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About monetary independence of our children of

(personal experience)

Children not suddenly, not in one happy day become independent. Quite often happens that to the person of 20 - 25 years, and he, sorry, a skirt holds a mamkina. There is a strong wish to share the methods of social education of children.

grew at

Ya itself in a family where to talk to the child was considered not as need, but foremost sincere requirement. Nothing will replace open sincere conversation. Children very thinly feel the side separating council from lecture, sincere interest from sample “how are you doing?“ . I with the kids it is comprehended began to talk since the moment when they the first time saw me. However, not absolutely so. My firstborn was a little deprived. I accustomed with a role of mummy, new to me, so far, a lot of things missed. Then tried to make up, but even now, 14 years later, I feel - what was missed right at the beginning not to return any more. But about it separate conversation.

the Kid, the first time having felt mother nearby, has to hear her tender voice full of love. It strong has to connect together positive emotions from heat, a tasty warm milk and a mother`s voice. Only then he will remember well that this voice of harm does not wish it. I acted this way - I feed and I talk, I swaddle and I talk, diapers - I iron raspashyonka and I tell it, a bittock, nearby lying, than we are with it, darling, we will be engaged further. In two - three months of life they at me knew all objects in the house, without speaking about all people who surrounded them. Learned, smiled. As soon as my senior set the first exacting “Why?“ (it happened in 2 years and 6 months), the new period of counting began. It is not simple to show, and it is obligatory to explain, otherwise “why-askers“ followed a continuous stream. About how early we recited all Chukovsky by heart and as in 2 years 10 months began to read, - I separately will sometime tell. Now I will not digress.

Long talk on walks was carried on by

on the most various subjects. Kids as a soft sponge, one and all absorb. It is very important to contradict itself only never. That everything, put by us in light children`s heads, laid down a close formation and was not mixed up. The first whim of the child has to be stopped rigidly and categorically. It is necessary to stand firmly on positions that can never be done. Slightly you will give weak point once, the child will hit over and over again into the purpose. I am proud of what never happened to my boys of a “prinarodny“ hysterics concerning not bought toy. Frankly speaking, I hate when the child in shop on a floor rushes with wild cries, and mother helplessly stands nearby. My children learned the price of money very much early. In shop I not just refused to buy something at their request (of course, cases when really you do not have done purchase are considered), and very seriously opened a purse and showed to the two-year-old son: this all our money, and we need to buy still hlebushka, a milk..., and that the father will come from work hungry and inconveniently it will turn out if we with you do not feed him. The son instantly like a problem. In 4 - 5 years I from them often heard the phrase beginning words: “Mummy, 5 rubles is much?“ . Especially younger liked to approach so diplomatically. I understood that the son already saw something, is strong interested him, looked at the price, but does not cope with a task yet - this purchase will ruin me or not? will stay after this purchase of a money for a lunch or not? So gradually for them the area of prophetic prime necessity was formed, and at the same time they understood for themselves the value of a certain quantity of money.

Never in our family “easy money“ was held in high esteem. Children saw since childhood that all around them work to receive a salary for which then live. Of any inheritances and treasures nobody dreamed, and they were not accustomed to dream. At them very much thoughts of application of own work early began to develop. It was encouraged rather simply: worked for the grandmother on a kitchen garden in the summer, in the fall it some memorable purchase speaking so - at the grandmother, thanks to you became, the big harvest grew, she sold in the market a little, there was money which without you she would never receive. Money for the handed-over bottles too was counted by them earned. They spent them intelligently. I had never to prompt even, or it was so insignificant that was not remembered. The earned kopek became for them such value that just like that it was heavy to leave it. The great happiness for them was to give me a gift on birthday, for New Year, for March 8, using only the money. They shone all from within, and and there are nothing to speak about me - just tears gathered in the eyes.

Now to my little boys 11 and 14 years. They grew up enough to be engaged in something serious. Long they consulted on me and among themselves - where it is better to use the forces and knowledge. Were considered and are for various reasons rejected: sticking-up of announcements, a rating of advertizing leaflets on mailboxes, distribution of newspapers and popular weeklies like “7 days“. We stopped on distribution of packing materials. By means of the reference book “Goods and Prices“ they found the firms which are releasing wholesale small parties packages. To me it was from outside awfully interesting and a little ridiculous to observe how my youngest by a serious voice conducted negotiations on phone on the sizes of wholesale parties, the purchase price, models of packages and their distinctions. At it it better turns out, than at the senior. But the eldest son remarkably is guided by districts and always without problems finds a location of firm. In the first and only time I went with them, lent, naturally, money under the first purchase of goods, and further they coped, and still cope, without me. They extend packages in the ware markets and radio the markets. Their buyers are sellers of goods. Buy 100 - 200 pieces at once, that is too wholesale, on one bag boys should not sell is a privilege of grandmothers at the subway. In a month sons returned me a loan. There passed 9 months. At them $100 besides current assets collected. They buy to themselves new CDs - disks and other personal trifles. Save for the own computer - it is not enough for us for all, nearly in turn we register.

I cannot hold back

also that sometimes I apply system of penalties. The eldest son managed to tear for last academic year two school bags (even not in a year, and till April). I suggested to buy it the following bag from own money. He descended itself bought and with pleasure uses it even in the summer for transportation of packages. So far whole. Probably, it is a pity to tear. Younger it was similarly punished for the broken shower in a bathroom. Itself broke - itself bought.

Here such experience of adaptation of children at us in our hard world. I am glad that they have no time for smoke breaks at entrances, on parties with militant age-mates and so forth. Completely taken day and awareness of own usefulness it is extremely important for our growing-up children.