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Creative ideas for the kid of

All of us, parents and teachers, would like to see the children the happy, emotionally successful, successful in affairs, study, versatily developed, say, interesting persons. And the interesting personality is knowing, self-assured and the abilities, constantly developing person. In formation of such personality a considerable role is played by the fine arts.

All remember

how kids draw. This entertaining show. The little artist all in the power of inspiration, he leans a stomach on a table, his all eyes are attracted to drawing in which there is a wonderful world. Language as if to it it is curious, continually leans out. There is no grief if paint soiled a table, hands, clothes - art demands the victims. But here kids become more senior, and everything comes to an end. One of ten remembers, no more, from time to time paints. The former enthusiasm disappears somewhere. In what here business? Small children are inclined to drawing, and children are more senior is not present, except for gifted. They see imperfection of the drawing and we, adults, constantly we speak to them about it:“ What is it? it is not similar At all. You not so draw“. Children understand what at them cannot be drawn as they at artists, and cease. And if to tell each child that he is talent, the genius, to help, then will begin to draw many. Not all will become professional painters and it and it is not necessary. But they will love and understand art.

Tutors of our kindergarten use nonconventional graphic equipment which helps to improve creative abilities of the child.

Develop imagination of the children you can by means of joint activity, using types nonconventional the technician.

Drawings - invisible beings

Prepare for

white paper and a brush, pour in a milk saucer. Ask the kid to draw something, using milk instead of paints. When it dries, drawing will disappear. How now to learn what is drawn on a sheet of paper? For this purpose it is enough to iron paper the iron or to take it over the included desk lamp. Now it is possible to exchange confidential drawings with all family members. Received the secret message always it is interesting to learn what hides a clean sheet of paper.


Cover the sheet of dense paper or a white cardboard with wax. For this purpose just rub it with a candle. Then apply a layer of black paint on wax - gouache best of all will approach. Now give to the kid a pen with an empty core or a wooden stick with the ground end. Let it will scratch any image on wax. As a result the picture very similar to an engraving will turn out.

the Puncher instead of a brush

Appears, and by means of a puncher it is possible to make the interesting picture. Give to the kid a puncher and the sheet of white paper.

Let he will make by

several openings randomly or in some certain order. Show how it is possible to receive symmetric holes, having put a leaf several times. Now paste the punctured leaf on color paper. By means of multi-colored pencils it is possible to finish the picture.

the Motley mosaic

Collect by

more small objects: coins, buttons, counters from dominoes, etc. Prepare white and color paper, a leaf of a cardboard, scissors and glue. At first the kid has to think up that he wants to represent and to make a suitable background on a cardboard. Help it with it. For example, below paste white paper - snow, and from above blue - the sky. Now it is possible to start composition. Here the path - counters from dominoes runs, and in the sky the sun - a copper coin with beams from yellow beads shines. There is a person made of buttons and the house is under construction of matches. After the first experiences it is possible to fill with a mosaic all picture, without leaving a background. Let the kid think out new compositions and uses unusual materials.

the Paraffin pencil

Prepare for

a paraffin candle, a water color, paper and a brush. Grind a candle as a pencil. Let the kid will draw with a paraffin pencil on paper some picture. Nothing is visible? Now will be put a water color to use. Let`s the child paint over paint all leaf. Advise it to use more different flowers. That for a miracle! On a color background initial drawing acted. Why? Explain to the kid.

the Recipe of finger-type paints

to Mix

the mixer of 0,5 kg of flour, 5 tablespoons of salt, 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil and water, to concentration of dense sour cream, then to pour the received weight in separate jars, to add food dye (beet or carrot juice as option - Easter sets), to mix to homogeneous mass.

Potato stamps

Cut potatoes in half. On a cut cut out some geometrical figure - a circle, a square, a triangle or even the little man. Perhaps the kid will think up still something interesting. In superficial trays dissolve paints of different flowers. Prepare paper. And now show to the child how to do prints on paper, dipping a stamp into paint and putting it to paper. Let the kid will give vent to the imagination. Perhaps at it the ornament, maybe, a household sketch will turn out, and it is possible, and the cubist`s picture.

the Recipe of the salty test

to Take

1 glass of flour, 3/4 glasses of salt, 5 tablespoons of vegetable oil, slightly - warmish water, also everything is a little starch to mix. For color it is possible to use gouache, beet or carrot juice. To dissolve salt in the minimum quantity of water and to add to dough. To store dough in the refrigerator in closed bank, it is possible to use it repeatedly. That the figures made of such test hardened, it is necessary to put them in a cold oven, to bake on average fire. It is possible to paint and varnish the cooled-down figures.