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Espionage passions of the quiet Siberian town

Birthday according to the offered scenario was spent on the seasonal dacha. It was necessary to spend birthday actively and with the minimum material and financial inputs. Therefore improvised materials or inexpensive accessories were used in the majority. Three young men - two for 11 years and one 7 years participated.

before birthday all participants received letters For couple of days - invitations of the following contents:

the Association reminds

of need of passing of a course of retraining of the special agent. The summer cycle of preparation will pass in Russia on July 10, 2009. Will call you and will report about the place of collecting. We remind of need of uniform. A dress code pokhodno - field.

birthday to everyone were called and reported when come for it. Carried young spies on the dacha. Up to this point nobody assumed where birthday will be spent. By then the team of preparation already thoroughly worked and prepared all tests.

On arrival young “to spies - intelligence agents“ needs to get on confidential object. For this purpose it is necessary to get over through the ditch filled with poisonous liquid.

Competition “Crossing“. On the earth the polyethylene representing a ditch is outspread. Aside for each player the chock and two boards lies. A task to construct an individual crossing. On the middle of a ditch to put a chock, from the coast on a chock to throw one board and from a chock on the opposite coast to throw the second board.

After a crossing participants gather near the first safe (box). In it the note of the following contents lies:“ You are in a red game zone. Passes to other zones are closed by doors. To open doors, it is necessary to find the necessary keys. For the choice of tasks it will be necessary to participate in tests“. Previously on the necessary doors and gates indexes about what is a door are placed. Also in the safe there are three code cards:“ Extra time “, “ the help of participants “, “ report to another“. Participants can transmit test performance through these cards to other player (at will), resort to the help of other participants, or increase test time. Each individual test lasts three minutes.

Test the first. to Each spy - the intelligence agent needs to be able to disappear from persecutors even if hands and legs are tied.

Competition “Sack-race“. to Run or gallop in bags from the place of landing of troops to the location of capsules with individual tasks, to take one capsule and to return back.

time to check each participant separately came Now. As arrival participants open the capsules and get the individual task of a red game zone. Individual competitions:

  1. “Pilot“. The participant, directing other participant by voice has to lead round it around obstacles. To the second participant tie with a scarf eyes, and he has to move the “back“ course.
  2. “Pendulum“. On a rope “bat“ - a bottle with water (0,5 l) is suspended. Taking it in hand and starting, the participant has to bring down all size (too bottles with water) getting in the way.
  3. “Fisher“. Being on a roof of a drovnik, the participant a rope with a hook catches buckets with gravel (pieces 5 - 6). In one of buckets there is a blue key.

After passing of all tests and having found a blue key, participants pass through a blue door and get to a blue game zone. Having got to a new zone, the espionage group receives three more code cards. In the following test each spy has to manage to make the weapon of improvised materials.

Test the second “An office arbalest“. From the offered stationery: two ball pens, clip and rubber band it is necessary to make an arbalest and to shoot at a target (4 - 5 times). That who has more accurate shots wins.

spies take

as occupation of final places capsules with the following individual tasks.

Individual tasks:

  1. “Key keeper“. In a bath there is a safe (the box locked). Everywhere keys are hanging. Only one of them can approach the safe lock.
  2. “Geometry“. It is necessary to construct a figure of six sticks of identical length so that four identical triangles turned out. Complexity of a competition is that it is necessary to make a pyramid. (It is possible to suggest to make six triangles and then it is necessary to put “David`s Star“)
  3. “Master“. By means of metalwork tools to sort a wooden box. It is necessary to turn off screws and to pull out nails. In a box - a yellow key.
Having passed

through a yellow door, intelligence agents get in following - a “yellow“ game zone.

the Spy - the intelligence agent has to have a sharp eye and a right hand. Let`s check it on the exercise machine “mega-a slingshot“.

Test the third “MEGA - a slingshot“. On columns of a well collar fixed a sports expander so that it was possible to throw special shells (made of erasers). As targets will serve polyethylene covers with the points written on them. Let`s fix targets between shtaketin fencings. The number of points increases by targets from the center to edges.

players choose by

After a competition capsules of individual tasks.

Individual tasks:

  1. “Hydrometer“. By means of bottles in five and three liters to receive one liter of water. (3+3 - 5 = 1).
    That is to gather a bottle three liters, to pour out it in 5 liter. To gain three more liters and to fill 5 liter. Then in three-liter there will be one liter.
  2. at the bottom of barrels metal covers sank (pieces 10). By means of a rod - a magnet it is necessary to catch their everything. Complexity is also that the magnet strives to be stuck to walls of a barrel and does not want to fall by a bottom in any way.
  3. by
  4. On a certain site in the earth dug the container with a green key. By means of a shovel it is necessary to find it.
the Green key is found

, and the group goes to a green game zone.

Test the fourth “The wind gun“. From a sheet of paper by means of scissors and an adhesive tape to manufacture the wind gun of a sponge to make a cartridge. Blowing a cartridge from a trunk it is necessary to try that the boss departed further all. Whose boss will depart further - is a winner of a green zone.

Individual competitions.

  1. “Shyshnashka“. Sixteen fragments of a picture are laid out by a square 4õ4. Interchanging the position of two any pictures it is necessary to collect a picture. For convenience took boxes from CDs disks and placed in each of them part from the big cut picture
  2. “Full of the street“. The pack from 36 cards in a casual order is turned by a shirt up. Overturning according to one card it is necessary to open 4 “six“ then four “seven“ and so to “Aces“ in the beginning.
  3. “Small knot“. In a box openings for hands are sideways made. The box turns over so that hands from above were not visible. In a box the difficult knot attached a red key. It is possible to look only through a mirror. It is necessary to untie a key.

found a red key, so come back to a red door and we look for the safe necessary to us. Spies received tickets for each individual competition. When the safe is found, it is possible to open it and to take away the prizes. Tickets are different, but for each of players we had identical prizes. Four zones - to everyone on four some trifles.

the Story about birthday turned out a little crumpled, but I think, the lack of literary gift will not prevent to estimate the general idea and desire to diversify carrying out holidays.