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Treatment by an aromatherapy of

Smells always attracted the person. In ancient times they were used by priests who burned fragrant plants during solemn rites, giving them a mystery raid. Gradually smells began to be applied also to other purposes - curative and cosmetic. They were used in Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, in antique Rome.

Experience of use of curative smells was replenished with

from generation to generation and now an aromatherapy are applied already as one of treatment methods.

In what improving influence of smells

the Main operating beginning of curative smells are essential oils. Essential oils are the fragrant volatiles which are contained in some plants. Now there are Bol 2000 plants containing essential oils.

Some essential oils have properties of aphrodisiacs - the substances capable to cause inflow of forces and vital activity, including sexual. The name “aphrodisiacs“ originates in the Greek mythology. Exactly there the goddess of love and beauty Aphrodite by means of a magic belt in which were concluded love, desire and words of seduction could sweetheart Zeus. Many essential oils in a varying degree possess properties of aphrodisiacs. Their smell influences a brain, stimulating release of “happiness hormone“ - endorphin. Endorphin aggravates sexual desire, and also all feelings during sexual intercourse. Pronounced properties of aphrodisiacs such oils as oil of pickles, citrus, jasmine, geranaceous and others possess.

Fragrant treatment

Treatment by smells or an aromatherapy contains

many centuries. Curative properties of essential oils were known long before our era. At inhalation of fragrant substances regulation of activity of an organism happens in the most natural way, causing less complications, than at drug intake in or by means of injections.

Today the aromatherapy treats many illnesses: kills stresses, pains, including head, fatigue, violations in an organism normalize various functional (without visible changes). Aromas cause cheerfulness, improve memory, do strong a dream, can treat cold. Treatment by smells as a part of complex therapy helps to cope also with a serious illness. The aromatherapy began to be combined with such procedures as massage and bathtubs, they are applied in SPA - salons and in resorts.

Aromatic oils differently influence a human body, connecting in an organism to hormones and influencing the nervous terminations. They are capable to kill pathogenic microbes (for example, pine oil), to improve efficiency of the person (citrus), to regulate the arterial pressure (geranium oil), to calm nervous system, including the nursery (valerian), many essential oils make the general positive impact on an organism, regulating physiological processes.

Types of an aromatherapy

the Aromatherapy can be natural (outdoors) and carried out indoors with use of medical smells. The natural aromatherapy is carried out in the wood, on a meadow. Aromas of a hawthorn, lilac, a poplar, an eucalyptus, render the stimulating effect on the blood circulatory system, and a marjoram, a pine, a fir-tree - oppressing. The respiratory system is stimulated by aromas of a birch, a linden, eucalyptus, a marjoram, oppress - a poplar, a lilac, a sushenitsa, a valerian. Began to smell fir-trees ordinary, larches European, a juniper, lindens, onions and garlic have antiinfluenzal effect. Aromas of the mixed and deciduous wood recommend for normalization of a dream, irritability reduction.

by Aromoterapiya`s

it is indoors carried out in the form of sessions of inhalation of aromatic medicines, massage, bathtubs, compresses, saunas with use of essential oils etc.

of the Rule which need to be observed when carrying out an aromatherapy

At an aromatherapy essential oils are applied outwardly. At the same time it is necessary to remember that it is impossible to apply undiluted oil on skin. If this oil is applied for the first time, then test on an allergy is carried out in the beginning: several drops of essential oil which need to be inhaled several times a day within 1 - 2 days are applied on a napkin or on a handkerchief. Negative test - absence of cold and irritation of a conjunctiva of eyes. If aromas are used in a censer, the first two sessions have to last no more than 20 minutes. It is impossible to use pungent smells at epilepsy, they can provoke a convulsive attack. Also pregnant women are not recommended to carry out an aromatherapy. It is necessary to store essential oils in the dark place in densely closed container at a temperature from 0 to 30 ° With in the place, inaccessible for children.

Side effect of essential oils

the Aromatherapy is not so harmless

, essential oils can have a number of side effects, for example, allergic influence which is shown in the form of allergic cold and conjunctivitis. Oils of a melissa, parsley and a sage possess allergic action.

When putting essential oil on skin a photodermatosis - irritations of skin under the influence of the sun can arise. Essential oils of a citrus possess such properties, for example.

Separate essential oils possess narcotic action (for example, some grades of the sage growing in South America) which is caused by the substances which are emitted at destruction of fabrics under the influence of essential oil.

Essential oils can cause stimulation of pelvic blood circulation with simultaneous strong compression of a uterus that is capable to cause an abortion in the pregnant woman. Such action can make, for example, parsley oil.

Some essential oils can irritate with

tissues of kidneys (mozhzhevelnikovy, santalaceous) and a liver (sage oil).

the Aromatherapy is a combination pleasant with useful, but it is always necessary to remember that all this the medical technique and is better to carry out it under the leadership of the doctor.