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The main thing that during week-end all found rest in a family to liking of

the Idea of saturated days off came to our family when our oldest daughter Dashenka, then still only, bravely transferred adaptation to kindergarten. To it then was 1 year 8 months. We were so glad for it, are glad that all those troubles which happen when accustoming to a garden did not concern us, were just grateful to the daughter for it! Also there was an idea to give our girl a gift in the first days off - to go on color and musical fountains. And on the second days off - to go to circus. On the third the daughter already herself asked where we will go this time. Somehow at once it became a habit.

besides already whole year we on days off went

to the pool therefore as soon as it opened after summer vacation, the issue was resolved at once what to begin the second day of days off with. Also put even not in us, parents. Matter in cheerfulness and constant activity of our girl. If we suddenly stay at home, something did not develop or someone suddenly got sick, - Dashenka can sustain houses no more than one day, “the pricker in a bottom“ calls somewhere.


In a year after that at us gave birth one more little girl. Ladushka is absolutely another. In comparison with the madcap - senior, this is the little lady. It since a year goes, gently wagging buttocks. And having for the first time dressed up platyishko, at once undertook a short skirt and it began to be turned. And still younger not strongly likes to go somewhere, does not love when there are a lot of people around. She likes to play the gathering toys and to draw everywhere bright felt-tip pens. For it the main thing that mother or the father sat next.

Therefore our active days off and remained a prerogative of mother and senior daughter while the father who likes to podomovnichat and sit in silence in perfect harmony from little Ladochkaya manages at home.

Ya I think that a secret of successful rest in it: when well to everyone in a family, it is not important how they pass, actively or not too, are remembered or not. Sometimes I take away both little girls, and we for all day leave on a visit that our father who one works hard many years and earns from us four could have a rest in the simple silence. And the father gathers and leaves to walk with little girls that I could just roll about on a sofa with the book.


only that our grandmothers and grandfathers live far from us. But with the husband we got used to rely only at each other. Also you how many pleasure was when on our wedding anniversary friends presented us an opportunity to descend on a concert and just to stay together with the husband would know. It appears, it is possible to spend days off and so, and we already forgot about it.

Now to Dasha nearly 4 years. Every Saturday in the mornings she does rhythmic gymnastics, and we from little Ladochkaya walk under windows of her sports school. Then I make a lunch, Dasha often asks to help me. Saturday evening is usually devoted to friends, we visit or we call them to ourselves. Early Sunday morning the cape Dasha we go to the pool. Usually there cool, even cold water, our father stopped visiting the pool from - for waters, and it is pleasant to the daughter and to me will not prevent to cheer up.


For Sunday evening usually plan something like attractions, park or circus, it is possible in a zoo, on exhibitions some, generally, that is suitable in our city. And to such an extent all this became a habit that at non-compliance with ritual it is possible to receive such skulezh from Dasha that will - bondage you begin to think out something. Perhaps, I and the husband are guilty of it. Especially I. I am not able to have a good time with children of the house. All occupations bother for everyday evenings...