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About a shape of a breast after feeding of

the Question of a shape of a breast very much concerns women in situation as, according to many, feeding of the child a breast worsens a shape of mammary glands. It is not absolutely right. When the woman is not pregnant and does not feed, her breast consists generally of fatty tissue. At the beginning of pregnancy it is difficult to foresee what form will be taken by mammary glands after the delivery. The breast increases in sizes during pregnancy 2 times - between 3 and 5 months and between 7 and 9 as fatty tissue of a breast is partially replaced with ferruterous. Then during feeding in the first months the breast increases even due to development and accumulation of milk.

Milk comes for 3 - 10 day after the delivery irrespective of your decision to nurse or not. Usually at the first arrival of milk the breast never increases and stretches as then. If feeding continues more than half a year, then the mammary gland decreases in a size, but milk continues to be produced (the breast at the same time decreases). After the termination of feeding fatty tissue begins to come back gradually and according to the theory through some time the breast has to return to the doberemenny sizes and a state. And if feeding short (less than 6 months) the breast can back not increase.


the Sharp termination of feeding at any age, especially till 6 months moreover with pullings is very badly reflected in a shape of a mammary gland. Pullings of a breast it is also fraught milk zastoyam, mastitis and surgical intervention. At pregnancy and feeding you wear a good cotton bra without stones. Cups of a bra have to fit well mammary glands, without squeezing them at all. It is necessary to change bras in process of increase in the size of mammary glands. However if you have a small breast, the bra can be not worn.

we Will sum up of

the result - what factors which are negatively influencing a shape of a breast:

the set of exercises for pectoral muscles (to which the mammary gland fastens) Exists, however for achievement of effect it is necessary to carry out it even before pregnancy. Creams, even the most expensive, are ineffective in case of genetically put bad elasticity of skin of a breast. It is necessary to tell that many women are happy with a shape of the breast, having stopped feeding. Some of them brought up even several children. Anyway, feeding by a breast, especially competent and long, reduces risk of developing of a breast cancer, and it is considerable plus - better to have other form breasts, than not to have a breast at all. If you are very dissatisfied with a shape of the breast, breastfeeding will help to save to you money for plastic surgery.