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Degradation of physical development of children - natural process or an alarm signal?

the Russian pediatricians are anxious with degradation of physical development of children and teenagers. The chief expert - the pediatrician of the Ministry of Health and Social Development academician of the Russian Academy of Medical Science Alexander Baranov, in particular, spoke about it at recent meeting of heads of security service of motherhood and the childhood. According to him, in 10 years the average height of the Russian decreased on 1. The 5th centimeter, 20% of children have the lost weight, the volume of lungs was reduced by 18%, and power indicators on 18 × Boys and girls have 21% respectively. Besides, indicators of health of children are far from shining too - about a third of graduates have the restrictions in choice of profession connected with a state of health. What so large-scale decrease in indicators of development and health of children can be connected with?

Acceleration or degradation?

More than hundred fifty years scientists of the whole world told

about acceleration - increase in growth, weight and other indicators of children and teenagers in comparison with the previous generations. Now the speech came about the return process. It appears, it can be connected. There are theories assuming recurrence of changes of these indicators that is the fact that after increase of indicators during some period, their recession follows. The beginning of a deselration - process, the return acceleration, was supposed scientists just for the beginning of 21 centuries. However, the fact that the big percent of newborns still has big length (55 cm and more) and the mass (more than 3500 g) of a body not absolutely keeps within a picture of such cyclic changes. Besides, the phenomenon of reduction of rostovesovy indicators and physical development is not observed in other countries of the world yet. According to the academician of the Russian Academy of Medical Science Alexander Baranov, “today the Russian nation turns into one of the most undersized nations in the world“. And on health of children the deselration would hardly be reflected so essentially. Perhaps, recurrence here at anything? But what then?

Toxic influences

according to the chief state health officer of the Russian Federation Gennady Onishchenko, these factors are responsible for decrease in both growth and weight, and the general indicators of health of children and teenagers, paying attention of participants of meeting of heads of security service of motherhood and the childhood to the growing tobacco smoking problem at early age. Actually, it - only an iceberg top. Russia takes many years the leading positions on number of smokers, and, despite bans and toughenings, the percent of smokers grows, and the age - decreases. By estimates of the Russian mass media, smoke in Russia 77 percent of men, 27 percent of women and 42 percent of children and teenagers. And even the early beginning of smoking does not do such harm as smoking of parents. Among consequences there are influences of nicotine on yet not been born child, such as delay of growth of a fruit and reduced also body weight at the birth is long, the increased risk of congenital anomalies, a delay of intellectual and physical development of the child. And if the child and after the birth inhales a poisonous smoke, and then and itself begins to smoke? Lag in development, and not only physical, is almost provided to it. Yet in our country there is no rigid framework keeping from attraction to pernicious addiction all of new people, the restrictions guaranteeing the right free against a fetid habit (including children) to breathe clean air. But also cigarettes - not all that can be guilty in physical degradation of the population of our country. As show data of the sociological survey conducted by the research center ROMIR, every twentieth Russian takes alcohol daily, every fifth - time or two in a month, and less often than once a month consume alcohol of only 25 percent of respondents. Data on those who do not take alcohol in general are not provided in poll. Many do not consider as crime to overturn a liqueur glass - another and during pregnancy. And among factors there are influences of the alcohol taken by pregnant women - the fetalny alcoholic syndrome of children which is characterized by a growth inhibition and intellectual backwardness, violation of attention. When breastfeeding alcohol freely comes to milk, and from there - to the child`s organism, causing a set of violations including from development.

it is possible

, exactly here a solution of sudden decrease in physical indicators and the general health of our teenagers?

the Education system - a smithy of diseases?

at the beginning of the 19th century Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi complained that education kills health. Alas, the modern education system continues to confirm conclusions of the great teacher. And influence is not limited to school education - the researches conducted in Belarus, neighboring to us, showed that children, early (with 1. 5 years) the preschool child care facilities which began to visit, have the worst indicators of physical development on the 7th year of life, than those who went to kindergarten at advanced age. At the same time not everyone is able to afford a child care leave, for example, till three years - payments from the state come to an end to one-and-a-half-year age of the kid, and the financial situation forces mother to come to work, sending the child to a kindergarten.

the School continues

begun - the hypodynamia, static poses, long-term tension of the same groups of muscles, visual tension and other factors conduct to the fact that together with secondary education the child receives the whole complex of problems with health - from organs of vision, is warm - vascular and nervous system, oporno - the motive device and others. The same static poses and tension from sitting can influence also growth indicators - it is noted that usually in the oseena - the winter period growth rate of the child decreases though, for example, at pupils by the principles of health saving training Market where the problem of static poses is solved by special furniture and specifics of working process, such changes are not observed.

the Problem of influence of educational process on health and physical development of children is aggravated also with negative attitude of parents of pupils to the physical education classes urged to compensate a lack of physical activity of pupils. The relation it is not always groundless - in 2002, when carrying out the All-Russian medical examination of children, was found out the sad fact that only 30% of children are healthy and can be allowed to sports activities and sports competitions without restrictions. And according to department of the physician - social problems of a family, motherhood and the childhood of the Ministry of health and social development of the Russian Federation, in a year at the Russian schools at physical education classes because of sudden cardiac arrest from 6 to 12 people perish. However and these lessons - taking into account opportunities and recommendations of doctors, with individual selection of options and intensity of physical activity are necessary for those children who cannot play sports with full loading. Unfortunately, many schools just have no opportunity to lead lessons taking into account all these factors, and most of parents prefers to solve a problem, having just exempted the child from physical education classes.

What is the degradation concerning our doctors - the deselration expected and predicted last century, the consequence of parental and children`s smoking and more or less “cultural“ alcohol intake, the inevitable satellite of educational process and a consequence of decrease in physical activities, process caused by other reasons or the whole complex of the reasons? Experts are engaged in clarification of this question and search of ways of its decision. It is already declared need of the industry program for preservation and promotion of health of children of teenage age with expanded medical examination and ensuring complex recovery treatment of persons in need. However it is worth remembering that any program will not keep health of our children if ourselves do not make a step - towards to health. Having at least refused alcohol and smoking.