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My childbirth - the dream of

Pregnancy was big pleasure for our small family. All was and it is planned, and almost according to the plan. And “almost“ because my husband postponed everything yes postponed this event - “let`s the house stop building that“, “give we will get on feet“... Construction of the house not it and fast occupation, and I well did not want to wait for it the termination in any way. Therefore everything bothered, and on the eve of its thirtieth anniversary I put a question point-blank: “You are thirty years old, you when are going to bring children? Not the first youth already!“ Sharp tone and reminder of already rather big figure worked: we followed a right way. That the most interesting - I could become pregnant just that month when we moved to live to the new house - precisely 6 months later adoptions of the decision by us. So The one Who there in the Sky, planned everything and thought of housing for the little angel. Not everything is so simple!

Of course, in 6 months of attempts to become pregnant I all got exhausted. Constant tests for pregnancy, continuous calculation of an ovulation. I will notice that that month when at us everything turned out, we were so busy with moving that forces on a huge number of attempts were not and hands did not reach a calendar card with an ovulation. And here on you - we are pregnant! Even it was not trusted! In 2 days prior to a delay on the test treasured hardly noticeable second strip, day after a delay I was highlighted as abnormal ran in private laboratory on blood testing for pregnancy - I so wanted to be assured quicker that “it“ came true. And here it, a miracle - hurrah!


of 9 months awfully slowly, apparently, they lasted the whole eternity. And this harmful stomach all did not want to be shown in any way - I so already wanted to enter in akushersko - gynecologic hospital a stomach forward that all saw that I the, but not so just came to survey. At last it appeared by 6th month and was my biggest pride (I so liked my figure, even I cannot find words to describe). By the end of pregnancy as all - it did not reach those unreal sizes which I imagined, each stir of the kid was visible outside - my tummy left to the right, to the left. My happiness stormed literally from the first push and to the last inside. It was literally impossible to sit in front of the computer, well and, of course, at night we did not want to sleep at all. And interested nobody that mother for the morning should go to work therefore sweetie pie regularly arranged dances in a tummy at night. In general all pregnancy was quiet, only at the beginning I had a special schedule of procedures before work - rise, “a toilet bowl greeting“, a wash basin... And that the most interesting, it was necessary to clean teeth, without thrusting a toothbrush into a mouth. And at most in 3 seconds as differently it was necessary to come back and everything to do from the very beginning (i.e. a toilet bowl, a wash basin).

So, after 9 - ti monthly expectation our family approached the intimate final - childbirth! It is what I will never forget. And every day I remember with a smile upon the face and the most good feelings.

By the end 38 - oh weeks at me, as well as at many pregnant mummies, began preparatory fights. And so there was a wish for the presents - I cannot even describe to you it.

Every day presented to

how today`s date date of birth of our kid sounds. And the kid was still active, as well as the last several weeks. Physical exercises were carried out regularly - and so cool were to watch the stomach - what only it did not take the form. We any more such big, and at all are not present the place.

At last day of the expected childbirth came, but no harbingers existed. It was on February 9, and I decided to go with the girlfriend for walk not to suffer at home. It was shaken properly in the bus that small understood that it is time to change a situation... But everything was quiet and peaceful.

With the doctor we had an arrangement that if I do not give rise about the appointed day, then we will meet 12 to decide that to us to do with our treasure. But after a family council with the husband the official decision to descend on consultation to the doctor 11 was made to come to hospital 12 and on the same day to give rise as then there was the 13th (you understand) and 14 - the World St. Valentine`s Day. To Somehow have a birthday on such holiday not that at all... Both solved, and made - well almost, the destiny knows the.

Doctor Staneva me examined

11 and told that I was accepted next day early in the morning. Here so I, happy, went home - now - that I knew that tomorrow I at last will meet the son.

As it was best of all for p to eat in the evening that the stomach by the morning was empty, I decided to have dinner properly - as they say, last time. Cela I to have dinner in our bistro and began to feel mild pains... But did not pay special attention to them, it at me lately quite often happened. Skhodiv later to the treasured place, noticed allocations, but also here any attention, the doctor warned me that there can be allocations after disclosure survey. So I did not attach any significance to these “signs“ again. But when I rose to myself home, at me rather severe pains already began! Here then - that I also understood: at small the plans, and till tomorrow I will fall short. Hurrah!


of Fight at once in an interval of 15 minutes. And everywhere write - 40 - 50 minutes, but all this not about me. Somewhere at 16:00 I felt my first long-awaited and most real skhvatochka.

About six in the evening called the half that came as pains already were strong, every 6 - 7 minutes. The husband arrived and surprised me with the tranquility. I did not even expect that he will behave so well. Entered the room and began to change clothes fast. I speak to it: “What will we do, to go or still to wait?“ And it:“ I change clothes, and you give change clothes. And all - we will go“. Even somehow there was a wish well though some panic at it to observe or nervousness... No, externally was it is quiet and happy - though it was noticeable!

Between fights even managed to laugh that here again as always: we make plans, we think, and always it turns out in a different way. And this time planned childbirth on 12, but not here - that was.

So, we went in “Maychin the house“ - private clinic of the city of Varna. Around 19:00 I was accepted in a reception. Looked to me at disclosure - 3 - 4 cm. Began to process documents. Oh, this most awful - such long registration (as at that time it seemed to me) and these awful fights. I am asked:“ Your education“. I am twisted on a floor in fight, in a minute only I answer. And the sister quietly holds the handle in hand and waits for the answer - got used, likely. At last all wrote down, then made an enema, well and, of course, my solemn lunch reminded of itself, going straight to a toilet bowl on the same way on which got into a stomach. By the way, after a devastation of a stomach it became much easier.


me in delivery room. As I gave birth in private hospital, conditions were just a class. All talk lovely to me, everything around beautifully and purely. The prenatal room with rodzaly are divided by a window and a door. All glass that if the husband wants, could observe.

Delivered to

“epiduralka“, and I felt just in the seventh heaven - any pain, felt nothing.


When anesthetic began to work, I asked the doctor that allowed the husband to sit with me. Called the precious hubby, and he drinks to himself coffee opposite to maternity hospital at gas station. Promised to run in 5 minutes.

I Waited for it, waited. And it all did not go and did not go. Already and attempts began, and it is not here. Then at last the doctor told that my husband here, costs in a corridor. And what, it is asked? It is still evil on it. And I asked the doctor it to let in what though to swear because already felt that very soon it will be necessary to go to give birth. It appears, it stood on the floor and all hesitated to enter, in a radius of 2 meters was nobody, and he was ashamed to take 3 steps forward to look whether there is somebody, and to report about the presence... Here such here constraining man.

it Sat with me literally 10 minutes. As very strong attempts began, I asked it that he called somebody. He seized the moment, called the doctor and... Ran away! And I so hoped that at it will wake up at the last minute though a bravery drop, and it will remain!

is Sent, looked and led in rodzat. There - that process also began. I did not feel pain per se - most likely, was rather heavy physically. But I tried very much, and at 21:35 on this world our sun - Alex (Alexander) 3400 gr appeared., 51 cm Alex were very white, and the midwife explained that it thanks to me - I well made an effort, and the child was not late in pass.

the Midwife after all procedures with the baby incurred it at once to show it to the father. As then the husband told me, he expected something Xing - green and wrinkled, and to it took out the white, little and most beautiful man on light. Here he also did not restrain, burst into tears. The midwife, when returned to me, told that my husband did not make her slightly cry - so touchingly everything looked.

As Alex by the sizes was bolshevat for me, it was necessary to make an incision me a little. While I was sewn up, I called parents on Ukraine and to relatives to Belarus to report grandiose news. While talked, edge an ear heard as the doctor laughs and speaks to the sister:“ In gives, I sew it, and she with the abroad stirs“.

me were left Then by 2 hours still to lie down, I scribbled SMS all the time - ki in Russian and on Bulgarian to report to everything the world about appearance of my sonny!

brought to

For the morning my joy. Such feeling was that as if I was always a mother, and I always had a baby. I safely took it on hands and even for the second day already pampers changed also a bottom of soap. The pediatrician was even surprised - says that such as I, a rarity, generally all are afraid even to touch. And of what to be afraid - same my baby! And it is so pleasant to me to hold it, to communicate with it.

the midwife with whom I gave birth Often came. Very much praised me - I well coped with childbirth.

Wrote out us for the 3rd day - precisely for St Valentine`s holiday. So I gave a gift for the St. Valentine`s Day to the husband unforgettable!

would not tell

Ya that at our place there was some shock or the adaptation period. Everything was so natural - as though we were parents with a wide experience. Again I understood that my husband simply treasure. He so well coped with Alex from the first days of his house. In general I am very happy with childbirth and from impatience I wait for the moment when we decide on the second.

of the Condition in maternity hospital were remarkable! In rooms on 2 persons, is as well the VIP - rooms. In each room the TV, a bathroom, a wash basin especially for a podmyvaniye of the baby and a pelenalny little table. Children are left in the afternoon with mothers, taken away only for the night if mother shows desire to be left with the kid and at night - without problems. Fed us according to the menu - choose that you want and how many you want. At the end also gifts of different advertizing gave. The most unpleasant in all labor is that seams hurt then, and a week more suffered with them. But after their removal at once everything passed.

I Wish all easy childbirth! I am excited about the childbirth and with pleasure still and still gave birth! I wish all same!