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As how our children read? The Writer Pyotr Andreevich Pavlenko told

once: “In time the read book - a great fortune. It is capable to change life as the best friend or the mentor will not change it“, and Lev Nikolaevich Tolstoy told the following about books:“ Distinction between poisons material and intellectual that the majority of poisons material are opposite on taste poisons intellectual in the form of bad books, unfortunately, are often attractive“.

So, it is necessary to read, but it is legible and is thoughtful. We know it since the childhood. Many of us never learned rules of Russian, but know how to write this or that word. Taught it us books. Someone from us is able to speak beautifully and convincingly, but did not finish oratorical courses. Taught it us books.

In my opinion, the good book can take and force to worry much rather, than the most colourful and interesting movie. A lot of things are forgotten over the years, but the evenings spent with Bradbury, Nabokov or Krapivin, I remember quite brightly. Books are really learned, force to build locks in the head and to draw in detail faces... In a word, books - it is fine.

However we grew up, and we had children. Whether they will read? And if yes, what to palm off on them in rainy evening or in days of a slight cold? Of course, we somehow will answer these questions and we will choose some books. But children grow and learn to make own decisions. Also accept. Over time they choose books and their quantity in own life.

to what I all this tell

K? Until your children do not grow to favourite authors and shelves in libraries, cultivate in them good taste. Show the best that was written, the best of what you once read. Having good reader`s taste, your son or the daughter in the future will never read boring and dull literature. And it, believe, will make them only better.

But let`s look at

on children present, and ours, and others. What do they read? In what quantity? A lot of things changed in recent years.

I in this area at us, it appears, the problem ripened. Due to quite unstable economy, not all families can buy new books, but libraries receive quite poor replenishments. I will not give figure here, however, I will tell that the most part of library books became simply outdated, it is difficult for our children to understand pioneer romanticism and values of children which grew many years ago at absolutely other system. So, without having an opportunity to buy good books what alternatives our children have?

Internet. Today it is possible to find a huge number of books in the Internet for every taste. But reading from the monitor differs from reading the shabby paper book. Besides, exactly in our country the percent of the people using the Internet is yet not so great. TV. Mass media though have not a direct bearing on books, are, nevertheless, alternative to reading. I think, many readers will agree that it is not healthy at all. Looking in the TV, it is not necessary to think.

However a certain part of children, of course, reads

. But what?

As you understand

, at every time the heroes. On the one hand it is logical and positive, with another - is sad. Times happen very different, heroes - too. Now children have other heroes. There were absolutely new genres which if were earlier, then not in such look and quantity. Novels for girls, children`s detectives, children`s a fantasy... Of course, Harry Potter is closer to our children, than the Uncle Stepa. But I am not inclined to consider that it is the tragedy. Read less - it is the fact. But also now there are widely-read children loving classics. Someone like “Scarlet sails“ to this day or steeps in Jules Verne.

Before to write this small and indistinct sketch, I was run on the Internet, read a number of articles. It is a lot of criticism. Abuse the state. Abuse mass media. Shake by statistics. That... Problems really are. But many draw conclusions incorrect. Therefore I will just repeat that, wrote above: your children will be such what you will make them. They will keep up to date, get under influences, but in them there will always be what was put by you. Accustom the child to read since small years, palm off on him interesting adventures, open for him a fantasy - surely it will be pleasant to him. There are things which will never die.