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Chicken pox: leave, opposite! Welcome

, there is no more opposite children`s disease, than chicken pox - and scratches (and it is impossible), both temperature, and fever. There is a wish for nothing, everything irritates also mood from it to a vra - e - edny. And then, when all this departs, some more days to go with green specks on a face... Well, and to whom it will be pleasant? Even the most desperate idler who hates school will prefer control on mathematics to chicken pox.

I as if did not want to be told - why to suffer small, it is better to have the adult is far not so. Chicken pox belongs to “children`s“ diseases - and adults extremely hard have them.

What is this “chicken pox“?


the Full name is far scarier - chicken pox (Varitsella Zoster). The illness chicken pox is known from antiquity, it was described still by Avicenna. The Russian name of chicken pox - an ignorance consequence. People did not understand the mechanism of infection with chicken pox and considered what can “bring it wind“. The name “chicken pox“ turned out on external similarity: skin rash at chicken pox slightly reminds pockmarks. Unless the same infectious. The activator - a virus of group of herpes (it is identical to the causative agent of the surrounding herpes - herpes zoster). The virus letuch, in external environment is unstable, for animals not patogenen.

As catch chicken pox?

Of course, from the patient - it is infectious for 1 - 2 day prior to the beginning of a disease, and also during emergence of rash. Infection occurs vozdushno - a drop way (seldom from mother - to a fruit). A susceptibility to chicken pox high. More often children till 10 years are ill. The greatest incidence is necessary on the oseena - the winter period. After the postponed chicken pox there is a resistant immunity.

As everything begins


the Incubatory period at chicken pox lasts from 10 to 23 days, at this stage the illness gives nothing itself. And then at the patient temperature sharply increases (to 39,0 - 39,5 degrees), there is a fever, the head hurts and appetite vanishes. Well, and, certainly, rash develops. It begins with small rashes on a face and skin, and then within literally several hours disperses on all body, and not only on skin, but also on mucous membranes and under hair. First rash extends just in the form of small specks of pink color and roundish outlines, with accurate contours. Then they begin to be given slightly over a skin surface then on them vezikula are formed (quite big bubbles, “glossy“ by sight so are called, surrounded narrow it is red - a pink contour and filled with transparent liquid). New rashes constantly develop between old so on a body literally there is no healthy skin left at all. At chicken pox of a rash go “waves“ and therefore different stages of rash (a spot, bubbles and crusts) adjoin with each other. Constantly the severe itch disturbs, and on the place of the combed blisters there can be scars - if the infection gets. Most awful - rashes on mucous, bubbles get everywhere including on the sky, on genitals, even on conjunctivas of eyes.

Treatment is carried out by

at home

the Course of disease cannot be accelerated or to facilitate considerably - it is necessary only to suffer. The bed rest for 6 - 7 days, dairy - vegetable food (avoid sweets, aerated water, fried), plentiful drink (fruit drinks, compote from dried fruits, mineral water) and hygienic leaving is recommended. Pay special attention to purity bed and underwear - not to transfer an infection to not infected skin sites.

needs Also to be remembered about external processing - that vezikula dried up quicker and did not nagnaivatsya.

is used for this purpose:

Rash cannot be processed alcohol-containing solutions because it is very sick. From the first day of a disease it is necessary to take daily baths with weak solution of potassium permanganate. The option of acceptance of bathtubs with infusions of the herbs having antibacterial and disinfecting effect is possible.

Other treatment - symptomatic

the Fever - febrifugal on the basis of paracetamol or an ibuprofen if the patient was not saved from a purulent inflammation of skin, the doctor can appoint intake of antibiotics. Also you monitor allergic manifestations.

you Remember

quarantine: the patient with chicken pox it is necessary to isolate completely houses within ten days from an onset of the illness.