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We will surely cope

We with the husband in marriage 4 years. Very much wanted the child and as tried, nothing was impossible. And so it turned out that in day of death of the father of my husband I learn that I am pregnant (was already 7 - I am week of pregnancy), and the ultrasonographer with confidence told that we will have twins. To happiness there was no limit.

All pregnancy took place

perfectly, there was no toxicosis, felt perfectly. The only thing, it should be noted that I very strongly grew fat, to 30 - y to week I gained already 30 kg and weighed 110 kg.

On 31 - y to week I get up in the morning a bit earlier since it was necessary to descend to the doctor, and I see that under me a small pool. If it is honest, did not even understand what is it that happened to me at night. And was going to policlinic and when came, at last understood that at me waters began to leak slowly. The doctor at once called “ambulance“, and I was brought in 15 - y maternity hospital. In maternity hospital 3 days thought that with me to do. To keep pregnancy or to give birth. Most to give birth or “Caesarian“. At last the chief physician decided that it is necessary to operate. I could not believe that I already the other day will give birth to children, absolutely tiny. Believed, of course, that everything will be good, but the mood was not, constantly cried, ate nothing all these 3 days.

I here, at last, in the morning on December 10, 2008 me is conducted to the operating room. All fear of operation which was all 30 weeks of pregnancy disappeared somewhere, I did not worry about myself absolutely if only with children there was all an order. Operation took place successfully: at 11:09 got Yaroslav and at 11:10 Vladislav. During operation I was in consciousness, the anesthesiologist told that children were got, I thought that to me they will be shown or at least I will hear shout or crying, but nothing it was, on my numerous questions answers were not, I was just cut down a sleeping pill dose. I regained consciousness already in postoperative chamber, at once called the midwife to learn how my babies. The answer was is as follows:“ Children were born 1,530 kg and 40 cm, 1,540 kg and 41 cm, now are in reanimation“. More than any answers to my questions I could not receive... In what they a state, whether all as it should be? I was not told anything. The next morning I asked mother and the husband to arrive and talk to a children`s reanimator since to come and tell me that with children, it had no time. Relatives told me, as the doctor told nothing to them since he has no time. In the same day I also decided that it is necessary to rise and go most to reanimation. In my situation it, of course, was problematic. It was very sick to rise after operation, especially to go. But the horror was that children`s reanimation was on the 4th floor, and I lay on the first, and elevators, strangely enough, was not. Therefore my way to reanimation took exactly 30 min.

But not this the most terrible, the most awful was when from the doctor of reanimation I heard the following:“ Children are in very serious condition. At both boys hypostasis of a brain and pneumonia, at one threat of a cerebral hemorrhage, at another hemorrhage of the II degree, both lie in couveuses, one boy breathes itself, and another on artificial ventilation of lungs“. I do not know how I could endure, listen to it and just not faint. The doctor suggested to pass in reanimation and to visit them. Kids could be touched, stroked. Honestly, I could not, was afraid to touch, disturb to them once again. They lay such tiny, such thin (well just transparent), appear, that they just of the size of a palm. Only then, next day, I understood how I am necessary to them as kids need mother`s touches and mother`s support. I do not know how I this day returned to the chamber back (the state was awful).

Me was cut away soothing because I had the real hysterics, I could not calm down and get it together. Then, when drugs worked, it was necessary to report about everything to the husband (who apprehended information as a real man and in every possible way tried to support me). It was more difficult to report about all to my mother. When I called mother, she could not talk to me because, having pumped up soothing and somnolent, she lay also with a hysterics. It turned out when I asked to learn mother and the husband about a condition of my children, the resuscitator told everything to them, and they just could not report to me about it. Wanted that I departed from operation (they did not think that I will jerk in reanimation at once).

could Visit children every day on 2 times. It was very terrible to go there since from the doctor I heard only bad news: at first he said to me that they can not survive, then, when threat of life did not become any more, he said that they can lag behind in development very strongly. Well, constantly kept me in a tone. In maternity hospital, of course, it was very heavy, I could not calm down, constantly cried. With me in chamber two girls at whom children were born the dead therefore it was absolutely sad lay. Every day I prayed for recovery of the children. Mother constantly went to church, but for them could not put a candle since they are not baptized.

For the 10th day me was written out. It should be noted that for these 10 days because of nerves I dumped 20 kg.

of One child was transferred already to the 13th hospital, and from another waited when he, at last, is able to breathe. And when it occurred, it was transferred to the same hospital too. In the 13th hospital very good pediatrician Marina Viktorovna got to us. It - that just also put me in order, having told that I should not worry so and cry constantly that kids it feel that everything with them will be as it should be, as not such pulled out.

I here the whole month of the child were in hospital, I did not nurse since, naturally, after such experiences milk just was not. Every day I came to them and spent with them almost all day. There passed pneumonia, the cerebral hemorrhage began to resolve, hypostases passed too. Kids were transferred from couveuses to beds, now I could hold them on hands, feed itself from small bottles (but not in a nose through a probe as it was earlier), to swaddle, wash away and bathe in a tray. They began to grow well fat. And then I was pleased that it is possible to be written out. It was necessary only to make tests and to pass the oculist. Analyses were good. And here oculist...

Again hysterics. Again soothing. Again it is necessary to call mother who waits for us the house when everything is already ready to arrival of kids. This day we made the decision to christen children directly in hospital that it was possible to pray for them and to put candles for their health.

it Turned out p that children have an awful illness - a retinopathy premature 3 - y degrees. Heard the first time about this illness. The doctor recommended to esteem about all this on the Internet, and itself told that huge probability that children can lose sight absolutely. It is necessary to be operated urgently. At first Yaroslav, then Vladislav. Next day transfused to Yarik blood before operation since hemoglobin was lowered. Then operation which lasted 40 min. In these 40 min. I thought that I will go crazy, sitting in a corridor: was afraid not so much of operation how many the general anesthesia, the boy still such tiny, only 2 kg. Then there were an anesthesiologist and the oculist, on hands bore a tiny little body, told that operation took place successfully, in a week will operate Vladika. Breathed sigh of relief and waited for week, then endured the same once again. And then and once again. It turned out that to Yarik operation becomes in 2 stages. So there passed a month more. And here, at last, we are written out, having registered at the same time eye drops.

At last houses, nothing is already terrible. It is quieter and more reliable than the house. Sleepless nights as children did not sleep at night in general began. With mother were on duty in 2 changes, she came from morning for all day a bit earlier, and I took up at night. Every month went to Institute of eye diseases of Helmholtz to our doctor - the oculist Olga Aleksandrovna. It constantly kept us in a tone, saying that to rejoice early that the sight loss percent is too big. Appointed different drops, were treated by the laser.

Now to us 11 months, at Yarik it seems everything is good, and here Vladik has consequences after operation - short-sightedness and squint. So we are such crumbs still, but already wearing spectacles. Olga Aleksandrovna says that she will do everything possible to put eyes exactly and to return to the kid 100% sight, and we trust her.


But me it seems that it is already such nonsense, in comparison with what I and my children had to endure. Therefore we will surely cope.