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The flu virus during pregnancy of

Risk of the pregnant woman to ache with flu is especially high in the period of epidemics of this widespread disease.

Flu is the infection getting into an organism vozdushno - a drop way from the infected person. A flu virus, having got to an organism, begins to breed quickly and it is carried by blood current on all body. At the same time there is a destruction of a mucous membrane of airways which cannot carry out after that the protective functions. For this reason pneumonia, bronchitis, otitis, sinusitis is among the most terrible complications of flu. From outside warmly - vascular system the inflammatory disease of muscles of heart which can lead to heart failure sometimes develops. Actually flu is also dangerous by the complications during pregnancy.

Flu during pregnancy can lead

to threat of an abortion or premature birth. Besides, the bacterial infection - pnevmokokkovy, hemophilic, staphylococcal often sits down on the pregnant organism weakened by flu. Exacerbations of chronic diseases, such as bronchial asthma and chronic bronchitis are quite often observed, it is warm - vascular diseases, metabolic disorders, diseases of kidneys, etc.

Flu (fr. grippe), influenets, the high-infectious acute viral disease of airways which is characterized by the short incubatory period (1 - 2 day) and a rapid cyclic current (3 - 5 days). High temperature, weakness, cold, cough, a headache - here flu symptoms.
Treatment of flu during pregnancy the doctor whom you see at once has to be engaged in

and surely report about the pregnancy. Avoid self-treatment as it can lead to irreparable results. Treatment of flu at pregnant women has the features. Many preparations from a usual arsenal of antiinfluenzal means are contraindicated. Aspirin, certain protivokashlevy and vasoconstrictive means, some antiviral preparations concern to them. It is better to drink something kislenky and containing vitamin C - fruit drinks, hot tea with raspberry, a lemon or honey, drink from a dogrose. From febrifugal for pregnant women paracetamol is resolved.

For cough the doctor, most likely, will appoint by

to you the chest collecting or protivokashlevy preparations resolved at pregnancy. Carrying out steam inhalations with camomile infusions, calendulas, mints, a sage, an eucalyptus, a St. John`s Wort, a Labrador tea, pine kidneys, etc. is also actual. Antibiotics at flu are not appointed even to not pregnant patients.

it is natural

all pregnant women very much worry about how the disease of flu will affect health of the child. At once there is a wish to specify that any doctor will not be able to tell from 100% confidence whether the illness affected development of the child or not. With a bigger share of probability it is possible to tell only that flu constitutes the greatest danger on early terms of pregnancy, till 12 weeks. On these terms there is laying of bodies and tissues of future kid therefore the favorable course of pregnancy is especially important at this time. Further the child only grows and, the disease of flu will not be able to affect structure of bodies any more.

If flu during pregnancy proceeded especially hard, with complications, then the possibility of infection of the child, let small, but remains. In this case it is possible to make the so-called “threefold test“ for AFP, HGCh and estriol (it is necessary to hand over three hormones as on two or one to estimate risk of pathologies it is often unreal).

Risk of the pregnant woman to ache with flu it is especially high in the period of epidemics of this widespread disease. As any state proceeding with high fever, flu it is capable to induce development of defects of extremities in case the disease fell on the embryogenesis period (the first trimester of pregnancy). It is considered that the risk of similar complication is extremely low and depends on genetic features of an organism of mother and a fruit, however pregnant women are recommended to reduce the body temperature if it keeps on high figures (38 º C) more than 6 hours. The virus of flu is capable to get through a placenta - in an umbilical blood it is possible to find specific immunoglobulins, from amniotic liquid it is possible to allocate a virus. One of the most widespread complications of flu during pregnancy is premature birth.