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We prepare for paternity since the birth. Who such children`s andrologist and how to prepare the child for his survey?

Very few people from parents regularly take away the son to the urologist or the andrologist. As a result on the first survey at school age (or even on the first survey in a military registration and enlistment office in 14 years) almost a half of boys has these or those problems of reproductive health.

This problem already became conventional and, for example, in Bashkiria the law doing obligatory annual survey of boys at schools was issued. Other question that, perhaps, there will be no enough competent experts near at hand, but recognition of a problem - already a half of its decision.

the Andrologist, the urologist, the surgeon, the endocrinologist - to you where?

Actually, before recent time even doctors sometimes got up to the deadlock and did not know where to direct the child with this or that problem in the reproductive sphere. Usually everything looked so: sexual development - the endocrinologist, to the varikotsela or fimoz - the surgeon is late. In the last 10 - 15 years more general began to appear “man`s doctors“: andrology (or urologists are andrologists). What do they differ from surgeons, endocrinologists and just urologists in? Andrology - area interdisciplinary.

Reproductive system - piece difficult, it includes many aspects: hormonal, psychological, anatomic. And if the surgeon, for example, or endrokrinolog investigate only “the“ question, then the andrologist will approach a problem more globally, will surely take an interest in a way of life of the patient and will pay attention to the mass of additional indicators - even to sight. If the surgeon`s purpose, for example - to cure the patient, then the andrologist`s purpose - to cure the patient so that he could have in the future children - you feel a difference? Naturally, it is very exciting - to have an opportunity to visit the children`s andrologist. However in those regions where andrologists were not brought yet, it is worth reducing acquaintance at least to the children`s urologist or just the urologist...

To survey it is ready?

As it is better for h2 to prepare the child for survey of the andrologist? It depends, first of all, on age of the boy. Absolutely (till 3 years) no special preparation is required to kids. Certainly, parents those boys who else are not a year old should taking with themselves all that they also so usually take with themselves in policlinic: spare pampers, wet towel wipes, pair of diapers - who knows, than the kid will decide to please the doctor and mother.

it is not obligatory to Wash, rub and polish all malchikovy “personal belongings“ at this age yet: the doctor is interested in a condition of genitals as is. If you go to the doctor with suspicion on dropsy, then try to make an appointment not right after a dream better: the boy has to stay in vertical position, otherwise survey will be not especially informative.

to Children is more senior than

three special physical training too it is not necessary. However at this age the kid already understands that it goes to the doctor and once the kid explains what this doctor specializes in. It is natural if not you explained to the child a structure of genitals of the man, then it is hardly worth doing it now, entering new terms.

will be Enough the fact that you will just tell that this doctor will look whether he is ill the boy “pisya“ (“pisyun“ or “willy“ - as you call it in house conditions) whether correctly the boy looks after her.

Should explain

that all boys and men have to go to this doctor at least once a year - and not because something hurts them, and just in order that was not ill.

Rebyatenka of younger school age can already be explained to

in more detail why go to the andrologist (or to the urologist) and what specifically he is engaged in. You judge - quite perhaps that can already be said also about what depends on a healthy condition of genitals of the boy whether he will be able then to become a father. The boy should suggesting to descend in a shower in day of survey and to tell that it rules of a good form: it cleans teeth before going to the stomatologist? And too it is better to change linen. If you are disturbed by any allocations, then just take shorts with suspicious spots with yourself.

your child is already more senior than 11 - 12 years? If you went to the children`s andrologist every year before, then it will strongly facilitate to you life: you should not persuade the boy to descend to the doctor, it needless to say. If the son has to visit the doctor for the first time (at least, in conscious life) then the considerable preparatory work often is required. Teenagers very often prefer existence of a problem to its publicity in a family and will suffer to the last. At this age boys already perfectly know what they will need their men`s “economy“ for. Even the suspicion on the fact that they have something not so there can cause squall of negative emotions therefore, suggesting the son to visit the doctor, it is necessary to inform very accurately it that you do not doubt that there everything is all right, but the excess confidence will not prevent.


to the son that the doctor should tell everything that disturbs him and if the boy does not want that you at the same time were present - it is not necessary. Let survey and conversation with the andrologist take place in private.

, naturally, if the son himself suddenly asks to allocate for

I it to the doctor, do not tighten with it for a long time, already every other day - two this desire can be gone. Also do not forget before a campaign to the andrologist or the urologist to remind the boy of need to take a shower and to replace linen.