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The smell from a mouth - the reason is deeper than

the Liquid probiotics of “Biovestina“ suppress pathogenic bacteria which often are the reason of an unpleasant smell from a mouth.

the Unpleasant smell from a mouth. With this problem far you will not leave. Neither in love, nor in career - you will get stuck where - nibud in flight of an office ladder, and it is even worse - you will remain “in flight“ in private life.


the Smell from a mouth (galitozy) millions suffer. By estimates of doctors - nearly 25% of adult population of our country. And a good few from them is helped by neither repeated toothbrushing, nor stomatologists, nor parodontolog. At many fear of a fetid odor generates psychological uncertainty and even grows to a phobia.

you do not hurry to rejoice, reading these lines and thinking that this problem does not concern to you. Most of people do not feel the stale breath, brain it does not distinguish. This process is called acclimation - the person got used to it, that is acclimatized. Perhaps, for this reason there are no relations at work, and colleagues turn away not from your opinion, and from your aroma? And on the love front all not as it would be desirable... Both it is boring, and it is sad...

Where “to sniff up“ a problem?

Most often the reasons of stale breath are in competence of the stomatologist. The smell from a mouth will pursue the person if it did not cure carious teeth if seals are incorrectly established or have defect. A fetid odor from a mouth - the obligatory satellite of an inflammation of gums and a bone tissue which can arise as complication after removal of teeth, at a wisdom teething, at various diseases of mucous - stomatitises, fungal infections, ulcers, the dryness in a mouth connected with insufficient work of salivary glands. Badly the scales containing a large number of bacteria and a raid on teeth smell. Insufficiently pure removable dentures can also become a source of a smell. And what if teeth, gums and language are healthy and cleaned “to gloss“, but the smell all the same is? Remember, than you ate shortly before its emergence. Because onions, garlic, red wine and certain grades of cheese at digestion allocate compounds of sulfur which are soaked up in blood and are removed from an organism through lungs - here to you and began to smell. And the fact that smoking and alcohol do not promote a pleasant smell from a mouth too - in general common truth.

If you the convinced opponent of tobacco and alcohol, besides eat only porridge, and the smell all the same remains - it is necessary to look for the reason more deeply. How deeply? Deeply! Up to a large intestine.

From a mouth to intestines and back In intestines and a mouth of the person there lives the huge number of bacteria - more than one trillion. Among them and the useful bacteria playing protective function, and putrefactive bacteria. Putrefactive bacteria, to be exact, waste of their activity when processing the remains of proteinaceous food possess extremely unpleasant smell, representing sulphurous connections. Fortunately, our oral cavity possesses property to self-clean by means of saliva. While we sleep, inflow of saliva is slowed down, and excellent conditions for the bacteria producing hydrogen sulfide are created. The classical morning smell from a mouth is explained by it. But if in a mouth the balance between protective and putrefactive bacteria is broken - in a mouth the factory on production of sulfur which works within 7 - 8 hours literally opens, and the smell will be just fetid in the morning, besides, it will be felt and throughout the day. Surprisingly, but decrease in amount of saliva are also a problem of the managers and heads working in the conditions of a stress, testing psychological overloads which become aggravated irregular meals. Numerous negotiations and communication during the day cause organism dehydration, decrease in amount of saliva and, as a result, began to smell from a mouth. By the way, with age saliva inflow gradually decreases. That is why at elderly people galitoz happens more often than at young people. But babies at whom a lot of saliva is produced and it is not enough bacteria in a mouth, differ in pure breath. We go down more deeply...

One more frequent reason of a galitoz - a respiratory disease. Inflammatory processes in a nose (rhinitises, sinusitis), the inflamed almonds (tonsillitis), bronchitis, bronkhoektaza, and also an active form of tuberculosis, abscess and malignant new growths of lungs are followed by destruction of fabrics. From - for it the exhaled air will be with an unpleasant smell of decomposition. A source of a smell can become and zheludochno - an intestinal path. At gastritises and stomach ulcer of a stomach, and also at diseases of a pancreas and bilious channels digestion of food and its advance up to a gastrointestinal tract is broken. And badly digested food, besides stagnant, does not flavor breath at all. At the same time often the person is disturbed by the language which is also laid over by a raid and sour or bitter smack in a mouth. Long reception of some drugs also can affect freshness of breath. Antihistaminic, antiedematous means, antidepressants, soothing and preparations from a hypertension reduce saliva inflow. We already well remembered that it plays not the last role in emergence of a galitoz. It should be noted that at some women the unpleasant smell from a mouth can appear before “critical“ days. It is connected with hormonal changes and usually quickly passes.

of the Fan of unloading diets, possibly noticed that their breath during a dietotherapy becomes frequent less fresh. And the reason here not only in dryness in a mouth, but also in what at combustion of fat in an organism is allocated it is characteristic the smelling acetone. Therefore when you grow thin, pay special attention to hygiene of a mouth and drink as much as possible liquid.

is lower than

... Even lower...

you can be surprised to

, but stale breath often appears from - for problems in intestines. Normal live in intestines useful bifido - or the lactobacilli playing a protective role. They form flavourless gases, mainly methane, carbon dioxide. At dysbacteriosis when in intestines insufficient quantity of useful microorganisms, digestion process is broken, processes of fermentation and rotting amplify, evacuation of food is slowed down, in intestines many fetid gases - skatola and indoles are formed especially. All these “aromas“ from intestines are removed by an otkhozhdeniye of gases or in the course of their absorption in blood. From blood gases get into lungs and exhaust outside.

besides, gases possess ability to rise up zheludochno - to an intestinal path and also to exhaust outside. Besides, at diseases of intestines sphincters which usually interfere with the return current of food or gases are weakened, and then gas from intestines directly gets into a mouth and can also exhaust outside. Here to you and aroma which cannot be eliminated with care of an oral cavity. It is very important to increase in intestinal microflora and a mouth quantity bifido - and lactobacilli, then the amount of gases with an unpleasant smell considerably will decrease, they will be allocated in extremely small concentration which human sense of smell will not be able to define.

What to do?

As reasons of emergence of an unpleasant smell a little, it is necessary to solve them in a complex. For a start to deal with hygiene of a mouth. It is better to brush teeth twice a day - after a breakfast and before going to bed. Together with teeth it is necessary to clean and language - for this purpose it is possible to use a soft toothbrush or a special brush for language. It is better to choose toothpaste with the content of fluorine and calcium (it will help to strengthen enamel of teeth) and with addition of antiseptic plant extracts (they will reduce activity of bacteria and will improve a condition of gums).

If the food gets stuck between teeth, the tooth thread will help to take it. Not to allow dehydration of an organism and decrease in formation of saliva, drink more clear water. And rinsing of a mouth water, especially after food, dissolves and washes away the remains of food and waste products of bacteria from an oral cavity. Drink of water and rinsing of a mouth considerably weakens an unpleasant smell from a mouth.

Krom of water can use the special chewing gums and the refreshing lollipops without sugar stimulating release of the clearing saliva. Besides, it is time to change the attitude towards stomatologists - those times when the tooth office was considered as branch of Gestapo, passed long ago: both the equipment, and the attitude towards the patient changed. Visit to the stomatologist is the first and obligatory step for the solution of tactlessly smelling problem.

If with an oral cavity everything is all right, and the unpleasant smell nevertheless is present, it is necessary to visit the ENT specialist - the doctor and the therapist. They will carry out diagnostics, will define a probable cause and will appoint treatment. Thus, you will get rid not only of a galitoz, but also of a disease which caused it. It is very important to p to remember

our microflora. We do not forget to brush teeth every day any more. It became our useful habit. However constantly did not learn to monitor normal functioning zheludochno - an intestinal path we yet. Maintenance of the microflora in a normal state has to become for us one of skills of personal hygiene. Especially as it is not so difficult to care for it.

At all manifestations of a disbioz (frustration of a chair, locks, swellings, etc.) or existence of risk of violation of microflora (reception of strong drugs, stresses, diets, distant trips, etc.) it is necessary preventively or with the medical purpose to accept of a probiotics - the natural preparations containing bifido - and lactobacilli. A probiotics quickly restores the necessary number of protective microflora and strengthens immune system.

Recently doctors even more often pay attention of patients to a liquid probiotics - preparations in which useful microorganisms are in a live and active state. Useful bacteria as a part of liquid probiotics completely keep all the remarkable properties and interact with mucous throughout everything zheludochno - an intestinal path. Their curative influence begins immediately after hit of a probiotic in an organism and renders a positive effect on mucous a mouth, a stomach, a small and thick intestine.

One more plus of liquid probiotics - the maintenance of a large amount of biologically active agents: irreplaceable amino acids, organic acids, vitamins, interferonostimuliruyushchy and immunomodulatory substances. These are waste products of bacteria and the irreplaceable environment for full functioning of our own microflora. A probiotics in a liquid form, undoubtedly, is more effective, than their dry (lyophilized) analogs, but at the same time demands to themselves more respect. It is necessary to store them in the refrigerator and to monitor observance of an expiration date. In numerous clinical trials high efficiency of liquid probiotics Biovestin and Biovestin - lakto is shown . Contents bifido - and lactobacilli in them - not less than 10 billion! It in thousands times more, than in sour-milk bioyoghurts, bifidokefira etc.

of BIOVESTIN - LAKTO helps to remove putrefactive and pathogenic microorganisms from intestines. BIOVESTIN restores and makes active own microflora. It is necessary to remember that it is difficult to grow up the normal microflora - on it time is necessary. Therefore reception of probiotics has to last not less than a month. Repeatedly “Biovestin“ was noted by the Medal “Hundred Best Goods of Russia“.

If you had questions , you can set them on the page of consultations of the gastroenterologist.

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