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Seven habits which take away from us forces of

quite often lead our daily household habits to what forces at us becomes less and less. Such habits, at least, seven.

the First: a regular sleep debt

statistically, in 60 - e the average person allotted years of the last century on a dream of 8 hours, now - about 6,5. We began to sleep less from - for accelerated life, forcing to be engaged in an increasing number of affairs. But in addition the number of the people suffering from frustration of a dream increased (for example, against a stress).

Many try to compensate to

a lack of a dream at the weekend, indulging in so-called “sleepy bulimia“ - that is, sleeping off to the middle of Saturday. It does not bring special benefit. Researchers from Severo - the western university (State of Illinois) proved that the sleep debt which is saved up within several days is impossible is compensated for once. The matter is that within a day the organism is capable to compensate a sleep deficit without damage next day. Systematic non receipt of “compensation“, within several days in a row, results in irritability, a dejectedness and obesity.

the Second: continuous attempts to grow thin by means of a diet

of Fans to keep to a diet can be divided into three groups. One (and their minority) really manage, having kept to a diet, to leave excess weight. Nothing is impossible to others - and they stop the trying to limit the diet. The third without dream and rest select to themselves all new diets or begin same every time with the beginning.

they, these persistent fans of diets are in risk group. They constantly have sense of guilt and a dissatisfaction for outstanding plans for weight loss, they try to punish themselves more and more strict diet, suffer from constant feeling of hunger (and it is frequent - from a lack of important substances). As a result they break again. As it is banal, but it is necessary to repeat once again: the diet has to be balanced, and attempts to grow thin most successfully if they are followed by physical activity.

the Third: chronic pains

Some people feeling chronic pains for years postpone visit to the doctor, being guided by reasons, it seems: “Today, apparently, it is easier - it can in general will cease to hurt?“ .

However researches show that between patients with a depression, a certain similarity is a post-traumatic syndrome and chronic pain. It is so-called dezaptatsionny reaction which is expressed in muscular weakness, loss of appetite and a libido, reduction of physical activity, an uneasy dream and decrease in concentration of attention. Such person constantly feels exhausted, exhausted, and it strongly reduces quality of life.

the Fourth: the habit to suppress coffee in liters

the Cup of coffee adds cheerfulness, but the coffee liter takes away every day this cheerfulness. Everything is simple: there is an effect of accustoming, cheerfulness requires the increasing dose which, eventually, cannot be increased constantly. Besides, consumption of kofeinosoderzhashchy drinks strengthens dehydration. It makes sense to those it is difficult to whom to refuse a habit to drink several cups of coffee in day to combine them with water drink during the day. However, that who does without coffee water will not damage too. Nutritionists advise to drink 8 glasses of water daily.

the Fifth: regular reception of energy drinks

of “Power“ should not become constant morning drink. Accepting this rather powerful stimulator, the person receives a shock dose of caffeine, taurine and often a ginseng. After such mobilization of internal reserves, the organism needs restoration and rest. Are in special danger a liver, nervous and it is warm - vascular systems. And at regular reception of power engineering specialists there is an accustoming, and “the invigorating drink“ invigorates less and less over time.

the Sixth: the lack of oxygen

the Lack of oxygen from continuous stay in the stuffy room slows down a metabolism and results in increased fatigue. Council “walk more after work“, alas, not everyone will be able to use. Therefore it is possible to look for an exit in another: in - the first, there are oxygen cocktails, and in - the second, it is possible to change technology of breath. Throughout the day we breathe superficially, taking superficial breaths. It is worth giving at least several minutes a day to “ flush the lungs with air“, taking slow deep breaths, or to address relaxation respiratory technicians.

the Seventh: the lack of the movement

does not lead

of Malopodvizhnost to economy of forces at all: muscles without loading lose a tone, also energy as a result disappears. Moreover: physical activity reduces not only risk warmly - vascular diseases, but also risk of developing of a depression and as it became clear, influences life expectancy. Researchers of University of South Carolina within 12 years observed group of 2600 elderly people. It became clear that physical activity influences life expectancy much stronger, than even existence of a normal index of body weight. In other words, not very well, stout person or thin: if he during the day spends in the movement much time, he will live longer