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The miracle birth step by step of

I Wake up on Saturday August 2 early in the morning, mood excellent, heat, the sun shines, in the sky cloudlets, birdies sing... Grace! Only I feel, the stomach aches a bit a little (and that is not strong, and slightly pobolit and releases). But getting awfully hungry. At breakfast mentioned to mother about the events. And she speaks: “You have fights! Urgently call the doctor!“ I did not believe (term to me put somewhere in a week), but just in case called. And doctor:“ Probably, all - false, but if in an hour do not pass, come“.

In this hour I managed to bathe, brush the hair, make up, to pack things though I for the present up to the end was not sure that I give birth. And in parallel continued to eat everything, as a result ate sandwiches of pieces 12 (probably, would eat more, but all cheese reached a limit), at last has a really good time, and that the last three weeks very strongly gained weight (my personal record - 2 kg in three days), it was necessary to control each piece not to “ring out“ in a hospital, and time it is already necessary to go to maternity hospital, it is possible to dare horoshenechko to regale, nobody any more for an increase will manage to scold.

Well, went... We come, I was defined in prenatal, I wait when I am looked by the doctor, with me in chamber all lie and groan, are dripping with sweat, I observe all this as though I watch film, I cannot understand and experience the moment yet. Here at last and I was led on a chair to look. Look, speak: “Yes you, madam, give birth! Hour through one and a half you will give rise!“ And I answer: “So absolutely it is almost not sick“. “Wait, - “calm“ me, - it is not over yet. Now everything will be!“

it was already absolutely sick with

In 20 minutes. So what I even asked: “And maybe, Caesarian we will make? Suddenly will not creep?“ And doctors exchanged winks and smiled, answering: “Of course, we will surely make“. So I lay even the whole hour (and it seemed to me that I kiss eternity), every minute “tormenting“ doctors with a question: “Well, it is already possible to go to give birth?“ They every time answered:“ Wait even minutes five“.

At last allowed to be relocated by

in patrimonial. I do everything as the midwife speaks. It is not terrible at all, such feeling that I take some responsible examination or the standard for physical culture.

Here head, and then and all the rest. As it is curious... Dear mummies, do not narrow eyes at all, pass the most interesting! And the umbilical cord, appears, such rigid - rigid and is similar to a braid... That`s all behind, now I begin to feel that actually very much it is even sick. But for the sake of such miracle it is possible to bear anything!!

For the present lay in patrimonial, managed to ring round all family and girlfriends, to share the feelings overflowing me. I could fall asleep this night, on the contrary, d not there was a wish rise and flit as a butterfly (though till the morning everything is it was necessary to lie down). Soon to me in chamber brought my small treasure. In a diaper it was similar to a white krevetochka. Soon the nurse came to show how it is correct to swaddle. Developed a diaper, and here I for the first time properly could consider my daughter. A marigold as though with fresh the service jacket - manicure, long, an almond-shaped form fashionable now (it is a pity, it is necessary to cut them at home), and volosik is a lot of, and they black - black! Oh, take care, boys in children`s office!

we were already at home

In five days, and it became possible to dress up the baby in beautiful baby`s undershirts and shtanik, and to swaddle only in rare instances.

A the most unforgettable process is, of course, feeding by a breast. And, when the break between feedings was slightly more, than usually, therefore, in a breast more milk collected, at the baby was cunning - prekhitry expression on a face as though she thought: “And you also do not suspect that to me got big and hard “sisya“, and I will take now and I will drink all milk!“

So day after day there came the moment when the daughter learned to sit, then to creep, rise and slowly to go (the truth, with the mother`s help so far). Enriched a diet with any vkusnyatinka (cottage cheese, fruit puree, hlebushka most of all pleased), endured the problems connected with the first inoculations and emergence of the first zubik.


to us executed Recently year. Sometime my daughter will grow up and too she will become a mother, and now not the baby any more - the baby, and the most real little princess!