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Jewelry and care of them of

Tradition to decorate itself with jewelry goes to an extreme antiquity. Confirmations to that are found by archeologists at excavation in different parts of the world. At various times decorated themselves, the suit and footwear both men, and women.

Creation of jewelry turned into a profession, jewelry turned into works of art. The quantity of jewelry with which at a time decorates itself the woman depends also on cultural traditions in which she grew and it was brought up, and from the level of material prosperity. In Soviet period from pages of women`s magazines we were taught that the good form is considered to carry at most one Golden Ring on hands. Most often it was a wedding ring. And at women of the Arab East it was accepted to wear on itself all available gold jewelry. The husband could tell it at witnesses that he divorces her, and it left his house in what was on it. But even if we have only one gold ringlet and one couple of gold ear rings or one gold chain, and all the rest costume jewelry, we want that they were always pleasing to the eye. And though jewelry differs in resistance to influences of environment, they demand leaving. Therefore I will share those useful tips on care of jewelry which I acquired together with jewelry.

Useful tips

Care of jewelry of gold

Care of jewelry of silver and cupronickel

Jewelry with stones

Big care should be observed when cleaning jewelry with stones which badly transfer high humidity. It is turquoise, fell down, apatite, malachite, a moonstone, amber, pearls, corals. Soapsuds, spirits and hot soap water are harmful to corals, turquoise and pearls.

the Pearls grow turbid and lose gloss since contain two percent of water.

should Store pearls (natural and artificial) separately from other jewelry, having turned in a soft rag. From time to time it is wiped with a velvet ribbon. A beads from natural pearls is recommended to be perenizyvat every year. The pearls very much love warmly human body - put on it more often.

Turquoise - connection unstable. It is porous: easily absorbs fats, aromatic substances and under their influence turns green. When washing hands of a ring with turquoise it is better to remove.


As pearls and turquoise one of the most ancient jewelry, with them connected many legends, and also there are many ways of care of them. So in old times in Russia to clear pearls, it was allowed to peck to chicken. Then chicken was cut and the pearls were taken out from a stomach.

the Similar way existed for turquoise cleaning in the east. It was rubbed with crude meat and fed to a turkey-cock.

Amber and an ivory can be washed with

safely in warm soap water.

Costume jewelry

can find

costume jewelry In store rooms of almost each woman. She deserves many good words and good leaving.

  • of Ornament with enamel is cleared mix of tooth-powder or chalk with several drops of liquid ammonia.
  • Metal brooches and pendents can leave to
  • on clothes bluish spots. To avoid it, it is possible to cover them from a reverse side with colourless nail varnish.
  • can be washed with
  • of Ornament from glass in soap solution, then to wash out in clear water and to dry a soft towel.
  • the Large beads can be washed with
  • with a brush.
  • If a beads is strung by
  • on a thread or an elastic band, better soap not to apply. From it the elastic band and a thread quickly “grow old“, lose elasticity and dry up. All thread can be scattered at the most inappropriate moment.
  • with
  • soap and Adversely affects jewelry of plastic. Therefore it is possible to wash them only in water and to pay more attention to that as well as where they are stored.
  • Wooden jewelry does not wash
  • : from water the tree inflates. They can be wiped with a flannel. It is not necessary to touch their fat or to dress on a neck if fat cream is applied on it - there will be spots.