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Blue oceans of eyes

Abortion, again abortion.... It seemed that it is already regularity. When once again the test showed 2 strips, I also did not rejoice especially since was afraid to be disappointed again. Made ultrasonography.

- Is not present

, you are not pregnant.

- And how the test?

- Can as was, but now I see nothing, - the doctor told. As cut off.

I Tell

to the husband - reaction is obvious.


my doctor advised to make some analyses and... All - I am pregnant! Just term very small and conception happened not in the middle of a cycle, but the main thing result!

Yes, I was happy, but how my husband began to behave... I did not expect it in any way. At heart the reserved, not sentimental person, he decided to endure all nine months of happiness together with me. For a start he completely undertook household chores. Never prepared anything, except fried eggs earlier, now he was active in kitchen, constantly addressing me for hints since did not even know where that he lies. Generally, all like clockwork.

- And you whom want? - I asked.

- it is not important

, - every time he though I - that knew that wants the son pleaded.

the First ultrasonography did not give to

the answer our question. And we went to the second together. The doctor long looked and tormented us with scraps of phrases: “I do not see, I will not understand, it seems the little girl...“ I watch at the husband - on a face something like a smile. The doctor continues: “Probably... all-... girl... And, no! Here they hang! You have a boy!“

“As you, the doctor, could not make out the main thing!“ - my husband with happiness screamed.

the first stir, 3D ultrasonography where we were already convinced that we will give birth to the athlete was farther than

, and preparation for appearance of the baby began. The husband bought up everything. With me or without me, but everything was already bought for the kid up to 2 years at home.

Already the fortieth week of happiness, and the doctor tell

one, another. The first doctor at whom I wanted to give birth, told that I will give rise in a weekend, the second in general thought that I have the 35th week, but at last I found the expert suitable me.

- In a week, I think, - the doctor made the conclusion and sent me home.

, of course, long ago were collected by

of the Bag, but there passed week, and I still with a paunch. I began as mad to wash the floors, to run on a ladder up - down, even established the standard - 10 down, 10 up. And anything. The husband looks at me puppyish eyes which and ask me to show somewhat quicker on light this miracle, but I - the fact that I can!? On Monday the next appearance to the doctor which asked to take with itself things since, perhaps, it is necessary to go to hospital.

- My dear and you give birth! - there was the first that was told by the doctor having looked at me on a chair.

- I not so imagined it. And where pain, attempts etc.? You in general are sure?!

- So, we transfer you to prenatal, prepare.

Here to you also ran about on a ladder, so trained an organism that it to pain became unreceptive now, - I thought, laughing.

Pierced a bubble, I called all acquaintances, bragged that I give birth and I do not feel pain as in an hour already howled under a shower. It is good that adapted to pain and in breaks had a rest all over as if even I do not give birth at all.

- So, give on a chair, - the doctor ordered.

the Freebie came to an end in

, more my organism had no breaks.

- So, so... Here the head goes, touch!

Here me was captured by such horror, I was ready to come off and run from there far away, but the midwife was stronger.

After there was a head, I absolutely relaxed, and the kid jumped out on light. Put it to me on a breast.

- Hold the son! Yes not this hand, here dropper. Yes not so!

“And that you wanted!? - I since I could not speak from endured thought, - I that I - give birth every day!?“ Generally, I made out it only when we were transferred to separate chamber. Huge blue eyes eclipsed everything around. Here in the doorway there were just the same eyes shining from the suitable tears. The shivering hands the newly appeared father takes this lump in hand and looks as in a mirror. Begin both to roar, one is, however, slightly more silent, but also sincerely rejoicing to a meeting with these blue oceans of eyes.