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Neck as at a lebedushka...

the Girl in eighteen prefers a sundress, moving the clavicles surrounding with sharpness, a subtlety of a neck and transparency of skin to tears. The woman from thirty and above with pleasure carries a decollete, enjoying the blossomed beauty and trying to catch enthusiastic eyes of an opposite sex. In that case, of course, if it is not necessary to watch endlessly whether the scarf got off on a neck... The coquettish scarf bought not for the sake of style and fashion, and...

Why? Yes because the female neck much quicker than any “girlfriend“ will tell people around that her owner exchanged the fourth, fifth - or what there? - decade. What to do if there is no wish to be covered with a scarf, and without it-? Yes it is just necessary to deal with this issue in advance.

So, keep to the point, in sense - to a neck! And how to be engaged in it “on - scientific“, we will be told by the cosmetologist Yulia Stepanova.

In order that the neck did not play a dirty trick with the attractive lady, having opened a secret of its age, each woman has to know that the culprit of her problems - a wide muscle of a neck, and at all not age. If this muscle weakens, then by all means there will be the second chin, and skin will become covered by a setochka of small wrinkles. Naturally, also the face form will deteriorate, cheeks will droop. If their form was also so far from ideal, absolutely badly... However, it is much simpler to prevent all these sad phenomena, than to fight against them when they already came. Means, it is necessary to seize knowledge - while the getting is good.

When we do to

something, all muscles of our body in a varying degree are in operation, in the movement. And only one does not work, and respectively - “its natural power falls into decay“. Why so? Yes because we make almost all our actions with lowered headfirst - whether we write, we read, we work at the computer. Thus, the wide muscle of a neck is absolutely relaxed, and lack of the movement also leads to early withering and flabbiness of skin, appearance loss. If in due time to pay attention to it, and to begin to do special exercises and masks, in few months you with pleasure will note the first positive results, and through couple - will reject scarves aside, showing a neck of the young and strong woman.

to strengthen a muscle, it is possible to make such exercise, for example. To sit down in front of the mirror, fingers of one hand to arrange slightly below than clavicles, to put other hand on a chin. Such position of hands will allow you to control whether correctly you carry out exercise. Now lower mouth corners down, having made “it is opposite - contemptuous“ a face, curve lips subforging, at the same time straining neck muscles. If all of you made correctly, fingers of hands will feel how the muscle of a neck strained. And in a mirror you will see how skin on a neck rose up.

the Muscle needs to strain

several minutes, then to relax her.

Have enough 10 - 15 times a day to receive excellent result. After a pause do the second important exercise: having extended lips a tubule, say in a row and with very strong articulation “about“, “at“, “and“. You can say it and without voice, the effect will be the same is a muscle of a neck will become stronger.

the Chin needs to be engaged in

“till“ the beginning of any hardly reparable processes too. The elementary that can be made - to wet a napkin in cold water, slightly to squeeze out, then to take a napkin for a corner and to pat quite strongly to it on a chin and the lower part of cheeks. Do this exercise alternately different hands, thus, it will be more convenient to you to process evenly all surface needing training.

it is possible for

After performance of these exercises and it is necessary to be engaged in special cosmetic masks.

I Can offer

several options.

For example, the elementary, “peredtelevizionny“ option: to oil a neck warm vegetable or fat cream, then to wrap up it a warm terry towel. After that it is possible to watch quietly TV, it is only desirable to sit directly, without lowering a neck. In half an hour - to wash away a mask cool water. Thus excessive dryness of skin is eliminated, its natural elasticity and softness comes back.

It is even more effective to p to wrap a neck not in a towel, and food wrap (which you cover, for example, products in the refrigerator). If it is absent, it is possible to use a usual package. Thus you create “greenhouse“ effect, action of a mask amplifies.

A little more time will demand

a smetanny mask. You take one yolk, a sour cream teaspoon, several drops of vegetable oil, mix and apply on area of a decollete. With this mask it is necessary to lie down on a sofa within twenty minutes, and it is obligatory - without pillow. After that to wash away mix cool water. Based on personal feelings, as necessary apply nutritious cream.

half-hour “deep“ compresses Very well affect a condition of skin on a neck also. Prepare vatu, a piece of parchment paper, elastic bandage and nutritious face cream in advance. Wipe a neck and a chin with a cosmetic milk, then rub a little suitable for your type cream skin, moisten vatu with the moistening emulsion and put on a chin and a neck. Cover with a piece of parchment and tie a chin and a neck elastic bandage (it is more convenient to bandage through the head). In half an hour wash away everything cool water.

All specified cosmetic procedures one is enough to make

- two times a week. And let spitpoisons guess - how many to it years actually, this well-groomed beauty? The neck herself will answer - naturally, eighteen!