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“New Pearls Coniferous Balm“ are healthy teeth and prevention of ORZ and a SARS of

more and more attention in recent years stomatologists pay to the problem of hygiene of a mucous membrane of an oral cavity and preventive measures directed to prevention of diseases of a parodont. It is caused by the fact that diseases of a parodont - one of the most widespread and difficult pathologies chelyustno - front area.

according to the report of the WHO scientific group in which results of inspection of the population more were collected than fifty countries, the high level of diseases of a parodont is present at all age groups: 55 - 99% among people of 15 - 19 years and 65 - 98% in an age category 35 - 44 years. According to results of numerous researches of the Russian and foreign experts, the most often found pathology of a parodont at young age - gingivit (according to some information it occurs almost at 80% of children), and after 30 years - a periodontal disease.

the Vast majority of diseases of a parodont has inflammatory character. They can develop as under the influence of the local reasons (a state and products of an exchange in a tooth plaque and a dental plaque, the oral cavity factors influencing the pathogenetic potential of microorganisms and products of their exchange, an okklyuzionny trauma, defects of sealing, prosthetics, orthodontic treatment), and owing to joint influence of local and general (endogenous) factors against the changed reactivity of an organism.

Considerable value in this regard is allocated by

also for age changes of fabrics of an oral cavity. As with age the epitelialny layer of a mucous membrane of an oral cavity will atrophy, in a submucous layer elastic fibers disappear, the vaskulyarization of soft fabrics and a bone basis worsens, mucous becomes more sensitive, easily vulnerable that also brings, in turn to diseases of a parodont.

One more important aspect connected with the general condition of a parodont is a role of a mucous membrane of an oral cavity in the general protection of an organism against acute respiratory diseases. Special attention of stomatologists to prevention of ORZ and a SARS which is observed in recent years, is caused, first of all by the fact that incidences of a SARS, responsible for considerable percent, viruses of flu and adenoviruses the easiest and most often get into a human body through a mouth and the top airways.

Universal distribution of these viruses, a high susceptibility to them various age groups of the population, the high speed of a mutirovaniye of viruses of flu and the notable economic damage caused both flu, and adenoviral infections, do especially actual a question of protection of mucous membranes of the top airways and an oral cavity as main gate of an infection and places of preservation of viruses during the latent period. What, in turn, causes importance of use of the toothpastes possessing preventive and anti-inflammatory properties.

the Optimum choice in this context is the “New Pearls Coniferous Balm“ toothpaste. It contains a product, unique on the properties, - curative coniferous a chlorophyll - the karotinovy paste which is a source of a chlorophyll, carotene, vitamins A, D3, K1, K2, E, F. Thanks to it regular use of the “New Pearls Coniferous Balm“ toothpaste leads to reduction of bleeding of gums, strengthening of fabrics of a parodont and promotes prevention of diseases of soft fabrics of an oral cavity. Also this paste has the deodorizing and wound healing effect. In addition the calcium necessary for strengthening of enamel of teeth and protection against caries is its part. The researches conducted by GU of scientific research institute of Flu of the Russian Academy of Medical Science on model of cellular cultures * prove that regular use of the “New Pearls Coniferous Balm“ toothpaste allows to reduce infectious activity of a virus of flu by 4 time, a herpes virus by 4 time, adenovirus (ORZ, a SARS) by 3 times.

Thus, it is possible to claim that the “New Pearls Coniferous Balm“ toothpaste possesses the increased bactericidal action and makes the general preventive impact on teeth and gums.

* Studying of antiviral activity of the “New Pearls Coniferous Balm“ toothpaste on model of actual viruses of flu of the person, viruses of herpes and adenovirus in culture of cages (St. Petersburg, December, 2007).

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