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Having woken up in the morning, the child cannot look without tears at light. He rubs eye hands, complains that they itch, hurt, it is difficult to open them. It seems that the son or the daughter had a serious problem - conjunctivitis.

of an Eye at the child the - the reddened, edematous eyelids, red streaks on proteins as though he cried all night long look patients. Having delayed a lower eyelid, you see that the mucous membrane (conjunctiva) covering from within got a reddish shade too, became edematous. Now the most important - without wasting in vain time, as fast as possible to find an etiology.

Virus, bacterial, allergic

Suspects № 1: viruses. They leave thin white or grayish plenochka under centuries and in internal corners of eyes from within. If besides the child is shivering, from a nose flows in three streams, the throat and a stomach hurt, most likely, conjunctivitis and a general malaise are caused by adenoviral infection. Pay attention - at such eye pathology at first the mucous membrane of one eye, and then painful feelings of a voznikayuta in the second inflames.

Suspects № 2: bacteria. Plentiful muddy allocations flow down too much centuries on the person, shrink on eyelashes and stick together them among themselves so that it is difficult to open eyes in the morning. It happens at bacterial conjunctivitis.


the Important point - the inflammation is started anew in one eye, and then can extend to another. But it is possible to prevent it! Do not allow the child to touch a sore eye, to wipe a scarf, and then to touch healthy. Then, perhaps, inflammatory process will be limited to only one eye and will not pass to the second.

of Allocation both at virus, and at bacterial option can be poor - they crowd at an internal corner of an eye in the form of a purulent lump. But even at poorly expressed symptoms not to do without treatment (it the oculist will appoint).


: both viral, and bacterial conjunctivitis is very infectious. If someone from family members had these infections, they can be transmitted to the child through dirty hands, a towel, a handkerchief and other objects of personal hygiene. Track that the son or the daughter did not use things of the sick member of household at all.

Suspects № 3: allergens. Gentle children`s eyes react conjunctivitis to many substances. For example, on the industrial emissions and exhaust gases polluting air on pollen of some plants, medicine, house dust, hair of animals, down, a feather, means of household chemicals, mother`s cosmetics, hairspray...

For allergic conjunctivitis of a harakterena a severe itch in eyes and plentiful dacryagogue. It can sharply proceed from five days to two weeks, and then passes. But at continuous contact with allergen an inflammation of a conjunctiva of a zatyagivayetsyan years, passing into a chronic form.

Chronic allergic conjunctivitis is very artful by

. It conducts the hidden subversive activities against organs of vision as practically does not cause trouble to the school student, creating visibility of full wellbeing. Only sometimes there is a feeling that as if the mote got into an eye and so there and remained. Take this symptom seriously and surely consult the child at the expert!

But at first check the suspicions. It can be made and independently. Delay edge of a lower eyelid of the child and look how his wrong side looks. If it uneven, is covered a set of small small knots of the size of a prosyany kernel, the so-called “symptom of frog caviar“ is available. It is characteristic of chronic conjunctivitis.

of Any amateur performance!

Having established to

a presumable cause of illness, hurry up with the child to the doctor behind confirmation of the guess. Do not apply any bandages the inflamed children`s eyes at all - so you only aggravate illness symptoms!

On own initiative do not apply eye drugs. Do not dig in solution of a sulfatsil of sodium which is often stored in the home first-aid kit “just in case“. Many children react to it an allergy as, however, and to other drops especially as other of them contain antibiotics. Provide responsible business of treatment to the oculist, and add the therapy appointed by it with house means. About them conversation ahead.

the Procedural office

the Doctor appointed by

eye drops. Many of them let out in convenient bottles with a special dropper in a cover. But sometimes medicine is packed up in usual bubbles with rubber or plastic traffic jams. On this case get 3 - 5 eye pipettes with the rounded-off ends.

Lower pipettes in cold water, bring to boiling, sterilize 5 - 10 minutes, and then place in a small glass with pharmaceutical solution of boric acid, having shipped in it only the glass end of “tool“. Cover a glass with a pure gauze.

unintentionally not to injure eyes, never use pipettes with the extended “nose“ (they are intended only for a nose and ears!) or with the beaten-off end. As drops for eyes need to be stored in the dark and cool place, before the use take a bottle in a hand of 3 - 5 minutes to warm to body temperature.

  • Wash up hands with soap. Seat the child on a chair and ask not to spin. If he very much is nervous and can move at the responsible moment, let someone from adults will take it on knees and will hold hands.
  • Put the left hand on a forehead to the patient and slightly throw back his head. Ask to open widely eyes and to look in a ceiling.
  • Delay a lower eyelid of the child the left hand, and right squeeze out in an internal corner of an eye or on the middle of the delayed century exactly one drop. Not two, not three and not five because excess liquid by all means will flow out and can provoke allergic reaction of surrounding skin. From one drop of eyes “leaves“ 40 - 50% of medicinal substance, and it is quite enough for treatment.
  • Digging in medicine, do not concern neither a century, nor eyelashes a tip of a plastic dropper or a pipette not to bring an infection!
  • Upon termination of procedure ask the child that he whenever possible did not blink, did not blink and did not close eyes. Let will take its opened at least minute that drops did not flow out. Blot surplus of medicine with a pure gauze napkin.
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eye ointment. She is in jars and tubas. In a tuba, of course, it is more convenient to use, here procedure is rather simple.

  • Having washed up hands with soap, delay a lower eyelid of the child the left hand, and right squeeze out a little ointment on his middle.
  • Then ask to close an eye and very gently massage eyelids a piece of a pure gauze that ointment was evenly distributed on an eyeball surface.

With ointment in a jar, especially if it was done in a drugstore to order, several other history. In this case will be required “appendix“: 3 - 5 glass eye sticks. Boil them 10 - 15 minutes. They can be stored in the home first-aid kit, but then before each procedure of a stick it is necessary to sterilize.

  • Wash up hands. Scoop a little ointment the wide end of a stick. Delay a lower eyelid of the child the left hand, and right by means of a stick apply ointment on a mucous membrane.
  • Ask to close an eye and only after that take a stick!
  • Slightly massage close eyelids a piece of a pure gauze.
the Doctor appointed by

eye trays. Buy in a drugstore a special beaker for water procedures, boil 5 - 10 minutes and fill with medicine which was recommended by the oculist, almost to the edge.

  • Ask the child to incline slightly the head forward and press a tray to the person so that the eyeball plunged into solution.
  • Let holds eyelids opened and periodically blinks - so an eye will be better washed by solution.

procedure Time - 5 minutes.