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Adaptation of marantovy. We choose - we buy

Part one.

I write the choice of a plant to

Ya not for those who already well understand in marantovy, not for those who it is bad, but for those who with fire in eyes are ready to buy up all marantovy family without remainder even if there are any defects in the form of specks and other. Because I also treat such people - very heavy itself a bargain to strike and drag from counters where all tortured cost florets....

Here such we are reanimators. So I will try to warn against possible mistakes. The more your collection, the above has to be care degree that then was not excruciatingly painful.

Let`s say faces you several plants relating to one look. I tell on the example of the stromanta. We put all three (or how many them there at you) a pot with florets we measure nearby and by eye where most of all leaves. If the most magnificent was the most spoiled, it is necessary to choose from remained the least painful and hardy at first sight. If after such technique you have one rastishka - business is half executed, is not present - look further, and, analyzing choose smaller between two evils, you look, do not miss.


  1. Most important, it is, of course, roots, to be exact their state. Certainly, to look at them we have no opportunity, but we will be able always to analyse a situation. In - the first very attentively we examine the earth if it is necessary we touch a finger - check of humidity and temperature (important in the winter). Naturally, in a pot there should not be a flood, but also dryness of the Sahara to us not the assistant. The earth has to be slightly humidified. Plus we do a discount for temperature behind a window. If the flower is just later plentiful (especially plentiful) watering and spraying - to take out it on the street equivalently to murder.

  2. Having examined the soil and not having found on it a mold with a patina (it is very important!) we look at a condition of leaves. For a start it is necessary to count the number of pads. Certainly, the their is more, the better. I mean stalks by pads.

  3. Examine leaves.
    If you see a set of dry tips on leaves - draw a conclusion how “looked after“ a plant, such rastishka will get used quicker to your homeliness and care, than a plant without uniform dry leaf. But it does not mean at all that it is necessary to drag to the house only the weakened plants, and to leave the healthy handsome on someone`s share. The plant with damages to leave much more difficult. So here to choose to you, what is better.
    should not be afraid of Spots even if they on leaf core, it consequences of cold transportation, system douche by chemistry from baddies and (more rare happens on core of a sheet plate) dryness of air.
    Extremely attentively we check leaves for existence of pincers or trips - it is the most often met mucks on marantovy. Is not present? Remarkably.
    was very lucky you if the most magnificent, healthy representative of flora from offered you families marantovy was also moderately nimble - let out a new leaflet. Take, without reflecting.
    Means, the plant endured a moving stress from the car in shop, adapted and now has some level of stability (all the same that reproduction of wild animals in a zoo).
  4. by
  5. Chose a plant, but you do not hurry to go to cash desk - attentively we look at a pot bottom. If we see it in a texture of a quantity of roots, we can rejoice and be upset a little. To rejoice because the plant will not arrive to you without roots, though it is not necessary to be upset if there are no it at the bottom, still nothing means.
the Chagrin to you can only bring to

news that change is necessary. And better to think of a pot in advance. Therefore we look for a wide pot 2 - 3 cm higher and 3 - 4 is wider than previous. By the way, it is good if a shipping pot not really high.

So, the plant is chosen. Hurrah - Hurrah!

Part second. We buy, we bring, we wait.

So, we chose a plant. Certainly, the best of the best. Let`s listen to ourselves, everything can to us - there is a wish to take that whippet from doors? And it costs little. It will already be your choice, but, I will tell what to do farther if you bought quite healthy and beautiful plant.

needs to be done to

A so that this beauty and health were not gone suddenly. Therefore carefully we pack or we control packing process.

do not hesitate to ask to pack

more carefully if behind a window winter or fall. The plant has to reach fully to the house live and healthy.

In many shops of a plant is brought in cellophane packages on which the name of a plant is written. But even if your flower appeared without package, safely demand to pack into it, and then two layers of paper (it is natural if the seller himself did not make it).

it would be quite good to have at itself two packages in advance - one heat-insulating - ashanovskiya (though these thermopackages will be hardly useful at subzero temperature, but, at least, the possibility of penetration of draft will be excluded), and another in which you put a flower and, having tied a package, lay on a bottom of ashanovsky or what another that you will be given.

do not think that these packings are excessive. It is not cold to us, especially in warm clothes, and the frozen flower and tears to us to anything.

It is natural if summer, all this is not necessary, but will not prevent to pack in one layer of paper - so protect a plant from hot beams and dust. Though, of course, it is better to put away in a dark cellophane package. But it on the fan.

So, was packed, brought home. What houses?

Should find

the most suitable place for a rastishka - with absence of drafts and direct beams, but not in outer darkness. Take for the rule - any plant (marantovy especially!) having adapted to one place, will want to live exactly there? where to it it is good. Even if you will also not incur it to other room, but even in 20 cm from the former place the plant will uncomfortablly feel. Choosing the place, we stake on the fact that it will become constants for a marantovy miracle.

  1. is Accurately unpacked and we bear in a bathtub. There it is warm and damp, the flower has to receive the positive charge. 10 - 15 minutes later accurately we touch leaves if they were warmed - means it is possible to start the second plan. Even if the flower is bought in the summer, all the same I advise to leave it alone for 10 minutes in a bathroom.
  2. Now accurately we wash leaves the wet sponge moistened in warm (not more hotly), the settled water. Washed up, now you leave a plant alone with pleasure of damp air. But not for a long time. The plant is strong it is not necessary to wet. It is possible not to wash leaves at all, and right after 10 minutes of stay in a bathroom to carry on the constant place and to place in a cellophane package (for ctenanthes and calatheas, it is possible also for a stromant). If you have a usual arrowroot a tricolor or two-color, it is possible does not worry and to put just like that. Without package. Though the package can serve as temporary quarantine.
  3. we leave a plant alone Now, without forgetting to open every day (but not to lower!) and to air a package for 15 - 20 minutes. In a week we increase this amount of time upon - twice a day.
in a week we watch

a plant as it feels if already, in your opinion, it returned to normal, it is possible to lower gradually a package when airing.

When the adaptation period which can last at marantovy of one week - about one month will end with

, it is possible to think of change.

we will consider Here a condition of a plant, its roots (how many they took places in a pot, they are not visible, or all of them stick out of the earth above and climb in the pallet annoyingly), a condition of the soil in which the plant sits.