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the Main mission of winter footwear - to keep heat. With this task also leather footwear on a fur lining, and multilayered boots not bad cope with a membrane, and old kind valenoks. So to choose for the kid? Let`s try to understand.

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Natural sheep wool is capable to keep heat and “to breathe“ at the same time thanks to what the child`s legs during winter walks remain dry and warm.


For babies who walk generally in a carriage better than valenoks still it is thought up nothing. Warmly, comfortably.

For children remarkable boots from natural felt are more senior to eat. Elegant valenoks of the Kotofey brand are decorated with an embroidery and applications. The sole from thermolayer with protection of a toe and a heel serves as reliable support for foot. Easy, and strong Finnish “valenoks“ - boots of “Kuoma“ can be erased in the machine. The Italian valenoks of “Favaretti“ with an antiskid sole - warm and in Italian elegant. For boys there are models with a stylish embroidery, models for girls are decorated with fur and applications.

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Boots from skin on natural fur - excellent option. The natural fur - as a rule, is a fur of the tsigal sheep or a muton, perfectly keep heat and allow a leg to breathe. Skin easily sits down on a leg: where it is necessary sits down where it is necessary - stretches a little. Import footwear or domestic? It is exclusive on your discretion. The Spanish brand of “Agate“ or Italian “Primigi“ offer elegant and comfortable footwear. The footwear of our brands - “Antelope“, “Kotofey“, “Commune of Paris“, “Skipping“, “An intolerable couple“ is better adapted for the Russian winter: well transfers also frosts and it is capable to resist to slush.

of Shortcomings at leather footwear only two. It is need for careful leaving and a large number of imitations - products from various leather substitutes.

it is simple to p to Fight against the first shortcoming: the leather footwear needs to be cleaned and processed regularly water-repellent impregnations. If boots all - got wet, they need to be dried.

Against fakes and imitations only one checked way is: to buy footwear of the famous producers in the checked places. The best option - large specialized shop. In - the first, in big shop the choice is richer - it concerns both brands, and models, and the sizes. In - the second, large, especially - the network shop is capable to surprise with the prices pleasantly.

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Modern technologies give to kids easy and convenient footwear, same warm, but much more practical. Fine alternative of leather footwear - boots on a membrane which maintains temperature to - 25 degrees. The membrane is the thin punched film with a huge number of openings per unit area. These openings are so small that steam through them passes, and there is no drop - any more. As a result the membrane passes moisture only in one direction - outside, legs in such footwear breathes, but do not get wet. However, a membrane to a membrane - discord. GORE TEX membrane is considered the most qualitative. This membrane is used in boots of “Primigi“, “Superfit“, “Viking“, “Ecco“. Quite reliable membrane of Sympatex is established in boots of “Bartek“ and “Scandia“. The Antelope and Kotofey brands have also other options, for example, of a membrane of own development.

the Top layer of membrane footwear most often textile also has a sheeting which does material water-proof and dirt-resistant. Most of producers prefers teflon: it provides excellent protection against water, dirt and spots. The teflon covering protecting boots of the Favaretti brand is imperceptible for an eye, has no smell and is not felt at a touch. However after processing such footwear does not get wet and is practically not soiled. In the most difficult case of pollution it is possible to remove with the rag moistened in soap solution.

Alexey Voskoboynik, the head of department a product - management, a retail network “Toy Store“

One of the most common causes of freezing - the footwear which is not suitable by the size. The most reliable way to avoid a mistake - it is simple to ask the child to measure footwear. In specialized children`s shop you can count on consultation and the help of the seller who has experience with children. In other cases it is necessary to work independently. Put the kid on legs and, pressing footwear socks, grope tips of his fingers. The distance between a thumb and edge of a boot has to make about 5 mm.

the Qualitative children`s footwear cannot be too cheap: production demands essential expenses: expensive materials, detailed development of models, testing of finished goods. One of the few opportunities to make the final product more available - absence of intermediaries between the producer and the seller. The footwear of the brands “Favaretti“, “Intolerable Couple“, “Skipping“ is made especially for a retail network “Toy Store“ and therefore combines high quality and reasonable prices.