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The first snow of

I call Me Natalya, and our daughter - Paul. Long-awaited pregnancy I departed very well, there was an excellent health, remarkable results of analyses. Confused only the fact that the fruit lay legs down. What I only did not do exercise! Nothing helped. And here on the term of 38 weeks doctors persistently suggest to do me operation of Cesarean section. I consulted to mother, girlfriends. All told that I agreed to operation.

U me throughout all pregnancy, and I, having weighed all pros and cons (a floor and weight of a fruit, my health) refused flatly hospitalization and operation.

, understanding that if at the time of delivery something bad happens to the baby, I never it will forgive myself. It was very terrible to make such crucial decision. The first decision in my life which I made not only for myself, but also for yet not born tiny little man.

the Only person who supported me was my husband. He told that as I will adjust myself, so all also will occur.

the first snow went on November 17, 2008... On November 17, 2008 I began fights. Fluffy easy flakes shrouded everything in a lacy cover around. I looked at this ladies` choice dance of the nature from a window of the maternity block, ironed the tummy and asked, probably, even asked, the daughter: “Please, be born as you consider it necessary, the main thing that everything at us passed perfectly“.

here 12 hours of childbirth past

I quickly, and I, contrary to all, itself gave birth to the healthy girl (3100 gr., 52 cm). Childbirth took place perfectly, any patrimonial injuries, any negative emotions! Overflowed me (and now overflows!) pride of itself, of the daughter which did not bring me. To our chamber doctors came from other offices and young mummies to look at the girl who was born legs!

Very soon Polyushke year. Every time when I look at it, I am convinced - everything will turn out! The main thing, it to trust in the lucky star, and it is even more important to believe in himself and in the child!!