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2 years. What to present on Birthday?

  • to the Son will be 2 years old soon. What to present on Birthday?
    U me already crisis of creative thinking and the imagination on this soil! I understand what was already many times, but, please, help once again.
    A is better to formulate so a question “What you would present to the child for 2 years?“ Can be at the same time, and you will think up gifts for the hares :))) Help
    , I will be very grateful :)))
    8. 10. 2001 15:8:53, * the Entertainment
  • friends of the daughter presented to
    • From “large“ gifts the house:). A rigid framework, from above - an awning. A smart lodge, bought in “Owlet“ approximately for 1200 rubles. Dithat it is excited:)), dragged inside the chair and a table (from IKEA), now there lives:) ). Well and balls as Masha wrote, too hanged out at night.
      9. 10. 2001 15:20:54, Ksan
    • Designer good or railroad more abruptly, book good.
      8. 10. 2001 19:1:9, SZ
    • Early still to them railroad. It will break it the moment. And will be able to reach the principle of action oh as not at once. If only it is some special model for two-year-olds. The same and with machines on batteries or with d / at. Buy a sports complex: it is useful, will not break and pleasures will be given by the sea.
      9. 10. 2001 13:50:57, Taty
    • Is one more my option - a sports complex. About. d I saw for two a letok, plastic with simple machines, bright and rather simple :))) in “Electronic Paradise“ on Varshavka on 1 floor, such I think, will approach. But my mother grit too that early.
      9. 10. 2001 14:25:21, * the Entertainment
    • We still decided long ago that for 2 years we will present an interactive toy (rather, all a chicken to Fen).
      8. 10. 2001 16:39:36, RED - BLUE
    • Like a tamagocha?
      8. 10. 2001 16:53:24, * the Entertainment
    • More likely, like Ferbi.
      9. 10. 2001 13:36:3, RED - BLUE
    • We gave to
    • the big machine - the crane. With a sliding arrow, any castors - strings and still a heap of any trifles. It was apprehended with a bang. But we have in general one cars on mind.
      8. 10. 2001 15:46:32, olllix
    • at us is not present
    • A yet :( When the real childishness :)))
      8 begins. 10. 2001 15:48:6, * the Entertainment
    • do not endure
    • . Will begin - you namuchatsya. Except cars nothing is bought from us and nothing is used as do not try. I so wanted to buy it for 2 years sport center, and he chose the police car which goes and shouts :(( Went more precisely and shouted as he irrevocably broke it in 3 days :((
      9. 10. 2001 14:7:12, Taty
    • what
    • A sport a complex you looked after? I here too want, such that was mounted in a wall with rings, the Swedish wall and so forth. how many they stand? and whether it is difficult to mount them?
      9. 10. 2001 14:26:45, * the Entertainment
    • us the place is not enough
    • U and housing removable therefore I chose the Junior fastening in a raspor. Price about $100. If to buy in the suburbs (“Goods and the prices“, etc.) it is possible to save even 1000 rubles. Where - that is the website on which the mass of options with the description and approximate cost are specified. Naidoo - to an otpish.
      9. 10. 2001 15:23:17,
    • We for two years gave to Taty Lego Duplo - the child was delighted full)))
      8. 10. 2001 15:42:30,
    • We it gave alyonka to
    • for a year and went with a bang so to two it is already possible to give less designer...
      8. 10. 2001 17:41:1, Yana
    • the Hollow (Duplo) is what?
      8. 10. 2001 15:47:29, * Entertainment
    • Second step of LEGO. :)) I.e. any more not for babies, and for children of a year.
      8. 10. 2001 16:29:39, Lyolik
    • did not know that DUPLO is the second step. But now and not important, because we till two years played these toys. Class. All children different, of course, but we adore all these lodges, Legovskiye`s machines. Buy, you will not regret, only pay attention that from contents turns out (there on a box it is drawn) and there decide what is pleasant to the child. We already further, so went, at us game in Mickey Mausov goes (there more and more small), the whole city turns out if everything to put and to dream up, of course, with parents, generally.
      8. 10. 2001 17:44:0, atmis