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Children`s temperament - education of the child taking into account specific features of

All of us know that in the relations with adults it is necessary to consider character of the person, but here at education of children most of parents absolutely forget about an individual approach. And it is an education cornerstone - to grow up the harmonious personality, it is necessary to stimulate development missing and to softly suppress pronounced traits of character.

According to traditional medicine of any person (and the child too) can be carried to one of four types of temperament - the choleric person, the melancholiac, the phlegmatic person or the sanguine person. Correctly to define temperament of the child, it is necessary to observe attentively it within several weeks, noticing the main features of behavior. After that, having defined temperament type, it is possible to build with it the thought-over relations.

the Child the choleric person - is active, uneasy

, the mood quickly changes, is sometimes aggressive. Such children love noisy collective games, quickly remember information - but, unfortunately quickly forget it. Easily transfer a new situation therefore campaigns in a garden and school for them not a problem. Are quickly got, participating in game or if the new toy fell into hands. It is possible therefore they hardly fall asleep in the evenings and them it is almost impossible to put to bed in the afternoon. All processes in an organism of the child of the choleric person go quickly - it concerns also storing of new information and recovery after diseases.

of Feature of education. The organism of the child of the choleric person to edge is filled with energy - a task of parents to send this energy to the necessary course, in parallel developing attention and assiduity. Parents of the child of the choleric person should play with him sports or even better to send him to sports section. The sport does not play a basic role - the main thing that there was an energy emission. After it with the child it is possible to be engaged in the affairs demanding assiduity - preparation for school, reading books, board games and so on. Also with the child the choleric person it is necessary to walk outdoors, such children do not love the closed spaces. After walk it is a high time to be engaged in games in which observation and attention is required.

the Child the melancholiac
- is disturbing, reserved, closed by

, differs in judiciousness, slowness. Conservative adults who consider that all new is well forgotten old grow up from such children, but made slightly - it is slightly worse. A distinctive feature of children of melancholiacs - well developed intuition, and so they grow shy and uncertain, very hard acquire new information, at the same time quickly are tired and distract. Children melancholiacs do not love change of places therefore them it is heavy to teach to go to a garden or school - from - for it they can even ache or feign, representing the symptoms noticed at adults. Like to be long with adults even to the detriment of games with children. The child of the melancholiac it is heavy to put to bed, but in the morning he is ready at once to active actions.

of Feature of education. It is very easy to offend the child of the melancholiac and that is important, he remembers offenses. Therefore, communicating with it, it is necessary to stimulate his stories about the feelings and problems. It is necessary to encourage constantly any undertakings and an initiative at the melancholiac`s child. If to criticize, then it is very soft - without shouts, an odergivaniye and orders - otherwise it can result in closeness of the child from people around, even parents that usually creates further serious problems at school and at work.

the Child the phlegmatic person - such children are slow, circumspect, quiet. Adults who like to do everything thoroughly grow up from them. For certain conceived and architects - phlegmatic persons projected the Egyptian pyramids. The child the phlegmatic person does not like to show emotions therefore it seems that to him all the same - he won or lost in any game or competition. At the same time they prefer quiet games, and can collect long time the designer, without disturbing adults. The child the phlegmatic person does not love innovations in life, he long gets used to a new situation and new friends. Such children differ in a good dream, but they wake up hard and for a long time depart from dreams. Adults about whom say that they are “owls“ grow up from such children.

of Feature of education. Children phlegmatic persons are deprived of emotions and if they also are, then very poor - therefore a task of adults first of all to radiate positive emotions and to try to infect with them the child. In the child the phlegmatic person it is necessary to develop inquisitiveness, it is the simplest to make it, as much as possible raznoobraziv his leisure - games in the yard, viewing of animated films, visits on the nature of circus or a zoo - all this will positively influence development of the child. By means of physical exercises it is necessary to develop dexterity and mobility - therefore, the earlier in a nursery there will be a horizontal bar, the Swedish wall and a rope, the better.

the Child the sanguine person - soul of any company: sociable, open, easily meets with unfamiliar children, it is inclined to leadership. The negative trait of character of such children is an absence of fear and carelessness. At first sight, such children a find for parents and tutors, but not everything is so simple. Children sanguine persons very often do not finish the begun business as undertake any task without reflecting, there will be enough for it forces or not. Adult optimists grow up from the child of the sanguine person. Such children quickly forget offenses (more true they do not remember them at all) and every day for them begins with “blank sheet“. At school age children sanguine persons differ in good progress, but lack of assiduity and patience prevents to achieve bigger result to them. Children sanguine persons love outdoor collective games - soccer, hockey, basketball.

of Feature of education. As it is already clear, sanguine persons lack patience and persistence - for development of these qualities and it is necessary to turn attention to parents. It is the simplest to make it at joint reading books, assembly of the designer or a puzzle. It must be kept in mind that independently the child the sanguine person will not be engaged in it - obligatory presence of adults. It is necessary to watch that such merits as cheerfulness and optimism did not develop into such features of character as superficiality and inconstancy.

Essentially it is almost impossible to change

the character of the person received at the birth, but to everyone in power to control the negative qualities, at the same time cultivating positive traits of character. Parents should place emphasis at education of children and teenagers on it.