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Crisis of family life after the birth of the child of

  • Here did not think that I will open such topic! Dityu 1,5 months, and as changed me.... the husband irritates, yours I do not want sex, constantly I am on the verge of a hysterics... As it was good during pregnancy.... we were as a pigeon and a turtle-dove! all were pardoned, laughed.... were such happy.... The husband fastens so far, suffers, but I, seemingly, will finish badly soon... the normal man cannot long suffer it... Chaotically.... What to do - that? How to leave such state?
    9. 10. 2001 14:24:30, I

  • of I am not a rarity...
    • U you though pregnancy was iridescent in this sense. And at me it began with what I felt such (forgive me, the husband!) hatred to it, could not see it, even felt sick, and more intimate and could not think of something. After the delivery somehow the negative disappeared, but also only. Sometimes it becomes is so a pity for him - the poor man, everything understands, suffers all my moods. I try to get sometimes it together, I cross through the “I do not want“ and what to do! And in general everything is correct - we feel more as mothers now, but not women, all this will gradually smooth out and will be restored. Patience, only patience!:)
      9. 10. 2001 15:4:22, Korovka
    • to us 2. The husband speaks:“ I love you, but...... seldom“. and it is the truth! :((
      9. 10. 2001 15:1:43, Natalia
    • Ya I sleep with the husband, seldom but I sleep THROUGH I CAN not AND I DO NOT WANT the husband that is a pity. - suffered pregnancy, after the delivery month suffered, it is clear that he not strongly is interested now in mine “I do not want“ - he is a man everything is. I go on it as on the vital operation. And he probably understands it and it turns out even worse than if did not sleep at all. And I have such impression that disgust for sex will not take place. Just I feel the virgin who finds one thousand reasons to refuse to the importunate guy. Oh, and what we got up before pregnancy... and now such difference - it is a pity for the husband. I do not want to want, but I love everything-.
      9. 10. 2001 14:47:44, Xena
    • I we... Absolutely any desire, I do it to deliver a gratefulness to the husband... And it is very sick though no gaps - cuts existed, and to the child 7 already soon.
      9. 10. 2001 16:57:16: - (
    • Thanks, girl! but matter not only in physical Neblizosti.... and that we moved away from each other! Here in what the main problem!
      9. 10. 2001 15:12:10, I
    • why you sex do not want
    • A? for the physiological reasons or psychological? Answer please, I will be able perhaps to tell something to:0) about a way out.
      9. 10. 2001 14:32:21, * the Entertainment
    • on both :(( is more psychologically....
      9. 10. 2001 14:36:58, I
    • someone said to me that the physiological reason will pass at arrival of monthly:-)
      9. 10. 2001 14:38:8, Nataly
    • deceived: ((((
      9. 10. 2001 15:11:27,

    of the Way of “treatment“
    • Try to leave to Sleepy the child with the father and to leave up hill and down dale for about 2 hours on 3. I just got into the car and went to Serpukhov (!) and back. One in the car... high!!! Sometimes ran to drink to girlfriends to coffee. On the present it is necessary to stay sometimes with himself. We passed through it. I told the husband that these 3 - 4 hours a week are necessary for me and then I will be warm and fuzzy again:) ))
      9. 10. 2001 20:51:16, Zhenya
    • my opinion, is one of displays of a postnatal depression. My truth it dragged on, at once postnatal was followed by the second pregnancy, but all this costs of production. Full clinic, I will report on you. I remember to the son was months 7, I thought everything, curtains. Forces is absent, there are no desires, the back place (sorry) does not get into one belonging. And everything wildly irritates, everything enrages, but is could do nothing and there is no wish. I really had thoughts that I was used as a uterus for incubation the child, and now I am necessary to nobody. Already was going to buy the permit to 2 weeks to the sea (the WINTER was), And THERE, I THOUGHT, I will float also god with me. Here so beautifully I represented the leaving. Ganushki, agree. And itself you are wild about the powerlessness, you feel sorry for yourself, you bathe in “grief“. What there sex, what is it? But somehow all by itself was settled. The second time, at first shock, then otkhodnyak, then the pleasure, hopes for bright future became pregnant. In my opinion, the girl should relax, the person - not the car, too recharge is necessary to him. To make toilet - sacred. It is necessary to stop thinking of himself as about a strange being who all the time stays at home and feeds - it is decanted - washes - erases - swings also t. d, etc. It at least - is blasphemous. I was always against nurses, grandmothers, grandfathers, gardens. But only now I understand that I was wildly silly, could do many irreparable things. Forgive, the can a little not in a subject, at all, as they say, but at you, the girl, in my opinion typical fatigue. Try to fall in love with yourself again, and there and interest will come to all the rest.
      of river of s. So I chaotically stated everything, horror, forgive for God`s sake. At the mouth is full of problems. But only now I understand: you will not love yourself itself, nobody will fall in love with you.
      9. 10. 2001 17:24:12, atmis
    • As that on family konfa this business discussed
    • , and there were man`s opinions though not really pleasant to a mother`s ear, but probably actual: not to nurse the child at the husband, not to speak constantly about the child when he calls from work, to tell him something juicy - seksulny, but not as the child peed - pokakat. And still it is useful - to visit for mother the sexy websites, or just to bandy it alone with a computer. And the desire comes, well if there is a desire all this to do......... At me is here it few. I will go to nurse the kid :))))))
      9. 10. 2001 15:30:35, Shanya
    • If the husband does not take part in care of the child, it is necessary to make so that he began to participate in it. Young parents will be able to understand each other better if both represent really, but not from outside what to do and becomes with actually child. Mine before half a year did not approach in general the son, I as the silly woman all. Then just once I will leave with the father under a specious excuse), another, the third. Now he sits as the real nurse. Also understands me, much better than earlier! Only now I want, and he is tired in the evenings:-)
      9. 10. 2001 15:30:8, * the Entertainment
    • all too most was and still (frankly speaking), but noticed here such hogwash - when “I step on a throat to own song“ and I overcome myself, “appetite comes during a meal“ - minutes through 5 - 10 all is already remarkable and I very much want and what we have sex less often, especially irritable and intolerable I become - here such here hogwash: (but, generally, anyway, it is better to wait to the term recommended by the doctor: (
      9. 10. 2001 15:9:36, Sleepy
    • Oh as it is familiar. That I did in due time:
      1. Glycine (it is possible to feed with it)
      2. Heat baths, massage in a bathtub, it is possible aromatic salts (at least 3 times a week).
      3. Filmo / color / fairy tale / girlfriend / other. therapy. Occupations for. Outdoors!!!
      4. Make-ups and personal care (masks, dresses, purchases)
      With a force forced to climb itself in a bathtub, with a scratch put to a mirror and forced will make up when Dimon sapl in the afternoon... well and so forth. But, in a week, all these procedures became a habit, there was at first an interest in other men (Platonic) and then and to the. Especially I recommend to sit where - nibud with the girlfriend (dry white wine 50 gr is possible: - 0) You will not notice as you will miss. And all - the help of relatives with care of the child or the nurse!!!
      9. 10. 2001 14:45:43, * the Entertainment
    • Very much - it is very correct
    • !! It is necessary “to forget“ for a while that you are a mother and to remember that also the woman. And just helps to look after himself :)) And when on the street men begin to look back and get acquainted, at once begin to feel just such sexual :)) Make to a rhyme, different buy creams, cosmetics, clothes... Generally try as if not only there is no child, but also is not married :))
      9. 10. 2001 15:18:7, Talyusha
    • Yes, the first that I made - a hairstyle!!! So my long hair for pregnancy bothered me, gave them a fashionable look, bought (INEXPENSIVE by the way if there are not enough money) the white youth jacket hiding +20 kg after the delivery and feedings and walked with a carriage. Men of boundaries away paid attention, here that also woke up self-respect. “About I is still interesting, and not just in a dressing gown on kitchen I can dissect yes to be decanted!!!“
      9. 10. 2001 15:26:30, * the Entertainment
    • A I, by the way, changed hairdresses of pregnancy of time 4 in time. And a hair color from the blonde, to the brunette and back. All these superstitions that it is impossible to be cut during pregnancy not my bag. I that if the pregnant woman, then has to chmy go? Never it was. We have a Vella salon here - cut perfectly. I already 3 times change the hairstyle though to my boy of 5 months. Always liked to go to a hairdressing salon. And tomorrow I have the next manicure. And I never wear a dressing gown. For the house I prefer free trousers from light denim and a t-shirt or an undershirt.
      9. 10. 2001 16:53:57, Ignatushk
    • Moreover I will add: magazines about motherhood beautiful, useful to look through daily. Emotions - an infectious thing, there happy mothers and from them you get tranquility and happiness a little. Still I advise myself to love more (in different understanding of these words) and to try to leave the house, at least once in a week!!! to the bar, cafe, on a visit...
      9. 10. 2001 14:49:24, * the Entertainment
    • I Can give one more little advice - find to yourself the entertainment (which is not connected with bebiky), slightly - slightly has to help (the husband will irritate less - it is precisely), I here was fond of floriculture, such high.:-)
      Ya still with 2kh Zhenkinykh began to work months at home, it too of course distracts from depressive thoughts.
      9. 10. 2001 20:5:1,

    I everything will be adjusted by Nataly!
    • Was - was. The main thing - not to go in cycles in it, Slowly all desires will return
      9. 10. 2001 14:38:33, Krysik
    • A at me so nearly 10 months. Drink a valerian, the made roots, but not tablets.
      9. 10. 2001 14:37:31, Shanya
    • Well I can tell
    • - the daughter 5. 5, from 2 months I do not nurse, I work (because it is necessary and therefore what to stay at home insufferably for me). BUT - what only thoughts did not arise. even there was a wish to impose hands on itself. horror. But me it is simpler - I do not feed itself, it is so possible soothing to drink a heap. Though Glycine, probably, and it is possible for you. As the doctor told me - it should be worried.
      9. 10. 2001 14:32:19, sek
    • U me too so was. Sobbed all the time, “nobody loved me, I such unfortunate, cut, hurt everywhere, was tired (as option - such heroine, gave birth to it to the child, I look after both the child and the husband)“ etc. Unfortunately, I cannot give any advice. Itself somehow passed. Perhaps just began to concentrate on another - from Sonki I derive enormous pleasure.
      9. 10. 2001 14:30:31, DACHSHUND