Rus Articles Journal

Verses for beloved children of

the Favourite doll

the Doll darling
Are at me.
the Gentle name it was Given, loving.

are played Together by us,
Together we sleep,
Together we walk
And we eat porridge.

in the Morning we cheerfully
Together get up,
With a tender song
we do Plaits.

Teeth cleaned, -
In a mirror a look.
But whether not to try on
the New dress?

Two identical
Dresses to the person.
Shoes varnish
Knock on a porch.

Mother us with a doll
In a garden conducts

. my Christina
mother calls Me br.

Lovely pillow

Here my girlfriend,
Lovely pillow.
Very much I love it
And with anybody I will not divide.
Soft, convenient,
Cheerful and rich.
color dreams
As the fantastic country
Slowly leave it
And about the house wander. Asterisks in the sky
Highly burn with br, Tomorrow morning early It is necessary for br in kindergarten...
For now with a pillow
we Will sleep tight, That It was easy over us to dreams to fly.

the good act

Ya thought, this overindulgence,
Having heard “tuk - tuk - tuk!“ .
I a door opened - there nobody!
, From where this knock?

Or perhaps it seemed to me?
Or the neighbor knocks? For a book shelf in a wall
It a hole hollows br?

Is not present

, this is at all not the neighbor,
And a sound not of the hammer...
I Will go - to the room to myself,
I Will listen so far.

Recently the father me bought

the Toy chest,
With pirates by the sea floated - whether
in it this knock?

Perhaps, the skeleton terrible there
stores Treasures?
Or a ghost many years
Chains rattle there?

I, shivering, from a chest
I began to look for keys.
Suddenly I see: klyuviky slightly
the Baby bird knocks on a window!

this knock,
It with the last bit of strength is more and more silent than

... my Downy new friend
About the help asked br.

Ya quickly cracked a window, -
It to the room flew.
And in a moment everything was solved:
He to me sat down on a shoulder.

Ya it is careful took in palms
the Living being,
Warmed (it was sleepy and sluggish)
its heat.

Then water gave to drink
And crumbs of bread gave.
Here my baby bird opened eyes,
began to Chirp shy.

later a song started singing

“Fyyu - fyyu, fyyu - fyyu, fyyu - Phil!“
Considerably it became cheerful
And fluffed up feathers.

But what farther to do to us?
I Brought together “council“.
Friends - “pirates“ from the yard
Thought up the answer.

the Baby bird let will live in a cage
Till next spring.
it Will get stronger and will grow up
On pleasure to all family.

Then a chest piracy mine
On a tree we will beat

the Nesting box in the early spring -
to the Baby bird the cozy house.

So together a birdie we rescued
With the company of friends.
Togo who is weak you warm
with Heat of the soul!