. Still. It is necessary stronger, but I do not have enough forces, fights exhausted. KTG shows that pulse began to be slowed down. Do me a cut, and... Here it, head!. One more attempt, and I see the crumb!

- Well, hi, the Paw!

the Daughter in reply confusedly smiled to

, and then already as it is necessary, cried... In the head one: “And all - we won!“

- You decided already how you will call the daughter?

- Yes, Nika... Veronika...

- the Girl, 53 cm, 3350. Across Apgar 8/8.

So far it is processed, I in one attempt give birth an afterbirth, massage of a uterus and mending of a cut is farther. One section, four seams. I felt all four, surprised both the doctor, and sisters: “We to you made a double dose, at it we do abortions“ I felt. But it was not important. Watched such native eyes at me, and I knew that now in my life everything will be good!