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To live or not to live?

It happened to 2000. I then studied on a third year, and no children even in thoughts existed. Approximately in a year before it I endured “personal tragedy“ - I was thrown by my darling who at the same time was “the best man around the world“.

Parting took

hard and long. Then somehow I was acquainted with the young man who was called Zhenya. The young man was very nice, very serious and very responsible. Serious minus in my opinion was the fact that he studied all at the first year, was nearly two years younger than me and is 40 centimeters higher (I am the 156th cm, and it 196). But it was also very persistent. And therefore in 2 months after acquaintance we already began to live together, that is sometimes spent the night together at me in the room in the hostel. Though that, the best, I still also remembered, but with Zhenka was so quiet... We did not plan children, and, certainly, were protected.

I here, I remember, the thought comes to my mind once: “And something does not begin long ago“. I decided that some sore, maybe, was chilled very strongly. Went to the doctor. The doctor looked, told that it is unclear what, but definitely not pregnancy. Sent for ultrasonography. Could make ultrasonography only in a week. And on ultrasonography I was told that it is precisely pregnancy and that it is possible to become pregnant, being even protected.

I left policlinic on wadded legs, sat down on a bench, long sat and thought of all reasons for which I (well in any way!) I cannot leave the child. In - the first, I live in Siberia, and my parents and all relatives in the Crimea, and nobody will help me. In - the second, with Zhenka we a family did not plan and not especially - that I him and loved (it seems). In - the third, I had problems with the passport (there was a passport of the Russian sample, but without nationality, and I without results tried to resolve about a year this issue). In - the fourth, Zhenya`s parents did not transfer me to spirit because they are Muslims, and I did not want to accept Islam. Well and still any trifles (there is no money, there will be no place to live etc.). I listed myself these problems, listed, but felt that I will not be able just to make abortion.

Came home. What to do - I do not know, Zhenka is absent, there is no wish to think of anything. Then there is everything - one thought: “Oh, and a post - that can and be not held now, it seems it is possible for pregnant women“. So got meat, prepared, I sit - I eat. Mine comes “the second half“:“ And what you meat burst? You said that you will hold a post up to the end“. Without raising eyes and feeling as inside everything contracts, I answer:“ It is possible for pregnant women“. And right there in tears.

Then I watch

at Zhenka, I see that at him in the opinion of a tear... And reaches me that I love this man, this child and at the same time and the whole world around myself. And in general: it is happy finally and irrevocably.

Then was many

of everything. I called parents and told everything. They at once told that we came, and there already we will think up something. But I was not let out from the Russian Federation from - for problems with the passport. His father stole my distressful passport, wrote on me the application to the militia that I stole its videorecorder. Then I was asked from the hostel when I took the academic vacation.

Zhenka left the house. I remember, 2 weeks to us were no place to live, and we spent the night at friends, in unfinished little shop to which building Marrying earned additionally. Then we spent our last, “unchangeable“ anniversary 10 rubles for a package of gingerbreads. Ate these gingerbreads and were madly happy. Next day Zhenka was expelled from building together with all their crew and not paid kopeks. And evening of the same day absolutely unexpectedly offered my darling very good work. Acquaintances lent us money, and we could rent apartment. In a month my problems with the passport were solved at last, I obtained citizenship, and we could get married. And in 2 months I gave birth absolutely remarkable, charming and in general to the very best best daughter!! Our Daisy!

University all of us - both finished

. And Zhenya managed to study up on internal, combining with work. Now I have a remarkable family, and I am happy that I did not make then for the daughter the decision: “not to live“. And precisely I know that the person can take out all tests that God sent him!