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Flowers in our house: how to prolong their life?

We bring a bouquet of flowers to the house... We so want that flowers pleased us as long as possible.

But, unfortunately, cut flowers do not live long. It is connected with the fact that they interrupt a natural vegetative cycle, intake of mineral substances and moisture from the soil through root system stops. This process is irreversible, but it is possible to prolong life of flowers in our house everything - and it is besides very essential. Let`s consider different ways how to keep freshness of cut flowers that they longer pleased us with the beauty.

we Will begin

with the simplest recommendations. When you bear a bouquet home in a winter season, protect it from cold, paper, and it is better a film - so you keep a little heat. Besides, it will help to save it from flaws which constitute considerable danger to gentle stalks and petals. Flowers do not love temperature drops therefore having brought a bouquet of flowers to the house in the winter, put it for some time to rather cool place, for example, a hall that flowers could adapt to new conditions a little. By the way, in a cool flowers stand longer therefore it is one night better to put a vase with the flowers in a cool too.

the Majority of flowers of a tenelyubiva, they badly transfer direct sunshine therefore, please, put a bouquet to the darkened place and, certainly, as it is possible further from batteries and heating devices.

So, the bouquet stood in a cool a little. Now it needs to be unpacked and put in water. There is a popular belief that flowers best of all cost in rain or snow water, but quite comfortably they feel also in usual tap water of room temperature. For flowers it is better for water previously to allow to be defended. Before putting flowers in water, it is necessary to cut off their stalks slantwise. It becomes in order that it was easier for flowers to absorb moisture. Further every day it is recommended to update these cuts, it is better under a water stream. Water in a vase is recommended to be changed every day. For disinfection it is possible to add aspirin to water (1 tablet on 1 liter of water), charcoal pieces, streptomycin (half-tablets on 3 liters of water), vinegar (a tablespoon on three liters of water), lemon acid (2 - 3 grams on water liter). It is possible to change such water a little less often, time in 2 - 3 days.


to interfere with development in water of processes of rotting, it is the best of all to remove the lower leaves at plants. The water, most sensitive to freshness, from all flowers the gerbera is. If you have these flowers, it is necessary especially carefully treats quality of water. For preservation of mineral food of flowers it is possible to add solution of ammonium to water or various top dressing which are on sale in flower shops.

is Also recommended to spray periodically stalks and leaves of plants, but not flowers, in them rotting processes can begin

Should consider that many flowers adversely influence at each other. So, it is impossible to put together roses and carnations. In general it is better to put these flowers separately from others. Lilies and narcissuses also badly get on with other flowers. Very badly lilies of the valley influence other flowers.

the Bouquet staid some time in your house, and flowers began to wither. In such situation it is possible to apply “resuscitation“ measures. Their essence is in expanding vessels of flowers. For this purpose it is necessary to update cuts of plants and for a short time (several minutes) to put them in warm water (about 40 degrees). Stalks and inflorescences of plants need to be sprayed water and to cover flowers with paper. The damp atmosphere under paper will promote revival of flowers.

. Choosing flowers, pay attention to their leaves, they have to be green, fresh, whole, be convinced that on them there are no brown spots and strips. Petals of flowers have to be whole, not tousled, without spots and any damages. Fresh flowers are elastic. Delay a flower petal aside and release it. If it right there accepts a starting position - a flower fresh. Pay attention to flower cuts, they should not be darkened and dried up - it demonstrates to what flowers cut off for a long time.

will be most Longer staid by flowers which buds only began to be dismissed. You should not buy the flowers which already completely blossomed. It is better to choose flowers on which stamens there is no pollen yet. Availability of pollen in flowers - a sign of their full maturing. Fresh buds have to be smooth and elastic. The bud can be squeezed accurately at the basis, at the same time it has to squeak a little. In a winter season it is better not to buy flowers in open tents and “privately“. You can quite buy the frozen flowers which will stay extremely not for long. A characteristic sign of such frozen flower is firm, unpleasant to the touch, often sticky head. Buying roses, pay attention to a bud - its basis has to be firm, and on a flower there has to be “shirt“.“ Shirt“ are external more rough and thick petals which protect a delicate flower of a rose. As a rule, florists delete it directly at the time of sale of flowers.


Choosing a bouquet from lilies, look at buds - they have to be green and not yellow. In flowers of a chrysanthemum there should not be black core. In general, in most cases it is easy to define freshness of a flower visually. In conclusion we want to provide some recommendations about care of the most widespread species of flowers.


Before putting in rose water, from them it is recommended to remove thorns and the lower leaves. Slantwise to cut off stalks, it is desirable to update cuts periodically. The flowers which began to dry up it is possible for 3 minutes after updating of a cut to put in hot water. Do not forget to delete the dried-up leaves.

Tulips in a vase cost

very not for long therefore it is better to buy flowers in buds. The tulips which began to dry up cut off a little and put for several minutes in hot water, previously very densely having wound places of cuts with paper.

Water at chrysanthemums needs to change

not less once a day, and from the lower part of a stalk to remove all leaves. In a vase with orchids water needs to be changed as often as possible. Water has to be warm. Before putting plants in water, stalks of orchids need to be cut off, but absolutely slightly - slightly.

the Gerbera - very delicate flower, when transporting it can easily sustain damage therefore, buying these flowers, they need to be examined carefully. Gerberas need to be cut off only very sharp knife. The damaged fabrics of a stalk of a gerbera interfere with intake of moisture.

of the Tack does not demand special leaving, but before putting it in water, stalks the Bouquet of fresh flowers - fine decoration of any house is recommended to cut off on 2 - 3 cm

. Flowers are capable to create to us good mood, one look they cause the most positive emotions. We hope that these remarkable creations of the nature will stay in your house as long as possible, pleasing with the surprising beauty.