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Our small Miracle of

“our Miracle“ - so we with the father call the sonny Ruslanchik. In memory memories of our first acquaintance to it are still fresh. It happened on the fifth month of pregnancy in an ultrasonography office. There we with the father for the first time learned that we will have a boy. Our pleasure was not a limit. From the monitor screen our kid waved to us with the handle and turned over from the head on legs. So we nicknamed its “shustriky“.

Pregnancy proceeded easily, all of us looked forward to the birth of our sonny. The name was chosen long before childbirth and could not come to a consensus in any way, there were several options. Then I solved: “Here the kid will be born, I will look at him and I will call!“ So there was our Ruslanchik.

Ruslanchik grows at the healthy, kind, tender, clever boy. It seems, yesterday we only waited for emergence of the first tooth, the first steps, the first word “mother“, the first birthday...

Every day it learns something new. Ruslan very much likes to go to kindergarten, to play with children, there it had first friends: Danis, Shamil, Petya, Katya.

Ruslan very inquisitive boy. Is not tired to ask us questions: “And what for? And why? And where?“ And then in a garden it shares the knowledge with friends. Every morning he tries to bring the latest news in collective, for example: “And on the street a rain! There will be a winter soon! Look how I was tonsured!“

He very much likes to read to

books, knows many poems, likes to sing songs, such as “A baby mammoth song“, “The uncle Mokus`s song“, “The blue car“.

Recently in the day off we cooked for

by all family winter salad. Ruslan himself the toy tableware prepared salatik for the first friend Mishka, but Mishka did not try his masterpiece of culinary art.

to the sonny we try to be not only good parents, but also friends. Recently he approached me and told: “Mother - you are my best friend!“ It is the happiest moments...

All of us very much love Ruslanchik. We wish it to grow at the healthy, clever boy. To be a cheerful, cheerful, happy child. We will use the best efforts that our little Ruslanchik found the way in this difficult life.