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Six and a half

Pregnancy was long-awaited, but at the same time unexpected. We with the husband lived in marriage 6 years, and we had no children. I already reconciled to thought that happiness of motherhood not for me, and here occurred a miracle. It was suddenly. But I already firmly hammered into the head that I can have no children therefore did not trust either two strips, or doctors. I did not feel pregnancy signs slightest. I waited from destiny of a dirty trick and did not allow itself to rejoice.

But time went. The first trimester ended, and I relaxed a little. The tummy began to grow - means, is really pregnant. Perhaps as will leave from this acceptable.


I was frightened by dreams. They often dreamed me about pregnancy and about the child, but bad dreamed: the child falls out, I am forced to give birth very much early.

in the Morning I drove evil thoughts and presentiments, was engaged in commonplaces: went in the crowded subway for work, put the apartment in order, cooked food - tried to conduct normal life.

To doctors went regularly, without missing receptions, making all tests and accepting all preparations which to me were appointed. However, pregnancy was ideal: any deviations, any toxicosis.

But all the same something haunted me. And I very much hurried. Early completed courses of preparation for childbirth, early began to buy clothes. By 29 weeks at me on the shelf the washed and ironed clothes which are spread out by the size for the child from 0 about one year lay, in a corridor there was a car seat, and models of a bed and a carriage were chosen.

I I decided that now - that it is possible and to have a rest. Especially as my next holiday which had to pass into decretive smoothly began.

However Vanya did not allow mother to relax. On the term of 29 weeks at me waters departed. Here directly so out of the blue, when I got up from a sofa, having postponed an embroidery, and livanut.

ďAmbulanceď brought me to specialized maternity hospital. There me put in prenatal at once. Doctors tried though a little to prolong pregnancy, but in 2 days to my son it became already bad in the lodging, and carried me on operation.

Everything was, as in my dream: a twilight, a bed at a wall, a bedside table on the right, the doctor who came to inform me about further and my tears.

Through a couple of hours Ivan Sergeyevich was born. Height is 35 cm, the weight of 1260. It was shown to the mother, and then is carried away and put in the couveuse, connected to the medical ventilation apparatus and utykan by sensors, droppers and other provodochka.

Several days I could only cry and pray to all gods, and did not unclench the fingers squeezed by a cross even in a dream. Any encouraging forecasts. It is live - and it is already good. And what tomorrow - nobody knows.

, it is a lot of nerves, tears and hysterics. But every day it became a little better. In 24 days the device IVL was removed, and Vanya was transferred from reanimation to usual office.

There I went 1,5 more months as for work: fed my kid with the kept chest milk, did it inhalations, changed pampers, dripped droplets in eyes, sang songs. And, above all - was near it.

I the happy moment here came: we were written out home. Practically on the same day, when I needed to give birth. Vanya was still tiny and painful, still needed treatment and supervision of doctors, but now we were at home.

Now to Vanya 3 years. He is absolutely ordinary boy unless the smallest in the kindergarten group and speaks slightly worse, than it is necessary. But at boys it happens. The main thing - it with us, he can run and jump, well sees and everything understands. And everything could develop and it is not so good.

A still Vanya has a little sister, so far absolutely a crumb. It the good fellow, and pregnancy by it was at all not such as the first. Also lasted, as well as it is necessary 9, but not 6,5 months. But it is already other history.