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Small holidays in an unusual family of

the Family at us a little bit unusual - mother, the father and two sonnies, only one sonny mother`s (Timofey), and the second - father`s (Maxim), that is children from first marriages. To boys for 10 years.

Five days a week we live three together, and two days four together when the father brings Maksimka. Likely, thanks to this circumstance at our place the wonderful tradition also appeared - to meet days off. It not simply calendar days of week, is small holidays! In the evening on Friday we from Timkaya make a dinner. I will not tell that festive, more unusual, and we think out some surprise - it can be a competition, a sketch (dedication in the shaman`s pupils) etc.

After a meeting of the father and Max all family gathers at supper, the light is turned off and candles are lit. The feeling as if we - the whole surrounded with a ring of warm flickering light is created.

our sit-round gathering at a table lasts usually two - three hours. We share endured about a week, we discuss plans for the weekend - holidays - vacation, we suit a shadow play on walls (light from candles very much helps to develop imaginations). And, when our little boys after a dinner extinguish candles (and every time in the different ways!) all of us together go to listen to the father`s fairy tale.

Ah and! Forgot about one hero - four paws and a tail, our cat the Freckle surely take part in all this action. Lying on a window sill, she listens to our talk and approvingly purrs, catches a fluffy paw the birdie who flushed on a wall or the run hare. Everything that it does, surely is beaten by us, and from it the events turn out even more cheerfully.

Here so in our family small holidays under the name days off which are planned - Saturday and Sunday and unplanned - on November 4, on March 8 and on February 23 etc. every week begin

. Last year on February 23 we with children exempted Earth from alien aggressors. In the morning in the nursery the letter without return address in which importance and an essence of the forthcoming operation was stated was revealed. Further instructions were in a type of the encryptions which are reeled up on handles of toothbrushes - it was necessary to pass a serious competition on physical training. After a superagency breakfast agents went behind the following message which was in a mailbox. Together with the letter my future heroes found espionage sets for work. The following message was in a type of the file on the computer, in it were cast - ranks in game.


Then all team (mother is a commander, children is agents) needed to visit 4 places: shop of children`s goods where the group found “confidential chips“, Shokoladka shop in which agents received “a magic elixir“, cells of storage of a supermarket where there was a scrap of “the letter of the alien aggressor“, “hiding place“ under a hill in the yard where there was the second piece of “letter“. Having armed with all above-mentioned and having guessed a confidential code, agents sent the SMS to number of the commander-in-chief. The enemy was won, mission is executed! All team was recommended for a decoration.

Delivery of awards was made by

in the yard, near the last point - a hill. You represent expressions of faces of the janitor and passersby when mother and two children stand at attention, and the father delivers a solemn speech! The holiday was successful!

the Idea of game came to

to mind the night before while we with the husband with passion prepared encryptions, and all thought over tasks, 3 o`clock in the morning imperceptibly came. Children different in characters - one choleric person, the second phlegmatic person, Max - “a pricker in a bottom“, and Timka likes “to work the head“. There was a wish to make so that both proved. Therefore in game there were tasks and “for brains“, and “for muscles“. In messages places where it is necessary to go further were ciphered, they consisted of rebuses, riddles, crossword puzzles, it was also necessary to translate couple of sentences from English. But to receive these tasks was not so - that simply - it was necessary to pass a sports competition. Practically coped with all tasks of the boy, without my help.

All the time while I was in a role of the commander of team of children, the father went one step ahead (so that it was not seen by children) - agreed with personnel of shops that did not pay attention to us, displayed letters and an other requisite. All were madly happy also from the process, and from gifts. Children received “espionage sets“, designers - chips, chocolate medals. Mother was handed a chocolate medal and a bouquet (for February 23!). The father at last became a commander-in-chief!

On release of Earth from alien aggressors at us 4 hours left (or as two series of the movie “Terminator“, but we - that more abruptly!).