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When milk fuses?

for anybody not a secret that in knowledge of our society of feeding steady myths exist a breast still.


Every day, working with the feeding mothers in maternity hospital, I face set expressions about feeding by a breast which, having the 3rd summer experience of feeding and some education in the sphere of a lactation, at first could not explain. So pervorodyashchy mothers, skilled mothers, grandmothers, some midwifes, sometimes and doctors speak. These expressions passed from father to son, their meaning and exact value was lost over time. These expressions do not allow the woman to believe in the forces, do process of a lactation mysterious and strange, not subject to the woman.

First what we face - mother only after the delivery - “and nipples at me not developed“, “and how it is necessary to develop nipples“? Sometimes in this sense expression “still appears to develop a breast“ though usually it is told about another. Women mean preparation of nipples for feeding by a breast, such what gynecologists of an old school - a pulling recommend, massage of nipples, rubdown by a terry towel or something similar. Nipples are prepared for feeding during pregnancy. Earlier, as well as some doctors still, knew nothing about importance of the correct applying to a breast - guarantee of painless and nontraumatic sucking.

If the child correctly sucks

since the birth, most of women has no ssadinka, or morbidity is almost not noted. However in maternity hospital of a graze, a crack of nipples and morbidity - it is rather the rule. And even not only because to a breast know about right applying a little - make many other mistakes - washing of a breast, a nipple pulling from a mouth, finish singing glucose, allow to take the child a breast, anyhow, and do not control capture of a breast during all sucking. Therefore it is necessary to pay much attention to technology of applying and feeding in the first days - the child himself will “develop“ to you nipples. Anything unnatural. From you only information preparation is required. If you have flat or pulled-in nipples - then you should pay even more attention to obtaining information on the correct technology of feeding, not to allow the child`s dokarmlivaniye from a pacifier, and it is possible, (especially if Cesarean section is necessary) in recent months pregnancies to carry shapers of nipples if there is no threat of premature birth. You can get detailed advice at our experts.

After morbidity passes, mothers breathe sigh of relief, saying that “nipples were developed“.“ Undeveloped channels “, “ undeveloped breast to develop a breast“. Begin to speak about it for 3 - 4 day when milk comes. There is a classical nagrubaniye - hypostasis of chest gland, developments of stagnation. The breast “should be rastsedit“, channels “should be cleaned“ that the breast normally earned. Sometimes I hear that the husband has to rassasyvat channels at the wife even before childbirth. But of course, the breast not a sewer pipe also does not get littered. Hormones during pregnancy prepare tissue of a mammary gland for feeding - there are special cages making milk, additional channels, even during pregnancy many women have colostrum. As soon as the placenta separated from a uterus wall - the breast is completely ready to begin feeding process. The problem of a nagrubaniye is solved by more private applying of the child to a breast, cool compresses and if necessary careful decantation (it no more than 20 - 40% of cases demand).

more receptors of hormones which process of education and release of milk is operated actually just have Vtororodki`s

which have “more developed breasts“ - the breast remembers and works on more debugged mechanism. However has values just much experience which mother had with the first child. Sometimes and with 3 - 4 child mother faces in maternity hospital a pathological nagrubaniye. Expression “to develop a breast“ can mean also - to increase amount of milk.“ At first there was not enough milk, but then the breast was developed, and milk began to be enough“. Most likely, mother solved problems with capture of a breast, and normal stimulation of a mammary gland on production of milk in the volume necessary to the child began.

“To chill a breast“ - as the reason zastoyev and mastitis. The mastitis reason - inflammations of a mammary gland - existence of a bacterial infection. Overcooling cannot cause mastitis, but can provoke decrease in immunity (infection resilience). At good outflow of milk stagnation and mastitis happen very seldom, and most often have the reason just violation of outflow of milk from any segment. Stresses can sometimes cause this violation - blocking allocation of oxytocin or reduction of the cages emitting milk.

“Milk can fuse“. When to my child there was about a month, I was frightened such prospect which sounded in such execution too - “If not to decant milk after feeding, it will fuse“. When I was absolutely inexperienced mother, I called the classmate who already had a daughter whom she fed till 9 months, and asked her such question.“ Well, you know, maybe, if hours 20 not to feed then will fuse“, - she answered me. And later few years encountered an explanation of this phenomenon in value “fused“ - burned with fire, temperature. It is heavy mastitis with high temperature. Rather often after the postponed mastitis production of milk is considerably reduced as the breast long time was crowded, and to a brain there were signals that it is not necessary to produce milk more.

we Will return to national expression. There was such custom in Russia - having separated from the child`s breast, mother splashed milk from a breast on fire that it easily left - “fused“. Perhaps, from it expression and the concept “fused-was gone“ went. Some women understand it quite so. From what milk vanishes, I think, you know.

It is frequent “milk vanishes from - for nerves“. Mother, having given birth to the kid, often worries and worries in different occasions. The stress does not exert any impact on the hormone stimulating production of milk (Prolactinum), but can temporarily affect the hormone forcing milk to follow from a breast (oxytocin). Such temporary termination of this reflex represents the useful biological mechanism stopping the expiration of milk from a breast at the difficult moments. The stress was always a part of the life of the person (war, natural disasters, epidemics) and if it broke breastfeeding, the human race could never develop. Therefore if there are no additional factors (the wrong applying, rare feedings, lack of night feedings) and the child well sucks, the stress will not be terrible. Of course, loss of milk from - for death of relatives sometimes happen.

Also I heard that milk can “fuse - to become bitter“ without temperature (not as in case of mastitis), and in breaks between feedings in 3 hours or at night.“ And it is impossible to feed with bitter milk“. But milk cannot spoil in a breast - as well as blood in our organism. Happens, in case of stagnation or mastitis in milk the level of salts of sodium therefore taste of milk becomes salty increases. Salinity disappears within a week. At stagnation it is possible to feed the child not only, but also it is necessary as nobody better than the kid will provide outflow of milk from a breast that at treatment of stagnant states is necessary. But besides, we speak about the abnormal phenomenon, but not about breaks between feedings.“ Milk can turn sour, stvorozhitsya“ in a breast. For process of turning sour in a mammary gland there are no necessary conditions and components. Milk, both female, and cow, does not turn sour several days in the refrigerator.

“I have blue milk, it bad“. The woman`s milk also differs from cow milk as the woman differs from a cow. Colostrum most often yellow or zheltovato - orange, it more concentrated, in it is more than protein and fats. Process of transition of colostrum to “mature“ milk can continue about two weeks. During this period, color of milk it changes and becomes gradually bluish - white. What for “blue milk“ is meant by mother? The matter is that milk during feeding different in structure. At the beginning of feeding “forward“ milk which is rich with water and carbohydrates is emitted. Here it just also seems to mother absolutely transparent. At the end of feeding there is already “back“ milk which is rich with fats. It is possible to try to decant several drops after feeding to see as far as it differs from “forward“ milk.

“I have low-fat milk what should be eaten?“. There is, of course, a proverb “Milk at a cow in language“, but whether it makes sense to increase fat content of milk at the woman? The nature made mother`s milk ideal food for the baby. It is rather just full and balanced to eat, not to keep the rigid diet, not to lean specially on any type of products for change of composition of the milk, to exclude “harmful“ products (rich with artificial fillers, preservatives, dyes, etc.) then your kid will receive all necessary with your milk.

“I have weak nipples“ the woman speaks, meaning that milk follows from a breast not only during feeding, but also between feedings when she just thinks of the child or pressed down a breast during a dream when the child begins to cry, asking a breast. Galaktorey (milk dribble) oxytocin level rather high testifies to well developed reflex of release of milk, in the first months after the delivery at the feeding woman. So it is not a reason for chagrin, and it is rather on the contrary. You can stop release of milk, having slightly pressed down a nipple fingers (having as if pressed a call) or having crossed hands on a breast and having pressed them to itself. If milk strongly leaks, it is possible to carry special overlays for collecting milk or simply absorbing which should be changed more often as moist skin is loosened, becomes more sensitive to cracks and inflammations. When the lactation is established, most likely, dribble of milk will cease to disturb you.